Saturday update

The plan for Saturday was for Arioch and I to go shopping for Soth’s birthday present with his BFF Olivia.  She was going to pick us up and we would go to Frys.  Since Olivia had other plans for the rest of the day she was going to drop us off at the mall near Soth’s home so we could bug him for a ride back to Ari’s house.

Zam picked me up around 9 am I think (I honestly cannot remember).  As Ari was finishing getting ready I checked up on my email.  Olivia popped in and we all piled into her car.  Apparently she had logged into the game the night before and some interesting conversations were happening in gchat.  She regaled us with these stories as we made our way to Frys.

Gift card purchased.  Swedish fish & mana pot consumed (by Ari) and we were off to the mall.  Apparently Ari gets grumpy when she has nothing but sugar so we opted to get lunch.  What did we have?

Panda of course!


Seriously, if you didn’t know the answer to that question then you really don’t know me very well.

I was unhappy with the fact that my kung pao chicken had neither kung nor pao to it.  I don’t think I have ever had such bland “spicy” food before.  Ari’s food wasn’t that tasty either so I think it was just that particular Panda.

After nomming we started making our way around the mall.  The plan was to walk the entire length, window shop, giggle at weird people and eventually call and bug Soth for a ride home.

In the food court there was this cart that had a bunch of toys on it.  One of the toys was this doll that bounced and waved its arms.  It creeped me the fuck out.  This of course meant I had to show Ari. 😀

The cart next to the toy cart was one of those hair styling carts.  They offer to style your hair in order to get you to purchase their gizmos.  Now I personally hate being bugged by people trying to sell their shit to me as I walk by.  If I wanted to buy their crap I would walk up to the cart and start looking.  One of the girls hawking the wares on the cart starts talking to Ari and I as we are walking by.  It is one thing to talk to someone if they are just strolling along, it is quite another when they are obviously in a conversation.  She had the temerity to interrupt us to ask if we were interested in the crap she had to sell.  I immediately said (in a rather bitchy tone I might add) that no we were not interested and went back to my conversation with Ari.  About 20 or so minutes later we ended up walking by the cart again on our way to another store when the same person interrupted our conversation AGAIN.  I turned to her and said “No we aren’t interested.  We weren’t interested the first time we told you no.”  Again this was said in a VERY bitchy voice.  It was actually kind of funny to me how shocked she was at my reaction.  Yes I get irritated that quickly.

We ended up going through the entire mall.  I think my favorite part was the bath and body works store.  There were soooooo many candles to smell.  The watermelon one and one of the vanilla ones were my favorite.  A close runner up was this amber one.  I ended up getting the amber one in lotion form.  I had some on yesterday and I was just enveloped with the scent.  Mmm mmm mmm.  We eventually made our way to one end of the mall that had a couch next to the directory.  We sat for a few reading the cheesy pick up lines on the wall (Anchor Blue store had them printed on the windows) and giggling.  Ari wanted to know if the mall had a particular store in it and we just missed it so she was checking out the directory.  As she turned around to come back to the couch she tripped over the end table on the edge of the couch, banged up her shin pretty good and plopped on the couch next to me.  We checked out her leg and a huge bump was already forming.  To be fair, she did warn me that she was a klutz.

Turns out that Soth was at the Best Buy at the edge of the mall.  We made our way out of the mall and hiked across the parking lot to the Best Buy to meet up with him.  Ari, being Ari, didn’t realize that where we had been sitting was MUCH closer to the Best Buy than where we had been dropped off by Olivia.  This was the place where she led me so that we could exit the mall.  So yes, we hiked back through the mall just to hike over the same ground to get to Best Buy.  >.>

Soth had his daughter with him (she is completely adorable BTW) and I joined her in the back seat for the ride to Ari’s house.  In typical little girl fashion she told me all about her pictures that were in the back seat, her lunch pail and how her daddy was mean to her when she was bad.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Have I mentioned that I love kids yet?  Yeah.  When we got to Ari’s house they came inside for a bit because Soth had to ask Zam some computer questions.  His daughter picked me a flower and chatted with me until they were ready to go.  Total sweetheart.

After they left Ari and I watched this anime video called Wicked City.  Her description of it to me was “This is kind of hentai” and me being me was all “sure!”

Yeah that movie wasn’t “kinda like” hentai, it was.

Complete with some tentacle rapage.

There was also an uber creepy monster at the end.  Like really gross creepy.

Fantastic movie! 😀

When it was over we were kind of hungry.  Not full out FOOD NAO hungry, but munchies hungry.  Zam was busy and not hungry so Ari grabbed a cab and we went to IHOP.  It is an Airoch approved restaurant.  We got the appetizer sampler and played cards.  I taught her how to play Gin Rummy (or at least what my family calls Gin Rummy).  After the first few hands she started kicking my ass.

After about an hour (maybe) we packed up the cards and decided that we would walk to my hotel (which was like 4 blocks away) where we could keep playing cards until Zam decided to come find us.  We get there and my stupid key doesn’t work.  Now I had been having issues with the damn key working the entire time I had been there.  It wasn’t just me, Ari couldn’t get the damn thing to open my room.  So we trooped down to the office where the Indian dude re-keyed in my card (notice he didn’t give me a new card) and we went back upstairs and tried the damn key.  After a few more tries the stupid thing worked and we were able to get in.  We played cards for quite a while (she completely trounced me) then Zam called and wanted to know if we were ready for dinner yet.

They took me to this Chinese buffet/Mongolian BBQ place that they used to frequent a lot.  Apparently it used to be much better.  I was just sad that they did not have rice noodles.  I think I am going to have to visit the one I go to just to make up for me missing out on rice noodles.  Hmm maybe for lunch this weekend.  Nom nom nom.  Sadly no raunchy jokes were made.  Although I did get texts from Tir laughing at me over other things.  Have I mentioned that he is a brat yet?  Well he is.  Yes you are a brat! :p

After dinner I was dropped off at the hotel where my key didn’t work yet again.  Notice the pattern? >.<

The plan for Sunday was everyone would meet at Ari & Zam’s around 10:30 am where we would head over to Old Town Sac and be touristy and just maybe take a train ride.  Zari, Tel and Soth were supposed to make an appearance.

However, I shall be leaving Sunday’s escapades for another post.

Hey I am milking this for all it is worth! 😉

Screenshot Friday

Hey baby, want to ride my rocket?


Yeah I don’t feel like writing today so I wont be.  I will try to pop out some extra posts when the muse hits me.

Watch out, she is back!

Yes I am back home from my lovely extended weekend in Sacramento.  I would have had this up earlier but apparently missing two days of work where you are the only employee kind of puts you a tad bit behind.  It has been a busy busy day at work both yesterday and today.  I was going to attempt to get this posted on Tuesday but the fates conspired against me.  So now I am writing this on my lunch break.  Maybe Soth will stop complaining that I haven’t put up a recap post.

So where do I begin?

Friday morning I wake up at 3:45 am and freak out thinking I have overslept.  Nope, I’m good.  I had just stepped out of the shower when I get a text from Tir telling me to call him once I get to the airport.  Now mind you, this is the guy who said goodbye to me over vent the night before like I wasn’t going to be talking to him the next damn day.  >.<  Tir I love you sweetie, but you are a silly silly man.  Andrew was kind enough to take me to the airport so I wouldn’t have to pay to keep my car there.  He dropped me off and I went through the whole security thing.

Let me just say that I was shocked at the sheer amount of people in the airport at 5:30 am on a Friday.

I managed to get through security and find my gate with about 15 mins until boarding.  Being the good friend that I am I give Tir a buzz and we chatted for a bit until I had to board.  He asked me to call him when I landed in SF for my layover (yes I had to switch planes to fly from SD to Sac, shut up it was the cheapest flight).  Queue uneventful flight, 45 min layover in the SF airport, then another uneventful flight and I was in the Sacramento airport.  I had called Jen from SF and let her know what the schedule was.  She was running a little late and told me to call her when I landed in Sacramento.  I had just answered my phone to talk to Tir (who was calling me this time lol) when Jen pulled up.

The best part?

She was wearing her WoW priest shirt. 😀  Go Jen!!

We left the airport and pulled over so she could put Arioch’s address in her GPS, as we backed up the car we hear a *crunch* and Jen goes “What was that?”  Turns out she backed into a stop sign.  It was left leaning at a very sharp angle as we quickly left the scene of the crime.  We laughed about it for the rest of the day.

We find Ari’s house, and yes she does in fact have pink flamingos in her front yard.  Her and I ended up running across the lawn to hug each other.  It was pretty cute if I do say so myself.  I dropped off my bag, gave Zambra a quick hug and then the three of us were off to lunch.  Ari wanted us to go to The Counter which is a hamburger place.  I will say that they have very very good hamburgers there.  Ari had a 1 lb burger with a fried egg on top.  I still don’t know how she managed to eat the whole thing without it getting all over all of her clothes.  The hot waiter (whom I flirted with and embarrassed) called her a soldier for eating the whole burger.

We were going to go to a sex shop to find Soth’s birthday present but Jen ran out of time so she took me back to Ari’s house.  Said goodbye to Jen and I got the tour of Ari’s office.  She showed off her UI and people in gchat made fun of me.  About par for the course.  After a while we asked Zam to take us to the sex shop to get Soth’s present.

The place that Jen suggested to us was awesome.  This was the first sex shop that I can remember seeing that did not have the windows covered.  They had a huge selection and despite not finding the exact thing I wanted, I still had a tough choice on which item to get.  We ended up wandering around the store and checking out the toys.  There were a ton of really neat looking ones.  The next time I am up there I might have to make a stop back at that store.  Thanks again Jen :D.

We talked and decided that bowling was on the menu so we made a stop back at the house to pick up Ari & Zam’s shoes and bowling balls (and my bag) and headed out to the lanes.

Now I love to bowl, but I suck sooooo badly at it.  Ari wants us to get a SR bowling team going and to join a league.  This would require me to move up there.  Sorry hun it will take a bit more than a bowling team to get me to move out of San Diego. 😉

I was feeling grimey and smelly so Zam dropped Ari and I off at my hotel so I could check in and shower.  He said he would pick us up in about an hour and we would go have dinner.  Ari and I got to relax and chat some more.  Dinner was Dennys (it sounded good) where Ari had an ice cream sundae for dinner.  Ari has a wicked sense of humor and combine that with my perverted humor, well poor Zam was quite red.  All I am going to say about it is there is a reason we have a smut blog that we write in. ^_^

After dinner I was dropped off at my hotel where I reaquanted myself with cable television.  I think I was awake for 23 hours by the time I fell asleep.  I think it was 3 am my time when Tir called me (I don’t know why he picked that time) and I was still awake, watching TV.  I eventually fell asleep though.  The funny part was I wasn’t super tired and I was even perky the next morning.

Go me?

Anyway, my lunch break is now over and I still have 3 more days to go.  I will do my best to get Saturday’s events up tomorrow. 

Oh and Soth, you’re a meanie :-p 😉

And now for something completely different . . .

A cow blowing bubbles

Random filler picture day!

Fancy meeting you here


Aww purple bunny!


Noooo! What happened to the purple bunny?!


And with a final breeze, Lorethos the purple bunny was no more


Holy mother of cow Batman!


Get down! Get down! Jungle Boogie!


Cause really, who doesn't Tir want to fuck? 😉

Screenshot Friday

The Blood Queen will have her say

Of Birthdays, Laps and Warlock Tears

As I am sure you are aware (because you read this blog and I made a post as it happened) Shadow Rising downed Sindragosa.  It really was an epic fight and I am so honored that I got to be a part of it.

After we downed the bitch we went to pay a visit to the good ol’ Lich King himself.

I want a pony and a puppy and a bright red ball!

He didn’t give me any of those.  It made me sad.

What did he give me?

Necrotic plague.  The fucker.

Remember kids, STD tests are a GOOD thing.

Moving on!

Today is Soth’s birthday!  He is one step closer to being an old man. 😉  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 😀

I hope he likes the present I got for him.


I mean, umm yeah, I got him a gift card.

*innocent face*


In other news, I might have to shed some Warlock tears.  No I am not talking about the sweet delicious QQ tears that mages look forward to, but the tears of a die hard affliction warlock becoming *gasp* DESTRUCTION!

*bursts into fulsome sobs*

It was made very clear that the Sindragosa fight hates affliction warlocks.  When I get the stupid instability debuff (which I swear I get every time it comes up) it is always when I have to refresh everything.  That means I get up to 6 stacks just from refreshing my DoTs.  No Shadow Bolt spam.  If Sindy is being a particularly evil bitch she will suck us all in and I will get another stack by using my teleport.  BTW if you are a warlock doing that fight and not using your demonic teleport then you are a fucking retard.  USE IT!!!  I get to start dps back up while everyone else is running for their lives.  It is a beautiful thing.

I don’t know the first thing about the other warlock specs.  I mean I know that there are slight gear differences.  For example, affliction loves haste, destruction loves crit (wannabe mages).  I would think that I would need to change my gear around to be able to switch effectively.

The biggest hurdle would be to actually figure out what the hell a destro lock does.  I know they supposedly have a “tough” rotation just like affliction, but I don’t have a clue as to what it is.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist, I am not being asked to change.  My GM and my RL both told me I don’t have to change my spec if I don’t want to.  It is completely up to me if I switch.  The problem is I know Tir (my RL) is right in that affliction is horrible for that fight.  I need burst dps.  I think he said that destro was doing like 14% or something better than affliction.  Even demo was doing like 7% or something better.  So I could “technically” go demo, but if I am going to switch to the max dps spec for the fight, I am going to go full tilt.

So any warlocks that read this, a little help please?

Since I am leaving tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn and won’t be home until Monday around midnight, you will have two lovely filler picture posts.  I don’t know how much internet availablity I will have so I might not reply right away to comments.  Please leave them though!  I will reply as soon as I am able.



Yeah I was up too late again

This time though Soth and Zam take full responsibility!  Just ask them. ^_^

So as I am sure you are all aware, last night was 25 man ICC.  I had decided to attempt to make my night somewhat smoother, and less rage filled, by relaxing with a nice rum and coke.  This didn’t stop the rage from occurring, just from me spewing it out over vent.  Instead I giggled a lot.  I also raged to Tir, Hex and Ari, but that is about par for the course.  Out of all my guildies, those 3 (other than Andrew & Kate) were the least surprised by my angry healer antics.  They are used to me raging.

It started off badly when I lost the roll on the pants off the Ice boss in Vault.  Yes it was another guildie, but she only ever raids with us on Tuesday, or when they need another body.  The fact that she wins EVERY roll she makes and is in fact not really a raider just drives me nuts.  Yes the pants will drop again, but that doesn’t take away the whole “did that seriously just happen” thing.

Rage bar is now set to 1.

Oh look, Marrowgar is the weekly. /facepalm

Tir gets us our pugs and we start rocking out the lower spire.  Something either was working in my favor or the fact that I didn’t have to switch to bone spikes (thanks so much Ari!) helped to really boost up my damage.  I was #2 on Marrowgar.  The only person beating me was Zug.  I almost couldn’t believe it.  In 25 man runs I am usually anywhere from #7-#10 in damage on boss fights.  We just have too many really good dps players.  I don’t even remember what the actual numbers were, I just remember seeing my name after Zug’s.

Yes I did a little dance in my chair.

Moving on to Lady D.  Again I luck out and Tir keeps me on the boss.  Have I mentioned I love my raid leaders yet?  I get to stand there and just pew pew my little black heart out on her mana shield.  I wound up being #3 in damage on that fight.


When we got to the gunship I was #5 in overall dps for the entire raid.


We get to the upper spire.  Tir wants us to hit up Rotface first and try out a strat he used back when the wing first opened up.  It required a bit more coordination, but overall it would give us a lot more time to dps down the boss.  If this was a full guild run with people who know how to raid (cause we have guildies that don’t know how to raid raiding with us) we could have pulled it off.  Several of the pugs had never even seen Rotface, even on 10 man.  Many of them did not MOVE OUT OF THE FUCKING MIDDLE WHEN THEY HAD A SLIME!

How dense do you have to be?!?!

You get a red flashing light on your screen.  You get a mark over your head.  You even get a fucking special sound.


Yeah the rage bar is now up to 7.

After switching back to the original strat and still failing we went over to Festergut.

I was put in melee! ❤

The spore situation goes right along with the slime situation.  If you have a spore go where you are supposed to go!!!  It is not that fucking difficult to pay attention to your surroundings.  If you see a spore in melee and a spore in ranged then you are the 3rd spore and you need to GTFO!  If you are told to move or not move (as was the case) and you do something else, you make me want to kill kittens.


These guys, them, they are soooooooo going down.


I am happy to say that I did my job.  When I got the spore I made sure that I was where everyone else could get innoculated.  When a spore went on the tank I moved so that I was under him and was one of the few in melee who actually got innoculated.  I pew pewed and was usually one of the last people left standing.

I tend to measure my “GTFO of the fire” reflexes on how long I live in fights.  So even when it is a wipe, if I am the last one standing, or one of the last ones standing, I get happy.  I think to myself “Go you! Raid awareness FTMFW!”

Might as well be my own cheering section right? ^_^b

Tonight is Sindragosa.  We are taking the bitch down.  This raid will have to suffice for me since after tonight I wont be raiding again until Tuesday.

Fail Lock Powers Activate!

BTW I ended the raiding night with a rage bar full at 10, but I actually went to bed with an empty rage bar.

Thanks again you cocky bastard 😉

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