Go me!

Last week I received an email from Nibuca over at Mystic Chicanery and The Twisted Nether Blogcast telling me that they would like to interview me as the blogger of the week.


Wow, just wow.  Me?  Really?  *Channelling Keanu* Whoa.

I don’t see myself as anyone special in the blogging community.  Hell I don’t even put anything useful in my blog half the time.  I usually am just rambling constantly.

When I asked Nibuca “why me?” she said: “Because you post interesting stuff and you’ve done it for a nice amount of time and you’re active in the community.”

Maybe it is just my whole low self esteem thing happening to where I still cannot believe that I was asked to do anything relating to this blog.  So I am still in shock here.

I created this blog after getting sucked into blogging by Mis my fearless leader and after reading a post linked on wow.com by Arioch on carrots or somesuch.  I wanted to be able to post replies to people and do one of the many memes out there in the blogging community.  I quickly realized that the only way to do that was to make my own blog.

I thought I was being rather clever with the whole DoTs and HoTs thing only to find out that there are a gabazillion blogs out there with a similar name.  Hell Hots & DoTs is way more famous than anything I could ever hope to be and here I just copied their name.  Of course I wasn’t aware that they existed at the time, but I found out once we were linked next to each other on Miss Medicina’s healing non-meme.

When I first started posting I would get 10-15 hits a day.  I think I was super excited the day I got 30 hits.  I never got comments.  I used to bug my friends and guildies to go leave comments so that I felt like I was actually having people reading my drivel.  It wasn’t until after I was linked back from doing the healing survey that people seemed to notice me at all.  I think I moved up to 35-45 hits a day after that.  Excitement all over when that leveled out.

Then the DPS survey went out over at Death Goddess and since I was one of the first people to reply I got my blog linked on the article on WoW.com.  That moved my average daily hits up to 60-75.

Suddenly I got into a “discussion” with Dark/Soth who is a guildie of Arioch’s over minimum dps and capabilities of fresh 80s. He made a post where he let us all know that he was an elitist. I followed up with my own rebuttal and suddenly I had commenters.

I started posting comments more on Arioch’s blog and she over here.  Eventually I was convinced to move my then level 45 Blood Elf warlock Lyssianna over to their server to eventually raid with them.  They were lacking a warlock and I just so happen to like to raid as one.

Since I transferred over to their guild my blog has exploded.  My wonderful new guildies have been so awesome to frequent my blog almost as much as her blog and have made my comments section even more epic than my giant wall o’ text posts could ever be.  Once I joined them and they embraced me, my daily hits increased to 150-200 a day.

My post yesterday beat out my most hits for a day record (446) that was set when my dps survey was linked.  Gotta love how guild drama brings all the readers to the yard (466 of them in fact).  As for that post, I had permission from my GM to post it.  So :-p

I used to be pretty active on twitter but recent changes at work has kind of put my tweeting on the back burner.  I think that is why I don’t get much twitter love anymore.  I am not there to give it.  Despite all that I still love my twitter peeps.  Much love to you guys!  A lot of my readers have come from the wonderful people on twitter.  If you have not joined that community yet, please do.  It is quite confusing to follow the threads of conversation if you don’t have all the correct people on follow, but once you do, things start falling into place.

So anyway back to the interview!

It will be this Friday at 8 pm PST on The Twisted Nether Blogcast.  You are all welcome to come cheer me on.  I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I haven’t ever listened to a live version of the blogcast so I can’t give full details on how it happens, but there is supposedly a chatroom where you all can come and support me!  I am so excited over this and I want to be able to share it with the people who made it happen. 😀