This was quite the weekend.  Friday night I was the guest on the Twisted Nether Blogcast, Saturday was ICC with EoF and Sunday was ICC with SR.

I did manage to get my laundry done so all is good! 😀

The blogcast was pretty awesome.  My guildies came out in force.  My mom even made an appearance.  It was amazing how many people showed up.  Thanks so much guys. 😀

Saturday EoF made some great attempts at Festergut.  We had the dps, but were just lacking on the heals.  We had a guildie Holy Pally come in for the first time.  He usually comes in on his mage, but I was the only healer we had so I needed him to come in and heal.  We nabbed Slo on her DK and had her tank.  People have definitely picked up their dps.  I am quite proud of them.

Last week I was able to join SR in ICC 10.  Thursday night is their 10 man runs.  Normally I wouldn’t have gone with the progression team, but they were short dps.  Woot for me!  We cleared all the way up to the Professor.  I had never seen beyond Rotface.  We one shot Rotface.  That was pretty awesome.  Watching the video just confused the hell out of me.  It was surprising much easier than it looked.  I know when I tried healing it, I was just completely confused.  DPSing that fight is soooooooooooooooo much easier.

We went on to the Prof and gave it several attempts.  I think that we would have had it if everyone was more situationally aware.  I really like the professor fight.  There is so much going on and yet it is so much fun.

Sunday I didn’t expect to be asked to come.  Sunday is for the progression team to go in and, you know, progress.  Again they were short DPS so I got to go.  We decided to start on VDW.  We had Sorak and Hex on their shammies healing inside the portals.  Tir and Zug were tanking it at first, but then it was decided that Zug would dps and Tir would solo tank it.  We made several good attempts and finally we managed to heal her up and complete the fight.  This makes Shadow Rising now 10/12.  Major excitement.  I think we had 3 people left alive when the dragon was fully healed.  It was pretty awesome.

I am behind the totems that Hex wouldn't recall


Fucking totems.

I got lucky because Arioch and Moogik didn’t need this awesome staff off VDW so I won it. 

So delicious


I am back over hit again, but the staff is soooo delicious.

We then decided to go give the blood princes another shot.

OMG that fight sucks.  It is insane with all of the things going on.  I thought I was doing ok with staying 10 yards away, then when people would run, BOOM I would have 3 people next to me.  Gahh.  We wiped a bunch and then Zug had to go afk for 5 mins.  The 5 mins turned into like 20 mins.  We had decided to clear trash while we were waiting on him when he came back.  There was an epic fight with the flying bitches and the copies.  I did 12k dps on that fight.  I fucking love Seed of Corruption.  😀

We went back in, wiped again then came back and took the fuckers down.  We also managed to snag this:

Boom bitches!


I used my imp on this fight.  Kazadora the hunter and I were in charge of the disco balls.  I know other people have said it, but I will say it again.  That room is fucking huge.  I just couldn’t see a damn thing.  I was having a hell of a time just finding which prince I had to kill.  I have to give mad props to Kaza, the dude knows his stuff and is definitely not a huntard.

We lined up and took a pretty picture to remember our kill by.  This was not the first kill for SR, but it was the 2nd kill.  I have a feeling they were worried they weren’t going to be able to duplicate the kill.  It made me excited to be a part of the 2nd kill.

Oh look, you can see me this time


I wanted to go try the professor again, but it was decided that we would go look at Sindragosa.  We cleared the trash and the 2 mini boss dragons and then nabbed the queen.

I just had to take a picture.  It was seriously too epic to describe in words.

holy shit


I don’t know if I will get to go back with the progression team later this week or not.  It really doesn’t matter.  I still think it was pretty awesome that I was there period.  Thanks so much guys for letting me tag along.  Congrats again to Shadow Rising on being 10/12.  We will be taking on the Lich King sooner than we think!