Well it is about time

This weekend was my self-imposed deadline to hit 80 on Lyssi.  The plan was to hit 80 on Friday and spend Saturday and Sunday chain running heroics to farm badges.  Orange beat me out by several hours.  In my defense he has the +20% heirloom gear and I don’t.  The man is insane though.  He came from behind and beat out both of us.

I had kept plugging away on Friday night.  As soon as I could (read level 77) I started the tourney dailies, the Hodir quest chain and the Ebon Blade chain.  On Thursday I had already put all three areas on daily farm status.  Guildies couldn’t understand why I was doing dailies instead of questing.  Well first of all they are easy quests; secondly they give really decent gold rewards (especially for someone without a level 80) and thirdly I was getting 22k XP for each turn in.  Friday night I had 23 dailies completed before they reset.

The primary reason I was doing so many dailies was so that when I did this:

Seriously about damn time


I could be able to afford this:

Ha! Take that Del!

Affliction and Affliction

Please look closely at the time when I finally hit 80:

I was almost completely asleep at my computer

That is AM, not PM

I ended up crashing out around 4:30 am.  Tel and Hex had been keeping me company for a while.  They did some tourny dailies with me before the big ding.  They even helped me get this next achievement:

woot! there is another one Del ;-)


Hex was the only other person online when I dinged.  He was awesome.  He said that he was going to stick with me until I dinged.  It was so nice not being alone when it happened.  Thanks again Hex!

Saturday rolled around and I started queuing up with guildies.  I made Tel heal for me until Orange came online.  Throughout the day people popped in to help with dungeons.  By the time I had to leave for EoF’s ICC run I had 2 pieces of T9 (chest & shoulders) and had started back up saving for the 245 helm (75 badges >.>).

Sunday I was in a heroic Violet Hold when the purple cloth bracers dropped (I was still wearing crafted greens >.<) I rolled and got this:

haha Del, looks like I have another one :D

Well apparently I really NEEDED those bracers


When I logged out last night after midnight I was almost halfway to getting my new helmet and had upgraded several more items with gear from Heroic PoS.  I am sitting at around 193 or so (I think).  Arioch told me I could go ahead and pop in my raiding availabilty and sign off on fight strats.  Hopefully I will be able to get enough gear together to go with them to ToC 25 tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed!