Yeah I was up too late again

This time though Soth and Zam take full responsibility!  Just ask them. ^_^

So as I am sure you are all aware, last night was 25 man ICC.  I had decided to attempt to make my night somewhat smoother, and less rage filled, by relaxing with a nice rum and coke.  This didn’t stop the rage from occurring, just from me spewing it out over vent.  Instead I giggled a lot.  I also raged to Tir, Hex and Ari, but that is about par for the course.  Out of all my guildies, those 3 (other than Andrew & Kate) were the least surprised by my angry healer antics.  They are used to me raging.

It started off badly when I lost the roll on the pants off the Ice boss in Vault.  Yes it was another guildie, but she only ever raids with us on Tuesday, or when they need another body.  The fact that she wins EVERY roll she makes and is in fact not really a raider just drives me nuts.  Yes the pants will drop again, but that doesn’t take away the whole “did that seriously just happen” thing.

Rage bar is now set to 1.

Oh look, Marrowgar is the weekly. /facepalm

Tir gets us our pugs and we start rocking out the lower spire.  Something either was working in my favor or the fact that I didn’t have to switch to bone spikes (thanks so much Ari!) helped to really boost up my damage.  I was #2 on Marrowgar.  The only person beating me was Zug.  I almost couldn’t believe it.  In 25 man runs I am usually anywhere from #7-#10 in damage on boss fights.  We just have too many really good dps players.  I don’t even remember what the actual numbers were, I just remember seeing my name after Zug’s.

Yes I did a little dance in my chair.

Moving on to Lady D.  Again I luck out and Tir keeps me on the boss.  Have I mentioned I love my raid leaders yet?  I get to stand there and just pew pew my little black heart out on her mana shield.  I wound up being #3 in damage on that fight.


When we got to the gunship I was #5 in overall dps for the entire raid.


We get to the upper spire.  Tir wants us to hit up Rotface first and try out a strat he used back when the wing first opened up.  It required a bit more coordination, but overall it would give us a lot more time to dps down the boss.  If this was a full guild run with people who know how to raid (cause we have guildies that don’t know how to raid raiding with us) we could have pulled it off.  Several of the pugs had never even seen Rotface, even on 10 man.  Many of them did not MOVE OUT OF THE FUCKING MIDDLE WHEN THEY HAD A SLIME!

How dense do you have to be?!?!

You get a red flashing light on your screen.  You get a mark over your head.  You even get a fucking special sound.


Yeah the rage bar is now up to 7.

After switching back to the original strat and still failing we went over to Festergut.

I was put in melee! ❤

The spore situation goes right along with the slime situation.  If you have a spore go where you are supposed to go!!!  It is not that fucking difficult to pay attention to your surroundings.  If you see a spore in melee and a spore in ranged then you are the 3rd spore and you need to GTFO!  If you are told to move or not move (as was the case) and you do something else, you make me want to kill kittens.


These guys, them, they are soooooooo going down.


I am happy to say that I did my job.  When I got the spore I made sure that I was where everyone else could get innoculated.  When a spore went on the tank I moved so that I was under him and was one of the few in melee who actually got innoculated.  I pew pewed and was usually one of the last people left standing.

I tend to measure my “GTFO of the fire” reflexes on how long I live in fights.  So even when it is a wipe, if I am the last one standing, or one of the last ones standing, I get happy.  I think to myself “Go you! Raid awareness FTMFW!”

Might as well be my own cheering section right? ^_^b

Tonight is Sindragosa.  We are taking the bitch down.  This raid will have to suffice for me since after tonight I wont be raiding again until Tuesday.

Fail Lock Powers Activate!

BTW I ended the raiding night with a rage bar full at 10, but I actually went to bed with an empty rage bar.

Thanks again you cocky bastard 😉


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. slice213
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 10:15:38

    Pants eerrrrr pahnts will drop again. 🙂

    Yeah i was not up to par last night…I have not been 100% lately, bah maybe I am in a slump.

    Nice damage though Lyssi on those fights. /flex indeed!


    • koalabear21
      Apr 21, 2010 @ 10:19:12

      I know they will. The principle of the thing and all that jazz.

      I was looking at the Festergut numbers and I wasn’t doing too badly there either.

      I could tell that my reflexes were going away by that fight though. I had already quit drinking by the time we were on Rotface, but the effects were in full swing on Fester.

      The really sad thing is I still have half a glass left >.>


  2. Delerius
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 10:41:08

    “BTW I ended the raiding night with a rage bar full at 10, but I actually went to bed with an empty rage bar.

    Thanks again you cocky bastard"


  3. Tirael
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 11:10:12

    I couldn’t ask for a better fail lock to raid with, Koala. Thanks for being so patient and not going off over vent…..again.


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