You’re a heart breaker, dream maker, love taker don’t you mess with me . . .

Yesterday was the first time I was able to raid with Shadow Rising on Lyssi.  Tuesdays they do 25 mans.  They do the weekly and depending on who they have signed up and their skill they do ToC 25/ICC 25/ToC 10. 

They start raiding at 5:30 pm PST so I tried to be home and ready to go by 5:15 pm.  5:30 happens and boom 25 man Ulduar (XT was the weekly) is pugged and full. 

I ran ahead to the stone because I am on a slow mount.  What happens next?  I got ganked by a gnome mage.  I was floating above the stone (fairly high I might add) and the fricken mage flies above me, slow falls and kills me.  It never seems to fail.  If someone can kill me they do.

Luckily, for me – not that mage, several guildies were around and came to my aid.  They chased the guys away long enough for Hex to rez me.  I know they killed the pally.  I got to help with that :D.  The pally bubble did not save them at that time.  😀

After two portals and a candy dish I hop in a siege engine that is being run by a pug.  That should have told me that I was not in good hands, but hey I was optimistic.  We get up to flame lev and the pugs pull the trash and start the fight before everyone is even in the area.  Fucking PuGs.  As we are fighting him my driver gets targeted and stands there.  He doesn’t move away, he just keeps dpsing.  I am yelling at my screen, typing in raid chat and he still sits there until FL kills the seige engine and then us.  I was soooooooooooooooo pissed.  I believe I told him to move and not just stand there like a turd.  Yes, I said TURD.  :-p

Despite all that we still got this:

Boom bitches


I was the only clothie there that even remotely needed gear.  The crit gloves dropped off FL.  I was hoping for the haste ones, but I nabbed the cloth ones.  They were still a massive upgrade over what I already had.  We make it over to XT and I drop another portal since we had to bring Soth in.  His computer kept crashing on him.  Orange had also D/Cd and we were giving him more time to come back online.  While we are doing this one of the pugs starts telling us to “gogogo ffs” which just sets off my “bitch mode.”  I was good though and didn’t say anything in raid.  I might have bitched in vent and gchat though.

We cleared trash and still no Orange.  Ari decides to get some more pugs and we get them in and start on the boss.  As I am trying to help kill trash (go me) the pug rogue gets a gravity bomb and kills a bunch of us BECAUSE HE DIDN’T FUCKING MOVE.  *sigh*  Have I mentioned I hate pugs?  Since it was XT, even being dead I got this:

Stupid fail rogue


XT dropped a delicious wand for me. 😀  I ❤ it very much.  I was 2 for 2 that night.

Orange made it back online and Ari decided to have everyone switch to their alts and we were going to do a 10 man to get those people their badges.  I got thrown back in (lootz!).  This time I was in Zambra’s siege engine.  I was in good hands.  We even lived I think.  We tried to get the no repair acheivement, but someone repaired so we just got this one:

Looks like I did live. Go me!


We get up to XT, clear the trash and decide to just quickly get it over with, no hard modes.

Things start out ok, nothing different.  I had dpsed on this fight before so I did know what I needed to do.  The heart comes out and we start whaling away.  Suddenly the health on the heart drops really low.  I hear over vent “STOP DPSING THE HEART!”  Umm oops, I still had a full set of DoTs up on it.  I had just refreshed them and was using drain soul on the heart when I was told to stop.  The stupid DoTs killed the heart and we got thrown into hard mode.  Suddenly you hear Orange say in vent “FUUUUUCK.”  Did I forget to mention how we were 2 healing this fight?

I had never looked up the hard mode strats for Ulduar.  This is why when I saw sparks flying around I just moved away from them thinking that they would hurt me if touched because of the static charge on me.  Next I hear Soth in vent saying “Kill the orbs” and then Tel or Ari said something like “I don’t think anyone knows they have to kill them.”  Yeah I had no clue.  So I started killing orbs and then back on the boss.  At one point I got yelled at by Orange cause I got out of range.  Sorry bout that.  There was some doubt, but we prevailed and snagged this:

Oh, no, no, no


We grouped up next to do Vault, but Horde somehow lost WG.  I have seen Alliance have WG like maybe a handfull of times since I transferred over.  We all blamed Rix.  It was his fault.  Since that was a no go we grouped up for ToC 10.  We waltzed in and one shot everything, even Anub. 😀

Oh look I beat Soth! Wait, he was the tank 😦


The new hunter had never been there and I had never DPSed there.  Let me tell you, it is vastly different to heal that place than it is to dps it.  I kept feeling like I was failing big time.  I got stuck in a ring of fire on Lord J.  I still don’t know how that happened.  On FC I was told by Soth to banish and fear bomb the tree.  My felpuppy was on the shadow priest.  I had my buttons ready, had the tree as my focus and was ready to go.  Sent the puppy in and banished the tree, just to have the banish wear off almost immediately so I feared it, just to have the fear broken.  WTF.  Back and forth with that damn tree.  Nothing would stick on it.  I was completely unaware that the tree was the one they wanted killed next.  I was dealing with the DK who kept gnawing on my face.  All I could keep thinking was “banish and fear the tree.  banish and fear the tree” over and over again.  No one says anything to me about goofing that up, until this morning when I am chatting with Soth over gchat.  *sigh*

The twins was the worst fight for me.  Our guild does a slightly different strat for the twins than SR uses.  I got put as light essense and I started dpsing the dark twin.  Suddenly DBM tells me I need to switch, but everyone is now switching to light? or is it dark?  No one tells me what I am switching to, all I heard over vent was “SWITCH.”   I will be honest, I paniced, so I stayed light and kept dpsing the dark twin.  I tried to nab orbs, but every light orb I found was eaten up before I could get to it.  The result was I spent a lot of wasted time trying to find orbs and not dpsing.  Now at this point DBM is telling me to switch to dark essense and DPS the light twin.  I click the portal and this time the portal changed (it didn’t before) and I start dpsing the light twin.  I had more luck with the dark orbs and manged to get the dps buff, right as the twin died. *sigh*  Go go fail lock 😦

I made out like a bandit in loot though.  Through the entire night I got hands, a wand, pants, an off hand, a trinket and I think I got a ring too.  My GP is huge now >.>

We get out of ToC and form up for randoms.  While running HoS I managed to snag another trinket and got this:



While in ToC 5 the Horde managed to win back WG and Hex was forming a 25 man.  We all trouped over and joined up his group.  Again, I hate pugs.  No one besides Ari and myself seemed to be killing those damn orbs on the frost guy.  In fact I think I died.  Oh well still managed to get this:

Oh guess I was alive, woot!

We then proceeded to wipe on Koralon, because it was a fail pug group. 😉  The poor tanks kept dying.  Dozzer was tanking and I still don’t know how he managed to stay alive as long as he did.  I think he had a Brez at some point too.  Oh well the 2nd attempt netted me this:

Woot! I was alive for this one too!

All in all it was a great night.  Much loot was had by me.  Lyssi jumped up from a 204 ilvl to like a 214 or so ilvl.
I feel like I should have done better than I did.  I know I was the least geared person in all of the runs, but I still feel like I was a total fail lock.  Oh well!  I had a blast and no one complained so I will mark this night as a win. 😀