I feel pretty, oh so pretty . . .

Isn’t she so very sexy?

For some reason (known only to Ari and Moog I imagine) I walked away with Nibelung last night.  We use EPGP and my priority rating is shit.  This is mostly because everyone else already has everything they need and I still needed gear.  Nibelung, however, is BiS for Moog and like #2 for Arioch.  They both have a far higher priority rating than I do and by all accounts should have won that staff.  I didn’t expect to win it until just about everyone else already had it.  When I saw it awarded to me I let out a little scream.  Luckily for the people in vent I didn’t hit my PTT button. 

This meant that I had to go through and redo my gear to make up for the hit I was losing by replacing Abracadaver.  Since I was also losing haste I decided to use the 199 frost emblems I had sitting around (don’t hurt me) and purchase the Meteor Chaser’s Raiment that I had been eyeing.  I didn’t purchase it earlier because I would lose all the hit that I had on my T9 chest that I was still wearing.  I was already 8 points under hard cap (which really isn’t that big of a deal) so losing all that hit was not a good thing.  My solution? This.

Now instead of being 8 points under hard cap, I am 30 points under >.<.  I was so sad to have to gem for hit.  I only did 2 gems though.  Right now I am sitting at 10 points under cap.  Luckily we run with a boomkin 99% of the time (luv ya Moog) and I don’t have to worry about not being hit capped.  Those times where Moog is not in the group?  Well, as I told Tir last night, .35% is not that big of a deal when you really think about it.

Last night was our 25 man ICC and I don’t know what was up.  I just couldn’t focus.  Overall I didn’t do that bad really.  I think I was #7 on overall dps, but I kept fumbling up my rotation.  I know when I go to check out the parse I am going to see a drop in my corruption uptime.  I was so proud of myself last week.  On Marrowgar I was at 86% up from 81% the previous week.  I am almost afraid to see where I was this week.  Last week I got to stand in the middle for Festergut, this week I was at range and got the puke almost every single fucking time.  It doesn’t help that I fucked up the positioning of my portal (or that I forgot to use it half the time).  I know I failed on that fight.  We wiped at like 1%.  There were several times during that fight where I was not dpsing.  I can’t even tell you why.  I was very disoriented in that fight too.  I just need to make sure it isn’t the case tonight.  We have Sindragosa tonight and I want to get attempts in on the Lich King too.  For those fights I need to be in top shape.

I should probably make sure I eat something before we raid then >.>

I really am looking forward to tonight though.  I have a feeling that since we will all be fresh and eager we will be able to down Sindragosa.  I fully expect us to see the LK fight tonight.

I just realized it has taken me over 3 hours to write this post.  Considering how short it is and how little information it actually has, I am kind of sad.  For 3 hours I should have this epic post of rambling words galore.   Instead you get a few paragraphs and me complaining.

Aren’t you the lucky ones? 😉

What I really want to do is go GoD mode with my new staff and see how many flappity bitches I can summon at once 😀