Filler post is filler

I am very tired.  Tir decided to take us all into ToGC 10 last night AFTER we had already done ICC 25 cit and vault 25.  He wanted the wand that drops.  See I thought that we were going to do just regular ToC 10, but noooooooooooo.  Suddenly it was Grand Crusader!  >.<  I had only ever seen the first fight on heroic.  Fail lock activate!

I was actually quite proud of myself.  I managed to not die (other than the wipe on Lord J) until the FC fight where I promptly pulled aggro on EVERYTHING and was killed down into nothing.  I fail so much at PvP.

The best part?  I won the wand that Tir wanted. 😀

Then I went and was nice and gave it to him.  He now needs to take me through there again because I need that wand too.  Delicious haste with no hit, mmmmmm nom nom nom.

Anyway I am tired, busy and drained.  So sorry but filler post is filler.  Please feel free to fill up the comments section with the lovely stuff we have all come to expect from my comments section.

If you are confused about that then you are obviously not reading the comments.  Go look at yesterday’s for a taste.