Just a quickie

Andrew wanted to let you all know what Vel looks like since there was some discussion about him earlier this week:

*checks* Yep, still moist

Just like F’ing pasta

So I have been grinding away at my baby lock.  I finally hit 77 last night and got cold weather flying.  It has been SUCH a pain to not be able to fly.  Especially since all of my guildies who are also leveling have flying mounts.  Grrr.  It would be one thing if this was my first toon, it is quite another when this is will be my 4th 80.

Yesterday Soth and Tel came out to ZD to help Del, Orange and I to get our Amphitheater of Anguish quests completed.  I got the awesome staff and Orange was nice enough to enchant it for me with delicious spell power.  It now glows purple.  Lyssi likes purple.  She is a warlock after all.

Just in case you have not looked, Arioch has a fantastic post today that I feel everyone should go read.  Go read, I’ll wait.

You done yet?


Delicious weren’t they?  I ❤ males.  Orange called me a fiend, but is it really any different than a guy who ❤ women?  Silly double standards.

I have discovered that Lyssi is a flirt.  She seems to have a thing for big muscular men and guys in purples.  She is well on her way to becoming a gearscore whore. 😉

My original goal was to get her to Storm Peaks as soon as she could so she could start the Hodir quest chain.  Unlike most people, I actually enjoy those quests and like the dailies.  So much so that I tend to do them on my 80s that are exalted with Hodir already.  No I am not insane.  Why do you ask?

I am thinking that I will start out at the tourney dailies first then head over to Storm Peaks.  As much as I dislike the tourney stuff, you get a ton of gold and frankly I could use the gold.  Plus there are some nice items you can get.

The next thing I want to do is to get my daily dungeon out of the way.  I am currently sitting at 22 EoT.  It is a nice little head start on gear for Lyssi when she hits 80.  I also have a few pieces in the bank.  I plan on scouring the AH for whatever pieces I am missing once I ding.  Hopefully I will be able to nab a few items from the level 80 dungeons.  Maybe I can convince a few guildies to run me through ToC once I hit 78-79.  That haste trinket is pretty damn good for an affliction warlock.  I have it on Millea and would love to have it on Lyssi.

I have already informed Orange that he will be tanking the piles of random heroics I will need to gear up my lock.  Since he will be doing the same on his pally it is really a win-win situation.  Instant queue are win!  Del had logged for the night, but I have plans for him to heal as well.  He really won’t get away that easily. 😀  If I am lucky I might be able to con Soth or Tir to tank for me if Orange isn’t available.  They might be elitists, but they are total softies when you get to know them. I ❤ you guys :D.

I got my plushies yesterday.

Soooooooooooooo cute!




I took pictures of myself with my plushies, but I haven’t gotten the nerve yet to post them on here.  I did put them on SR’s guild site in the gallery and on my facebook page.  So if you have access to either of those then you have already seen what I look like and I don’t have any weird feelings on that.  You also can squee with me over how cute the plushies are. 😀

I personally like the gryphon plushie better.  The hair on the windrider is kind of irritating so that is why he dropped down a bit.  I think both of them are just absolutely adorable in game though.  BOTH ARE SUPER SOFT THOUGH!

I was running all over my office yesterday showing off my plushies to my coworkers.  My boss is firmly convinced that I am in fact insane and have no life.  Oh well.  Wait, WoW is a life right?

My mom’s birthday is next week and my brother’s is the week after.  Usually every year I try to get him a funny shirt.  I haven’t had any luck lately.  All the shirts on Jinx and T-Shirt Hell are either really gorey, ugly or just not relavent to him.  Hopefully you guys can give me some tips to other sites that have funny gamer shirts.

Just in case you didn’t get enough: