Last but not least . . .

Our other winner is Tirael

As I did with Angerfork yesterday I am going to post snippets from the email he sent me:

I am a Medic in the US Army who likes to spend time with me wife and son.  I also enjoy playing the guitar and listening to any type of music..except country.  I have also deployed to Iraq for 14 months from May 2007 – July 2008.  I will be leaving the Army soon to go back to my civilian job as an EMT and will begin college in software engineering.  I have been playing WoW for almost 4 years.  Throughout that time, I have been an officer, a class lead, and regular old kitten in many different types of guilds, from casual to hardcore 5 days a week 6 hours a night raiding guilds.  I enjoy raid leading as well as being a kitteh.

Having raided with Tir, I still find it hard to believe that he is cool with being a kitten and only a kitten.  He says he is, but I don’t believe him.

Here is the info he sent me on his toons:

Paleteal – level 80 Tauren Prot/Fury Warrior – Drak’Tharon

Pale was originally a human warrior and was my first toon.  I faction changed her sometime after ToC first came out.  With Pale, I have tanked or dps’d from Kara to RoS pre-nerf in BT to BP in ICC 25 including ToGC 10 Mad Skill.  I really enjoy my warrior.  For tanking, she has a vast array of tools that can be used for different situations.  Prot warriors aren’t really more difficult to play than other tanks…just imagine you have Neil Peart’s drumset…with one stick.  Pale’s name was a product of one part random name generator (it gave me Tealariya, which I didn’t like and one part her hair color (when she was human, her original hair color was white).  As a tauren, she is black….I love a good paradox.  Pale’s prot spec is currently geared for ICC 25 and her fury spec is currently geared for ICC 10.

Naerityah – level 80 Blood Elf Disc/Shadow Priest – Drak’Tharon

Naer started out as a healing twink.  She was at 27 for about 2-3 years before I decided to level her up over the past couple of months.  I don’t know why, but I absolutely love priest healers, especially disc.  Maybe it is because a priest closely resembles a prot warrior in the amount of skills they have.   Naerityah’s name came from somewhere is that mangled web of dead cells and air that sits between my ears.  I never knew how much I would love healing until I did my first ICC 10 (which was Naer’s first raid).  It was challenging for me, since all I had ever done was play melee dps/tank.  I have still yet to completely figure out shadow spec.  I do decent damage, but I am not seeing the numbers I want.  When I do, I may do it more often.  Naer’s disc spec is currently geared for ICC 25 and her shadow spec is currently geared for ICC 10.

Tirmanel – level 80 Night Elf (MOHAWK!) Unholy/Frost Tank DK – Bloodhoof

Tirmanel was originally a Night Elf named Tirael.  He then became an Orc named Tiræl.  As you can see, he is back to his roots.  I started Tirmanel with the mindset that I would only play him (as I used to be against having multiple max level toons) through all of WotLK.  That obviously didn’t pan out.  I have done all Wotlk raids up to BP in ICC 25.  Tirm is also my furthest progressed toon as he he not only has ToGC 10 Mad Skill, but has also done 4/5 ToGC 25.  I really enjoy my DK as he has a lot of raid utility combined with a high dps threshold.  DKs are also viable tanks (if played correctly) and I enjoy seeing tanking from a different perspective (CD based/AoE tanking vs Gear based/Single target tanking).  Like my warrior, I feel fully confident with Tirm regardless of the role I am providing to the raid.  Both of his specs are currently geared to handle ICC 25.

As you can see, he is a machine.

Yet, his response to this picture:


was so sweet and romantic, you would think that you were talking to a different person.

Once you get to know Tir you find out that his brash nature is not the real him.  Crusty outer shell and all. 😀

As a wrap up, here is his post again for your viewing pleasure:

Tatia sat alone in the glades of Ashenvale, grateful for the solitude. Normally relishing in the heat of battle with her allies, she was thankful to be surrounded by the green countryside of her homeland. Her recent encounters with the lieutenants of the Lich King had made her weary, longing to reconnect with the lands that she called home.

As her delicate fingers brushed across the lush greenish blue grass, the druid in her sensed something unnatural. It was as if the very power of the arcane had swept over the area. As she turned on her seat, she was blinded by the intensity of the sun that was showing off the source of the arcane power.

As her eyes adjusted, she made the faint shape out of a humanoid…then the white skin…then the eyes..glowing green eyes. Her mind raced. “Oh no.”, she thought. “This blood elf is here to slay me. Countless times I have avoided death by the the hand of the Lich King’s minions..only to be killed by a hero of the same cause…yet different beliefs.” She readied herself as best she could..ready to transform in the event that the Blood Elf attacked.

As the Blood Elf approached, Tatia noticed something very odd. The being was carrying a Talandra’s Rose, one of the most beautiful flowers of Northrend. Tatia knew that the Talandra’s Rose could only survive in the soil of Northrend (she is a druid of course), which she thought even more odd that one would be alive here in Ashenvale.

As the being grew closer, she realized that the arcane resonance wasn’t just because the blood elf was a blood elf, but that it was as if he was arcane magic itself. At this moment, she truly realized her peril, as she knew this Blood Elf could be only one thing…a mage.

The mage was no more than 10 feet away when he spoke…

“Hello, Tatia. My name is Arioch. I have traveled from the shores of Howling Fjord to here into enemy territory just to find you.”

Tatia shuddered internally as she said, “Do as you must mage….I fear no death you could give me.”

Arioch replied, “Oh no, my dear druid. I mean you no harm. I searched for you because I admire you. I have seen you many times as you and your allies stormed the gates of Icecrown Citadel. I have heard of your exploits, even in the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary. I have seen the marvelous things you do. You are truly amazing.”

Tatia was taken aback. She knew, better than anyone, the reasons why the High Elfs split into the races they are today. How could one of the arcane feel so for one of the earth?

However, Tatia had heard of Arioch’s weird mannerisms. She knew from stories that one such as him could have feelings for someone like her. Still guarded, she decided to choose her words carefully.

“I, too, have heard of you, Master Arioch. They say that nothing you pursue ever escapes your grasp. You lead you allies with a fierceness of determination that even the Alliance can admire. Of all these things, I must ask, how did you get a Talandra’s Rose to survive a trip from Northrend to here?”

Arioch replied, rather more smug than intended, “You know not of the ways of the arcane, my dear Tatia. I placed Northrend soil and the rose inside a ward of arcane, freezing it in time. As I teleported from Northrend to Kalimdor, it was protected. The moment I was near you, I removed the wards and sprinkled the flower with some water from a nearby stream. The waters here are exceptionally potent at bringing life to things of the earth. I did this all for you.”

For the first time since she could remember, Tatia could find no words. She could only see this beautiful flower..this beautiful man..the beautiful earth. Maybe it was the battles within Icecrown, seeing the dead on both sides, the horrors the Lich King had performed on Saurafang the Younger, or just the electricity of Arioch’s beauty itself, but she couldn’t help but be drawn to Arioch…as if the arcane itself had grasped her every limb and she collapsed to the ground.

Arioch saw this and moved forward at once. Tatia, frightened that her fears had come true, raised and hand to begin casting a spell…but stopped. With one hand, Arioch was handing her the rose, and with the other, grasped her about the waist and lifted her to her feet.

She felt it. She new he did too. Their eyes were set at one another. They grew first into an embrace..then a kiss. A surge of arcane flowed through Tatia’s body. It felt unnatural and blissful at the same time. Every nerve in her body tingled with excitement and pleasure. She could think of nothing else. It was only her, Arioch, the arcane, and the earth…all as one.



19 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tiræl
    Mar 18, 2010 @ 08:32:51

    I am like M&M’s, melt in your mouth, not in your hand.


  2. Vel
    Mar 18, 2010 @ 16:53:12

    Scary? No. Aggrivating at time? Yes. 🙂


  3. AngerFork
    Mar 19, 2010 @ 08:49:43

    Seriously man, your entry melted my heart a little.

    Congratulations, and you should totally send him the extra shots! I would love to read what he comes up with! 🙂


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