Long weekend is long

I am lucky in my job.  Depending on when holidays fall during the week I get 10-11 paid holidays.  This means that I had Friday off.  Boom!  3 day weekend.  Last weekend was a 4 day weekend for me since I took a couple vacation days.  In two weeks I will be flying up to hang out with Arioch and gang for the weekend.  I am quite excited and can’t wait.

Game wise has been a bit slow.  I have sort of retired my Alliance characters for now and have been on Drak’Tharon exclusively.  Most of the weekend was spent leveling my troll shammy.  Right now she is a mix spec for ele and resto.  I have no idea what to do with shammies, but hey!  It works.  She has been queuing as a healer in the dungeons and I haven’t really been having too much of an issue.  It was a bit tough before I got lesser healing wave and my healing stream totem, but I made do.

Have I mentioned that I am horrible to level with?  Well I am.  I get going on a roll and I usually out level anyone who is leveling with me.  Especially if they have many other alts or just a life outside of the game.  For example Zam came over on his baby warrior and ran some dungeons and did quests with me on Saturday night.  At the time I was 2 levels below him.  Now I am 2 levels higher than him.  He was also gone on Sunday for Easter while I stayed home and played all day.

Stupid shammy water totem quest line. >.>

In the wee hours of Sunday morning Nobelgarden started.  As some of you might remember I have told the holidays to fuck themselves.  If there is a pet or XP I might do something with them, but beyond that, no thanks.  Zam asked me today if I wanted the 310 drake.  Well sure that would be nice.  I am however only 3 achievements away from the drake from Ulduar hard modes.  That one is going to be a hell of a lot easier to complete than the fucking holidays.


On Sunday I worked on getting the eggs needed for my bunny pet.  At first I was just going to get it for Lyssi, then I found how simple it was to find the eggs and decided to get it for Zuleka too.  Either I am very lucky or I figured out the timing on the eggs.  Lyssi hunted for eggs in Brill.  There were a couple that I never saw anyone else nab.  She did 2 randoms and still managed to get all 110 (there was a daily) eggs that she needed in a little over an hour.  Zuleka hunted for eggs in Bloodhoof Village.  Same thing.  In a little over an hour she had all the eggs she needed, and then some.  I actually ran around grabbing more eggs than I needed, just because it was fun.


Sunday night I transformed Arioch and Tir into bunnies.  Ari then transformed me and we sat around Dal laying eggs.


Awww bunny love!


Warning, if you see these three, run.


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  1. Delerius
    Apr 05, 2010 @ 08:50:17

    No, if you see them, don’t run, you’ll expose your backside to them which is a very bad idea. We’ve been over this before.


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