Why do you play?

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately.  Why am I playing this game instead of doing something else?  Is it the people, the gameplay, the raiding challenges or is it the purple pixels?

Some days it is all about the people.  A real life friend (Andrew) got me hooked to this game.  He bugged/begged me for months to come play with him.  I managed to hold him off for almost a year.  To be fair the first part of that was him trying to get me to play Final Fantasy Online with him before he switched to WoW.  At the time I didn’t understand why he wanted me to come play with him so much.  I know better now.

I used to listen to him and his friends talk about in game experiences and I felt so left out of the circle.  They were all raiding in TBC and excited over the things they were seeing and doing.  It made me want to be a part of it.

When I was first hooked I spent an inordinate amount of time just looking around and learning about the new world I was in.  I made so many characters.  At one point I had two gnome warriors (I know, I know) who were identical except for their hair color.  Each day that I would play would see me playing a different character.  I didn’t want anything to do with a guild.  I was under the impression that guilds were nothing but hotbeds of drama.  That they told you how you had to play and you were left with no personal choices in the game.  No I couldn’t tell you where I got these ridiculous ideas from.

Andrew finally got me convinced to join his guild.  At first I joined on my rogue Tristianah.  Yes at one point in time I liked playing a rogue.  I like to think of this time as being innocent to the world.  I had no idea about stats, rotations or even what I was really supposed to do.  I would start each fight by pulling the mob to me using my throwing knife.  Stealth?  I didn’t know how to use it other than to pick pockets.  I was very unhappy to find out I couldn’t pick the pockets of guards in the cities.  At that time I had no idea whose pockets I could actually pick.  Ahh the early times.  Anyway, I joined up on my rogue and then immediately stopped playing her.  I had suddenly decided I wanted to play my druid.  Ok so now the druid got invited to the guild.  A week later, bored.  Oh look my hunter!  Boom, another guild invite.  It went on like this for quite some time.  The only character I kept out of the guild was my paladin Jacquebear because I had made her my bank toon.  It wasn’t long before I was listening in on their vent while they raided in Kara.  Right then I decided that I wanted to raid with them.  They sounded like they were having so much fun.  I knew that I was missing out on a lot just from all of the laughing everyone kept doing.

I have since become part of the raiding team.  I am an officer and raid leader.  I have said it before and I will say it again:  I have amazingly awesome guildies.  We might not be the top guild on the server (#81 for 10 man progression, out of 83 >.>) but damn if we don’t rock at what we do.  The current content is kicking our asses, this is true, but I have full confidence that we will be able to beat it.  Each time we go into ICC we get better and I am not just talking about gear.  We have a solid core of about 6-8 raiders and each time we raid we just get better working with each other.  I cannot wait to take down the Lich King with these people.

On the other side of the pond, as it were, are my horde guildies.  I am still very new to these people, but they have made me so welcome and it makes me wish I had moved a toon to play with them sooner.  Del and Orange were the first to befriend me and have helped me so much it is just mind boggling.  Zambra and Tel were the next two to really make me feel welcome, even though Zambra DPSes with his wand on his warlock.  On Sunday when everyone else was raiding ICC, it was just Tel and I left in the guild not raiding.  He helped me out in Nagrand with all the PITA group quests.  Tel thank you so so very much for your help!  Zambra is totally awesome because he gave me a bunch of really expensive enchanting mats to get the last few old world points I needed.  I seriously cannot thank you enough for that and I will repay you for the mats!  I am still a bit too much in awe of Arioch and Soth to talk to them much, but they have been nothing but nice when I have.  All the other guildies (Zug, Arvash, Dozzer, Pie, Sorak and many others who I can’t remember their names >.>) have been easy to talk to and joke with.  The knowledge that should I get camped by an Alliance jerk; I would have people willing to come kill him over and over again, is warming to say the least.

Just a warning to any Alliance on Drak’Tharon that read my blog.  If you kill a nub blood elf warlock in the guild Shadow Rising, Zug will come hunt you down.  If you aren’t scared of Zug, you should be.  My Alliance characters on Bloodhoof are scared of Zug.  That should tell you something.  Chuck Norris is a flower compared to Zug.

Just saying.

Even though I have wonderful guildies, even they aren’t the main reason I play.  Sometimes I just have to get away from them for a while.  I used to “escape” from Bloodhoof by playing my blood elf warlock on Undermine.  Now she is on Drak’Tharon in Shadow Rising.  I can still “hide” from Bloodhoof on there, but then where do I hide from Drak’Tharon?  Sorry not going to tell you.  😀

Yes World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer game, but that does not mean you HAVE to be playing with people all the time.  There are too many other things that can be done solo.  Hell just ask Darth Solo all about it.  Recently he has started to play the non-solo part of the game, and I for one think it is great.  There needs to be a balance.

So yes, the people are a reason why I play, but they are not the only reason.  Tune in tomorrow for the next part of why I play WoW.

Sucking them in

I talked to my little brother today.  He has been playing MMOs since Ultima Online.  He used to play Everquest & Everquest 2.  Instead of joining WoW, he played Age of Conan.  I have been trying to get him to come play with me online since I started playing in April 2008.  He kept refusing.

Apparently his step-son (kind of, his girlfriend’s son; they live together) Aidan, started playing a few weeks ago.  Eric still didn’t start playing.  Then my mom calls me and tells me that Ron’s (my step-dad) aunt sent him WoW for Christmas.  I guess his relatives all play or something.  Well Ron doesn’t exactly have the time to play so my mom wanted to know if I knew anyone who needed a copy.  I offered to nab it for the 2nd account, instead she decided she was going to give it to my little brother.  This way he could play with both Aidan and me.  When I called him today he said he had been meaning to call me and find out where I was playing.  I filled him in on where I was playing.  Let him know if he wanted to play Alliance I could hook both him and Aidan up with money and bags.  If he wanted to play horde I was less able to help him since I didn’t have an 80 yet.  He said they would most likely go to the Alliance server first and see how things go.

It is cool getting someone new into the game.  I kept wanting to talk to him about all the awesome stuff out there but he needed to get off the phone.  So I will update you all when I get more info from him.

I have been spending all my game time, outside of raiding, on Lyssi and grinding up her levels.  I finally hit 68 and got into Northrend late last night.  See told you I would make it by the end of my weekend. :-p  A big part of me feels guilty for not being on Bloodhoof more often, but frankly I am in a leveling mood.  I go in moods in this game.  I am there for the raids and several people have ways to get in touch with me if I was really needed.  Right now it is kind of slow outside of the raids so I technically shouldn’t be that needed.  Plus Mis is back so I can step back and let him do his GM thing. 😀

Andrew made a comment to me yesterday that kind of bugs me.  He said that things don’t seem to happen if I don’t show up.  This translates to if I don’t make a raid, no one will raid.  I don’t like having that kind of responsibility.  Sometimes I just don’t want to raid.  Take last night for example, I did not want to raid.  Oh I wouldn’t have skipped out on them, I just really didn’t want to be there.  I think it might have come out while we were raiding too.  I know that while we are learning a boss we are going to wipe, and wipe and wipe some more.  I just didn’t have the patience to wipe a ton yesterday.  While I appreciate getting help on leading the group, even from PuGs that are obviously more experienced than me, it still drives me up the wall when they take over the raid.  Yeah I need to get over it.  I also need to talk with Mis and find out how he wants to do the raids now that he is back raiding.  Normally he was the raid leader, but since he has been gone I have been doing it.  I enjoy leading the raid.  It is making me pay more attention to what in the hell is going on.  When I first started raiding I wasn’t the most prepared.  I rarely watched the videos and just kind of expected the raid leader to explain stuff.  Now I am the person explaining stuff.  This means I have to actually know what the hell I’m talking about.  Scary stuff, let me tell you.

I apologize again for such a short post yesterday.  I was so out of it the entire day.  I made myself wake up earlier than I would normally on my day off, but even then I’m not normally that spaced out.  I need to get food in my house.  I seriously only have frozen meat and rice.  I don’t even have canned soup.  When my ex lived with me I always had a ton of food in the house.  Now that I am back living alone I rarely shop.  I need to get a better balance.  I think I will stop at the store on my way home from work tonight.  Let’s hope I don’t get on autopilot and just drive home before I realize it.

On a final note, Kate was awesome and gave me her win last night.  What did I win?


Yes I squeed in vent.  😀

Another one bites the dust

We are the champions


That’s right, we took down Saurfang Jr.  We were on the ball on Saturday night.  I went in all spazzed out because we had failed so badly on Wednesday only to have everyone exceed far and away beyond my expectations. I also got these boots which are pretty awesome.

Tonight is supposed to be Festergut and an attempt at Rotface.  I keep hearing conflicting stories about Festergut.  One story tells me that as long as everyone is doing 2.5k-4k dps we will be fine.  Another is telling me I need a minimum of 5k on each dpser, yet ANOTHER is saying I need 6k-7k.  I don’t know which one is the right one.  I *think* we have enough dps for it, but I guess we will find out.

Andrew finally got a dual spec on his pally and went holy.  I have agreed to run instances with him to get his “healing” down.  To my knowledge he has never played a healer, so this should be interesting.

Sorry for the short post today, I am kind of brain dead this morning.  Yes I have the day off, but I am still brain dead.

Screenshot Friday

When you wish upon a star it makes no difference who you are.

Not gonna do it

I am still pissed about last night so I am not going to write about it.  I don’t need to be pissed off at work over something other than my boss.

So instead I will talk about something else.

Warlocks wanding and only using shadow bolt. >.<

Last night I was logged in at SR and was all excited because I had hit 62 and got Haunt and Fel Armor.  Orange had run me through the “live” half of Stratholme and I got a wand drop that I thought was cool looking.  Zambra pipes up about how wanding is his main source of dps. >.> NO NO NO.  You should only ever wand if you are out of mana, and since we are warlocks, WE LIFE TAP :D.  Even if we don’t get heals we can get our own health back without the healer.  Use a cookie or even just drain life.  Who needs healers right? 😉

He then went on to talk about how warlocking is boring.  BORING? *sigh*  He is only 42 so he doesn’t have all the fun stuff you get after 60, but still!

Shadow bolt

Unstable affliction (Use Immolate if you don’t have UA yet)


Curse of Agony

Shadow bolt spam until a DoT needs to be refreshed (usually 1-2 at the lower levels)

Then use Drain Soul at 25%, refreshing DoTs as needed.

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE don’t just sit there and spam shadow bolt.  You might as well roll a mage.  Even then a mage has more stuff to pop up than just their one nuke.

I have found that in the lower level dungeons the same “GO-GO-GO-GO” mentality is as prevalent as in the level 80 heroics.  The bad part about that is these toons aren’t all in raid gear and in several cases DO NOT out level the instance.  Several of the people in group might not yet know how to function correctly in a group or they have never been in an instance.  Not everyone is an alt of a raider.  In this state of the game that we live in, we cannot use a “rotation” on stuff other than bosses.  If there are more than 2 mobs I spam Rain of Fire.  Once I get Seed of Corruption I will spam that instead.  If there are only one or two mobs, I will pick the one that the tank is currently whacking and use my boss rotation.

There is plenty you can be doing with an affliction warlock.  Wanding should never happen and you should never have mana issues.

I think I need to just watch Zambra play so I can show him how awesome locks can be.


Weather Report

The rest of the week should be full of sunshine though

Happy Hump Day!

So tonight we go back into ICC.  I am hoping that we can at least clear to Lady D.  We have 7 people signed up, 8 if Kate comes.  For our guild that is pretty damn good.  I am hoping Ara our resident Destro lock and Auralio our pally tank can make it.  If that happens then we have a full run.  😀  Excitement!

Kate let me know last night that she also started a blog – http://trixyheleva.wordpress.com/ so you guys need to go check her out.  She listed me as inspiration! *blushes* Aww thanks hun!!! 😀  Go check her out and pop her on your feedreader, I am positive awesome things will be happening there.

I’ve been kind of bad about playing on Bloodhoof lately.  I am in the leveling groove and with the extra XP and cash that I can make on my baby lock, I have been playing her.  I am halfway to 62 at this writing and I am itching to get her to 80.  I want to try my hand raiding as a warlock.  While yes I have done it on Millea, most of the raiding I’ve done is on Tatia.  Raiding as heals is very different from raiding as DPS.  Since I began raid leading I have started paying attention to the strats more, but I haven’t DPSed in a raid on Millea since Ulduar.  The Freya fight is my favorite one.  I am apparently alone in this thought, but actively being part of CC and having an important job made that fight stand out in my mind.

I am kind of nervous about joining the raiding team in Shadow Rising.  They are a step above how my guild does stuff so I am not sure if I would be up to snuff.  I still have lots of levels to get more comfortable with the idea, but I am still nervous.  Just makes me wonder if I really know my shit or not.  Good kind of nervous, but nervous nonetheless.

Last night I worked on my tailoring and enchanting.  I moved up from around 250 on each of them to 300 on tailoring and 270 enchanting.  Those last points to finish up enchanting to 300 are a bitch to get.  I am hoping to get a Stratholme or Scholomance run to get some runecloth and greens so I can push my enchanting over 300.  Del said he would do it, and hasn’t *glares*.  I asked Tel last night and he said he wouldn’t mind, but then he gave me a ton of runecloth instead (thanks again!) so now I don’t want to bug him.  Orange said he would, but he is a priest without a shadow spec, so I am sure that will take a long time to finish. 😦  I was hoping I would just get queued up for it, but I keep getting ramps over and over again.  I have a bunch of quests for Strath and like 2 quests for Scholo.  I actually went and got the key for Scholo.  I also have the key to BRD and DM north.  It is kind of cool having the keys to these places.

Also, just in case you weren’t aware, Mis has started blogging again!  Go bug him – http://aggrojunkie.blogspot.com/

Wish us luck for tonight!

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