What a weekend

Thursday night wasn’t very eventful for me.  I normally do ICC 10 on Thursdays but I went with the Wednesday group so I was out for Thursday.  I think I picked up fishing.  I don’t really remember.  I just know I was kind of bored.

Friday night was a different story.  Tir set up an OS 3D to get Arioch the mount.  I had never done more than 1 drake up so this was a first time for me.  We went in and wiped :D.  Only once though.  We went back in and roflstomped him.  I got this:

woot woot

Then we decided to go roflstomp Ony.  Garnering me this:

That's what she said

Not having enough of killing dragons we went to Naxx to kill Sapp and KT.  We wanted the key to kill Maly.

I got hard nipples from the cold

I've always wanted to do this achievement

Onward on to the last big dragon for us to kill for the week!

New title for me as well 😀

I was ready to go do more, all pumped up and shit, but several people had to sleep so we called it for the night.  This meant I went back to fishing.  Fishing is so fucking boring.  I still am not sure why I keep doing it.  I think I have this perverse need to get it maxed out on one character.  Someone shoot me now. >.>

I also told myself that I would get the Crusader title this weekend.  Tir wanted rep on his DK so him and I went to Durotar to do some lower level quests.  I was just lacking rep for the Orcs and the Trolls.  We did a bunch of quests and I snagged this little jewel:

I still wasn't exalted with the damn Trolls

We decided to go back and do the tourney dailies and then find out how much more we needed to do to get our rep up.  Turns out we had done just enough.  Using the 4 scrolls I earned gave me this:

Yay the grind is over!


Later on (the same damn day)  Slice and I decided to do some random BGs.  Having your own pocket healer (with bubbles!) is fucking awesome.

I've umm only been doing PvP for like a week or so >.>


This was such an awesome BG


Our first BG in the queue too


We did a bunch more BGs, even dragged Hex and Andrew in with us.  It is fucking hard to kill a prot pally so I think he had fun.  Then we tried to drag Tir in with us to the BGs.  Instead him and Hex suggested we do our 10 arena matches for the week.  Hex & Ari had set up SR’s 5s arena team, “Turn to page 6.”  Those of us not on the team were invited and we got a crash course in arena.

Now I fail at PvP.  If I am not in a group with people not being able to target me right away, I will die.  Repeatedly and quickly.  This fact was proven when we jumped into the arena.  Did the opposing team take out the 2 healers?  No.  They took out the warlock.  The fail warlock who cannot PvP 1 on 1 for anything.  I was instantly dead the first 2 seconds of almost every single fight.  We fought 11 matches.  We won 1. 

I still don't know how we managed to pull this off


Ehhh I don’t think I will be touching arena any time soon.  I might go back into the BGs with Slice though.  Having a pocket Disc priest with you is pure win.  He keeps me alive and I kill shit.  How is this not a great thing?

Sunday Tir decided we were going to do ToGC 10 “for fun” and put together a pug.  While we were waiting for him to finish finding people to join us I chatted with the random DK that had joined us.

The things I find myself talking about >.>


Let me just say that this raid was the most fail raid I had ever been in.  Not only did we wipe over and over and over and over again, but the people in it (other than guildies) were just dipshits.  The DK from above bailed after the first 2 wipes on NB.  He actually continued to chat with me for the rest of the evening while on his alt.  Twas funny.  I think the fact that he found a “real” girl who plays WoW was enough of a novelty that he decided he wanted to keep talking.  It’s all good.  Just adding to my harem. 😀

Also, if Tir ever, and I do mean ever, tries to PuG ToGC 10 again we are all supposed to show him this next conversation and then proceed to slap him silly.

He won't do it again, until the next time


So yeah.  Busy weekend.  This next week should be fun.  Tuesday is 25s, Wed is ICC 10 starting at Sindragosa (we will get her down) and Saturday is retro raiding.  I am not sure if I will be there on Saturday.  Andrew, Kate and I will be going to a comedy show on Saturday night.  Several months ago this random guy messaged me on MySpace asking about my picture from WoW.  We started talking and it turns out he is a comedian.  Since then he has been trying to get me to go to his shows.  He sent me a text message on Thursday or Friday of last week telling me about a show he is doing in SD this weekend and told me he could get me on “the list.”  I talked to Andrew and Kate and they were down for it so I let him know.  Yes this means I am leaving my house on the weekend and not raiding.  Totally shocking I know.

Well I hope your weekends were great and that your Monday doesn’t suck too badly.  Later!


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. slice213
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 08:02:01

    BGs are fun! 🙂 Arena is gonna take some getting used to lol.

    ToGC…damn i missed it…


  2. telanarra
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 08:03:35

    Mazel Tov on the raid and BG achievements


  3. gravedust13
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 11:22:04

    Hehe.. I have that Quote from Tir SS’d too. 😉

    The BGs was fun.. I played a lot of UT back in the day so I understand that kind of gameplay, more or less.

    And yeah, rolling thru there as Prot was fun in a kind of “it’s so stupid it just might work.” sort of way.

    I know I did good at least once; I ran out to meet a incoming glob of allies and HoJ’d one off his horsey, so the rest stopped, train of thought probably being:

    • It’s a Holy pally (He’s got a shield!)
    • There’s 1 of him and 4 of us. We will stomp him flat and then move on.
    • Wait, why isn’t he dying?
    • Jesus christ, WHY ISN’T HE DYING!?!?

    I had heals too, which helped a lot. ^^

    Of course my damage output on in par with a wet cardboard box so I can’t actually kill anything unless they’re extra-squishy or dumb enough to stand there and try to go toe-to-toe with me for a while. (Apparently there are 1 or 2 that are that dumb.) So generally I just ran around going HURRRRRRRR!!!1, donkeypunching casters and dropping fire everywhere and generally making a mess of things.

    At one point I got Army of the Dead stuck on me.

    It didn’t really do anything.

    So yeah, good times. ^^


  4. Tirael
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 12:37:47

    I am not pugging that crap again. I swear it. IF I do, may huge paddles covered in black leather come down and spank me until I am smart.


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