What? Another one?

Since I have today off from work I am making this easy on myself and just sharing with you a story that Tir sent me.

It was brought about in his head from the picture posted on Friday.

So without further ado:

Residing over the Argent Tournament Grounds one day, Tirion saw the last of the tournament’s games coming to an end.  He decided then and there that the time was right to advance forward into Icecrown Citadel.  He left the stands to find Darion.  As he was leaving the arena, he saw Darion near his champions on the northern side of the grounds.  As he approached Darion, he saw a smile come across the death knight’s face.

“It is time, isn’t it,” Darion said, a hint of joy in his voice.

Tirion also noticed an ever so subtle hint of a plea.  He brushed this off and continued the conversation.

“Yes, old friend.  We must gather the armies of Azeroth and storm those gates.  I am weary of Varian’s and Garrosh’s attitudes toward each other.  This may affect our goals.  I am counting on you to see that it doesn’t,” Tirion said with disgust in his voice.

He was often disgusted at the way the Alliance and Horde leaders carried on with each other, especially at a time like this.  He prayed to the light each day that Varian and Garrosh would see things the way Jaina and Thrall did, but even he knew this would probably never come to pass.

“Tirion, you need not worry about my death knights.  Regardless of faction, they are loyal first and foremost to me.  I will ensure things go as smoothly as possible.  Let us scout a way to Icecrown Citadel, whilst these games finish,” Darion said hardly able to hold back the excitement in his voice.

Tirion called for his gryphon as he watched Darion mount his bone gryphon.

“I never understood why you would ride such a creature,” Tirion pondered openly.

“The creatures of the living do not respond well to the hands of the damned, old friend,” Darion said with disgust.

With a rush of bitter cold wind, they pair took off into the gloomy Icecrown night.  As they rounded the mountains past Shadow Vault, they noticed a very odd site, even for the dreary passages of Icecrown.  A pillar light, brighter than anything either had ever seen, could be seen far off in the distance.

“What must that be?” Tirion asked with amazement.

“I cannot tell.  It is the first time I have seen such light in this dark continent,” Darion said with equal surprise.

“Make haste, Darion.  We must see what the source of that light is,” Tirion said, almost in desperation.

Tirion secretly hoped that there was some light still present in this place of death.   He knew that both sides needed hope.  This could be it.

As the pair flew on, beckoning their gryphons to fly faster than ever before, the light seemed to stay far away, as though untouchable, unreachable…unreal.

After hours of this, Tirion’s gryphon finally gave the sign it was tired.  After several minutes of silence, Darion spoke.

“There are some advantages to my mount,” he said, looking at his bone gryphon who felt neither sleep nor hunger.

“Now is not the time, Darion,” Tirion said with a small amount of disgust, maybe even a hunt of jealousy. “This light seems to be out of reach, as though it is nearly within our grasp but not.  I have never seen the light react in this way.”

“Maybe it is a forshadowing of things to come, paladin,” Darion said, knowing what his friend needed, but unable to provide it. “We must ride on.  Icecrown Citadel is in the distance and we have already been gone for hours.  People will start to wonder.”

“You are right,” Tirion said. “We must scout the way.  I hope the light will come to us when we need it most, like it always does.  Even a place like this makes me wonder.”

“Do not lose you faith, Tirion.  That is exactly how he turned us all to his service,” Darion said, somewhat worried.

“You are right.  I am a fool to think such things.  These times make even someone like me weary.  Come, we must ride on,” Tirion said, sounding as tired as his gryphon.

The two turned toward Icecrown Citadel in the distance.  No light shown here…yet.  Tirion was determined to change that once and for all.  –End