Shield Slam

Thursday night we knocked out 3 ventures into Naxx for our weekly raid quest.  I think we got most of the guildies their quest complete.  After the first 2 we grouped up for ToC 10.  We finally one shot the beasts.  We NEVER do that.  Went through and one shot everything else up to Anub.  Several people in the guild had never seen this fight so I expected at least one wipe until they saw how it worked.

Yeah we wiped for a good 30 or so mins.  I was getting frustrated and pissed in a repeating cycle.  Arioch stopped by our vent and joined us for the wipefest and Tir stalked me and found us. 😉 J/K we let him have the vent info.  I lost track of the times we wiped, but we finally got the bugger down.  The main problem was our hunter (a guildie) could not get his vent to work so we had to type everything out to him.  We told him to pull down the ice.  He thought we meant his ice trap. >.>  Yeah so the rule about vent needs to be enforced.  He is recently back from Iraq and hasn’t been able to get his vent to work since then.  He used to raid with us in Ulduar (even when he was in Iraq) and wanted back in.  Since we had to pug a ton of people we didn’t want to say no to a guildie, vent or no.

When he finally understood what we wanted it was hilarious.  There was so much ice being put down that it looked like an ice skating rink.  Vel kept laughing.  I was laughing at Vel laughing.  The super funny thing was that was the attempt we finally got Anub down.  Go figure.

The highlight of that raid was the shield dropped for Vel.  He has the worst luck on his shammy on getting a new shield.  I think he seriously needed a towel after the loot was linked.  I am convinced he orgasmed in vent.  It was hilarious.

Friday night I logged in for a few and saw that 2 more of our raiders that had been on hiatus had come back.  Felix and Dannyelle were in vent chatting it up with Zakk.  Felix was our only pally tank for a long time and Dannyelle was our only DPS DK we had.  Felix is in the Navy I believe and was sent out on a deployment towards the end of last year.  None of us were sure when the two of them (they are married) would be coming back to play.  So it was a pleasant surprise to see them back and swinging.  Thinking that I would need him to tank Felix ran heroics like mad on his pally to get him geared enough to go to ICC with us on Saturday night.  Dannyelle did the same thing on her DK. 

We also had the pleasure of Dozzer in our guild and raid.  He had a human warlock that he transferred over to raid with us.  Thanks again Dozzer 😀

Raid time rolls around and I have a problem.  We have too much melee.  Since this was a continuation run from Wednesday we had BigGreg (my favorite DK) with us.  He had come as DPS on Wednesday and was ready and waiting at raid invite time.  This meant I had the following:  Mis – warrior tank, Felix – pally tank, Corvine – rogue, Dannyelle – DK, BigGreg – DK, Ness – warrior, Heleva – disc priest, Vel – resto shammy, Me – resto druid and Dozzer – warlock.  For Festergut you need at least 3 people in the back, preferably not your healers.  We usually go with 4 people and have me stay in the back so the other healers can keep the tank alive.  We weren’t sure what to do.  We didn’t want to tell Greg he couldn’t come because a guildie had signed up, we didn’t want to tell Dannyelle she couldn’t come when she had spent the last two days getting geared up to come.  Luckily Greg had a tank spec and Felix has an Elemental Shammy.  The problem now was overall dps.  Felix’s shammy is still only Ulduar geared.  So he just wasn’t putting out enough DPS.  Dannyelle also was still specced as Frost DPS, which is NOT the top dps spec.  The best we did was like 42%.

Despite wiping all night long I really do think that we got the positioning down.  As Dozzer said, people were listening to directions and doing what they needed to, there just wasn’t enough dps.  I think Wednesday will go over better.  It will be a fresh run and they will be able to see the first 4 fights and maybe get some gear.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can get a full guild run.

Dozzer was introduced to EoF’s raid vent on Saturday.  The poor guy.  As I mentioned above, Vel got his new shield on Thursday.  Ever since then he has been showing it off.  He will do emotes, talk about it in chat and even speak about it in vent.  His first comment of the night was that it had been over 4 hours and he still had a hard on.  >.>  Vent went downhill from there.  Kate was saying something and it was brought up again that she has a phone sex operator voice.  This led to more conversation on that topic and Kate making hilarious comments using said voice.  All while this is happening Vel is going on about his shield and Mis is humping everything.  Cheesi left him alone all weekend.  Poor guy ;-).

Vel suddenly says in vent “Mill, have you seen my SHIELD?”  To which I replied “Yes and now I am all moist.”  Kate then pipes up “Shield Slam to her vagina!”  Now Vel wants a cartoon drawn with his character shield slamming my vagina.  We have several artists in guild, I am sure it will show up eventually.

Poor Dozzer.

Later that weekend both of us were on Drak’Tharon and Dozzer is telling Arioch that they need more women in their raids.  That our raid was great because we had so many women talking.  Then we tried to recreate the vent conversation.  I don’t think it was explained fully though.  Dozzer told me later that our vent chatter was distracting, but in a good way.

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