Well ok then

I had a completely different topic that I was going to write about today, but drama reared its ugly head last night.  Since this is still on the top of my head it is for the best that I just get it out.

That’s why I have a blog right?

Wednesday nights we try to get into ICC and knock out a few bosses so that we can start at the hard stuff on Saturday night while we are fresh.  I was excited because we had 8 sign ups going in.  When I logged over around 7 pm (10 pm server) I thought that I had like 15 mins until we started.  Nope, raid was scheduled for 7:15, oops!  Ok invites out!  I ended up with 6 people.  Shit.  Zakk backed out because he had school and was tired.  Ok that is one more ranged I need to find.  I looked through my friend’s list, my favorite DK was online.  I asked him if he wanted to come, yay ok just need 2 ranged.  Our warlock wasn’t online yet.  At this point it is like 7:10 ish so we decided we were going to wait for him.  I get us a hunter and an ele shammy and had a shadow priest as back up in case Ara didn’t make it.  I switched over to my mage that just sits outside of ICC to make tables for us and popped in to make a table for everyone else.  When I switched back I saw that the ele shammy was gone.  Ok no prob, I whispered the shadow priest and brought him in.  It is now about 7:25 ish and we are 10 mins behind starting time.  Still no Ara.  We decide to give him a few more mins since not everyone was in the instance yet.  7:30 rolls around and I ask everyone what they want to do.  Do they want to wait for him or have me go back to dal and get another ranged dps.  Everyone tells me to get another dps.  So off to Dal I go and nabbed a boomkin, who I think we have ran with before.  Head back over, we buff and start clearing trash.

We are on the first pack of trash pulls, it is around 7:44 (30 mins after start time) and Ara logs into vent.  Being the snarky person I am I say “Oh look it is the warlock who lost his raid spot.”  Bad choice of words apparently.  He is all pissy that we didn’t wait for him.  Said that he was only 4 mins late and it was a dick move to not wait for him.  He signed up to go.  He then logged out of vent and logged into the game.  That is when he started whispering me and telling me how shitty it was of us to do this.  I reminded him that the raid started at 10:15 not 10:30.  I even told him that I got the times confused a bit.  I told him that we had waited for him and that we had just replaced him shortly before he logged in.  He stopped replying to me.  The priest I had picked up said that his primary spec was healing so I asked him in whisper what healing spec he was; Disc.  Ok that could work, him and Kate could heal the tanks and Vel can raid heal.  I whispered Ara and asked him if he wanted to come in.  We were still on trash, he could easily come in.  I would step out have the priest take my healing spot.  I wasn’t going to kick a pug or ask someone else to step out.  He wouldn’t reply.

I tried several other times to get him to reply and answer me on if he wanted to come in.  At this point we had downed Marrowgar.  I won the healing trinket, (go me!) and was pretty set for the night so I was even more amiable to stepping down.  I asked in Officer chat if Andrew and/or Vel would be up for raid leading.  Vel has been dealing with a lot of health issues so he has been kind of out of it so he said no.  Andrew said that he could probably do it.  They asked why and I filled them in a bit.  Before we got to Lady D I asked Andrew to talk to Ara since he wouldn’t reply to me.  Ara however was in Ony so Andrew said to forget him.  The hunter that was with us said he needed the fights explained so I gave a quick recap and we took her down.

We wiped once on the gunship because only 2 dps went over to the other ship to kill the mage.  This meant that Ness got creamed by Saurfang and we of course wiped because the mobs were out of control over on the other ship so Dily couldn’t get back over.  He also didn’t have his rocket pack equipped.  >.>

Run back and then the best part of the night happened.

Andrew comes back up and says that he has the “no ship” bug.  I told him I could see him and would pay his repair bill if he tried to jump on the ship.  He is on his polar bear and heads towards the ship.  He then runs up to the ship and jumps.  I stood there and watched him just sink through and die.  It was the most hilarious thing I had seen in a long time.  I literally couldn’t stop laughing.  I even got short of breath I was laughing so hard.  I was still laughing when he came back up and I opened a trade window to give him some money.  He wouldn’t take it and said he got no durability loss.  I told him it was worth the gold just to see that.

We buffed back up and this time knocked out the fight.  Get ready for Saurfang, I tell everyone what to do, tell them where to stand and we go.  The beasts come out and the shadowpriest gets chewed on.  Does he run?  Nope, just stood there and got nommed.  I’m yelling at him in vent to move and telling everyone to kill the beasts, don’t let them touch you.  CC them, kite them, whatever they have to do to get them where they aren’t hitting people.  Several times the beasts didn’t leave the platform and instead were chewing on the melee and tanks.  Again I am yelling in vent to kill the beasts.  Normally we get our one mark when he is around 50% and have him killed before he gets a 2nd mark.  He was at 74% when we got our first mark.  It was of course Kate.  I swear he just loves her.  He marks her every week.  So now I have one dead dps and my other healer is marked.  The beasts are still nomming on people or staying up on the platform.  Shit, Kate died.  I cannot solo heal this fight.  I am NOT that uber.  I would have asked Vel to toss out some heals, but at this point there were only 2 ranged dps left alive so I needed him to dps those beasts down.  When the tanks went down I ran out to the ship hoping to hide, which I succeeded in.  Everyone else was dead.

As we are coming back the hunter says that he has to go.  I notice a friend is online and I ask him if he is willing to come help us down Saurfang.  He says yeah he can bring his hunter for just that fight.  We buff up and I let him know what I want done.  I remind everyone to NOT GET HIT by the beasts.  We go back in and while we did better than the first attempt we still had issues with the beasts nomming the melee and tanks >.> but at least the ranged did better on CC and getting the beasts down faster.  The 3rd time proved to be the charm and we got him down.  I still am not sure how it happened.  Our friend the hunter got the first mark.  I tried to keep him alive, but after so long the damage being done by the mark is just more than can be healed when there are only 2 healers.  He went down.  With his dps gone we just weren’t getting Saurfang down fast enough and a 2nd mark pops up.  I get it this time.  Shit.  Again, I tried to keep myself alive.  I managed to stay alive until right when the first tank went down.  Then as I am dead on the ground I see the other tank go down.  I don’t even know who was left alive other than Andrew, but Saurfang went down.  Apparently Andrew had tanked him the last little bit and we somehow got him down. Woot!

Westan had to leave but luckily Matt came online at that point so we made him get on his hunter and come kill the trash and the mini boss with us.  Ara still has not replied to me.  At this point he is on his druid tank and doing heroics.  I send him a whisper asking him if he is still not talking to me, after I don’t get a reply I send him another one saying “guess not.”  I then get an angry whisper about how he had a shitty day at work, got stuck being there late, rushed to get home for the raid for all of this to happen.  I am talking in O chat about this to Andrew and Vel.  I double checked the raiding rules (which I had written weeks ago) and the #1 rule is “Be on time.  If you are not on time we will replace you with someone else even if that happens to be a PuG.”  We didn’t have to wait for him.  We did wait for him though.  We waited longer than we should have before replacing him.  Vel then takes this opportunity to change the guild message of the day to something about by signing up for the raids you have accepted the raiding rules.  Ara then gquit.  Immediately after that he starts spewing at me in whispers about how dickish that GMOTD was and how it was just the last straw.  While all this is happening, we are fighting the first mobs in the upper spire.  The chick is not going down and we are just getting swarmed with the copies.  My mind is only half there as I am dealing with the angry whispers.  We wiped.  I take partial blame for that one, but not full blame.  The adds were left to beat the crap out of everyone and not everybody was focusing on her so the copies healed her back up.

Meanwhile in gchat several other people who had not been online earlier are all confused as to why Ara had left.  As we are explaining somewhat Vel is asking if he can be a total dick.  I replied “go ahead, why not” and he gkicked Ara’s warlock.  I thought he was just going to make a snarky comment, guess I was wrong.  I don’t know what happened when Ara signed back on to his lock because I had logged off Bloodhoof and our vent.

I logged over to Drak’Tharon all upset over the entire night.  I popped into SR’s vent to see if anyone was there.  Several people were down in one of the group channels so I just stayed up on top not wanting to nose in on their group stuff.  Tir was also in vent and he popped up to chat and I just fell apart.

I might pick on Tir, but I do like him.  He is a great guy, just takes some getting used to. 😉

He was really awesome.  He listened to me go off and just kept whispering me to stop and breathe.  If I hadn’t been so upset I would have laughed.  He reassured me that as the RL and an officer I had done the right thing.  We had rules and I stuck to them.

I have the VERY bad habit of taking everything personally and getting my emotions involved.  For example as I am writing this I am upset all over again and crying.  Go figure.  It is something I am very aware of and just cannot seem to get better at.  Maybe this means I just shouldn’t be in any form of leadership position, who knows.

We ended up talking about my post yesterday.  Apparently he got a lot of teasing from everyone about it.  Good thing he can handle it.  As I told him, it isn’t so much that we disagree on the topic, we just have completely different viewpoints.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it can cause problems if the parties involved aren’t aware.  In all honesty I am *really* not all that worried about being in a group with him leading.  The dude knows his shit.  I just have to give him hell.  I do it cause I care, truly. 🙂

I just now got a really nice email from Andrew checking to make sure I was ok.  Thanks hun!  He too reassured me that we did the correct thing last night and that things just got blown way out of wack.

I am not really looking forward to logging in tonight, but I will be there.  We have a really easy weekly raid quest and should be able to get 2 if not 3 groups through it and still tackle ToC.  We’ll see how things go.

Wish me luck.