Why do you play – part deux

Continuing from yesterday, I will talk today about the other reasons I play.

The gameplay has sucked me in since the beginning.  I had never played a game like WoW before.  The movement in game took a while for me to learn.  Andrew still teases me about not being able to swim.  Swimming was the bane of my early months.  I couldn’t figure out how to get underwater and then I would drown once I did figure it out.  At one point he threatened to come over to my apartment at like 9 pm at night to show me how to swim under water.  It was said in the tone of voice that your mom used when she was furious at you and if she had to come over there you were going to regret it.  Yeah I learned how to swim underwater pretty quickly.

Everything was so different from what I was used to that it was a novelty.  Even now, almost 2 years later I am still finding things that keep it being a novelty for me.  Even if it is a simple as finding a tree in Felwood that has teeth and drools.  I get excited and talk about it.  Then I take a picture and share it with all of you!  Yes I am just that sharing of an individual. 😀

As I mentioned yesterday I wanted to raid with my guildies from the get go.  The fact that I am now raid leading them in Icecrown is just mind boggling.  Who would have thought that the nub player who couldn’t swim underwater is now telling people to “not stand in the neon green shit” and to “quit dpsing the boss and kill those adds.”  The most boggling part is they listen to me.  Or at least make me believe that they listen to me, then make fun of me.  Yes I feel the love.  To prove my love for them I play such wonderful things like banana phone and Richard Cheese just to get the mood right.  Several of them hate me now for this, but I still think they secretly want me to play the songs more.  Just a feeling I have. *evil grin*

Moving on . . .

Raiding is a blast, but can suck so hard when you do nothing but wipe over and over again.  I am so very new to the whole raiding scene so I haven’t exactly gotten used to wiping over and over again.  I still get pissy over it.  I think the funny thing is I would rather attempt new bosses at the end of a successful run than do them when we freshly start out.  It almost feels like we are more successful when we do things that way.  I also could just be delirious by the end of the night and think things are going super well when in fact they aren’t.  It is always a possibility.

ICC is the first time, outside of being a newbie tree, where I have had a steady challenge in healing.  I have had to go back and look at my healing methods and change things.  I think our biggest set back on our healing is we don’t quite trust that the others will be able to pull off their jobs.  For example:  Kate is assigned the MT, Vel is given the OT and back up raid heals and I have raid heals and back up on tanks if they need it.  See the overlapping?  I see bubbles going up on the raid (Kate), I put HoTs up on the tanks and spam nourish when they drop in health and Vel just chain heals like a mad man.  None of us are “truly” just doing what we were assigned to do.  I don’t know if it is because we are in a mentality from 5 mans where we have to keep ALL the bars green, or if we just are trying to help out the other healers.  The result is a TON of overhealing.  I am not talking about just a bit of overhealing that happens with HoTs being overridden, I am talking about a metric crapton of overhealing.  Yes it is that bad.  Ah well that is meat for another post.  My point (yes I had one :p) was I have these things to think about where I never did before.

I never knew I liked puzzles like this.  Huh, who knew?

Ultimately there are many things that keep people playing.  I think we all have to agree though that the one thing that keeps us all pushing ourselves is the purple pixels.

Don’t deny it.

You did it for the purplz.