See what we did there?

Oh what is this?

No we are not dead, dead, DEAD, fucker


Yes we finally took down Festergut.  This moved us up from being ranked #81 on to #71. 😀

No there wasn’t a naked bug going on, Ara decided to take his clothes off. 

See! The clothes are there!


We managed to pull it off with 9 guildies, which was awesome.  The hunter there nabbed the bow off Lady D.  He tells us at the beginning of the raid that he is looking for a raiding guild.  We told him that we weren’t a raiding guild.  We just raided.  He didn’t bring it up again during the entire run.  As awesome as his dps was, he didn’t exactly listen to all instructions, so I am not really all that keen on asking him back.  In fact I didn’t even put him on my friend list.

Loot was had by several people.  Sadly we had to shard 2 items.  Kate made out quite nicely.  The healer trinket dropped off Marrowgar and Vel won it.  He looked over his stuff and decided that he’d rather keep what he had so he gave it to Kate.  Then when we knocked out Saurfang Jr the staff dropped.  Despite Zakk rolling on the healer staff (no hit = healer staff) Kate won the roll and now can get rid of her ilvl 200 offhand.

Guess what?  Mis got the shield from the Gunship battle.  Huzzah!!  Now he won’t have to farm HoR for the other shield.  Oh and he can get rid of the ilvl 200 one he had before.

Andrew nabbed a ring, Shavok got the mail boots off Festergut, Auralio got a cape for his off spec and I nabbed the leather bracers off Festergut.  Aren’t they nice? 😀

We took out the mini boss to get our extra frost then came back and tried a couple times on Rotface.  I know that he is a tough fight.  Hell Shadow Rising wiped 44 times on him before they got him down.  After seeing him though, I am confident that we will get him down.  We just need to work on our coordination.  When we hit him up it was late and people were about to pass out.  Lots of movement in that fight.  I think I might change the enchant on my boots for it.  Every little bit helps.

I am finding more and more that all I want to do in the game right now is to raid ICC and to level my warlock.  This means that I am rarely on Bloodhoof.  Now that my brother has started playing I feel even more bad about not being around.  He joined my server just to have me not there to even talk to.  On the other hand I am now 72 on my warlock and I just want to get to 80.  I should probably spend more time on Bloodhoof.  Ehh well I guess I will figure it out eventually.

Anyway – Grats to Echo of Fate!  We are now 5/12 and hopefully we can get 6/12 this week 😀