Of Birthdays, Laps and Warlock Tears

As I am sure you are aware (because you read this blog and I made a post as it happened) Shadow Rising downed Sindragosa.  It really was an epic fight and I am so honored that I got to be a part of it.

After we downed the bitch we went to pay a visit to the good ol’ Lich King himself.

I want a pony and a puppy and a bright red ball!

He didn’t give me any of those.  It made me sad.

What did he give me?

Necrotic plague.  The fucker.

Remember kids, STD tests are a GOOD thing.

Moving on!

Today is Soth’s birthday!  He is one step closer to being an old man. 😉  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 😀

I hope he likes the present I got for him.


I mean, umm yeah, I got him a gift card.

*innocent face*


In other news, I might have to shed some Warlock tears.  No I am not talking about the sweet delicious QQ tears that mages look forward to, but the tears of a die hard affliction warlock becoming *gasp* DESTRUCTION!

*bursts into fulsome sobs*

It was made very clear that the Sindragosa fight hates affliction warlocks.  When I get the stupid instability debuff (which I swear I get every time it comes up) it is always when I have to refresh everything.  That means I get up to 6 stacks just from refreshing my DoTs.  No Shadow Bolt spam.  If Sindy is being a particularly evil bitch she will suck us all in and I will get another stack by using my teleport.  BTW if you are a warlock doing that fight and not using your demonic teleport then you are a fucking retard.  USE IT!!!  I get to start dps back up while everyone else is running for their lives.  It is a beautiful thing.

I don’t know the first thing about the other warlock specs.  I mean I know that there are slight gear differences.  For example, affliction loves haste, destruction loves crit (wannabe mages).  I would think that I would need to change my gear around to be able to switch effectively.

The biggest hurdle would be to actually figure out what the hell a destro lock does.  I know they supposedly have a “tough” rotation just like affliction, but I don’t have a clue as to what it is.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist, I am not being asked to change.  My GM and my RL both told me I don’t have to change my spec if I don’t want to.  It is completely up to me if I switch.  The problem is I know Tir (my RL) is right in that affliction is horrible for that fight.  I need burst dps.  I think he said that destro was doing like 14% or something better than affliction.  Even demo was doing like 7% or something better.  So I could “technically” go demo, but if I am going to switch to the max dps spec for the fight, I am going to go full tilt.

So any warlocks that read this, a little help please?

Since I am leaving tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn and won’t be home until Monday around midnight, you will have two lovely filler picture posts.  I don’t know how much internet availablity I will have so I might not reply right away to comments.  Please leave them though!  I will reply as soon as I am able.



Yeah I was up too late again

This time though Soth and Zam take full responsibility!  Just ask them. ^_^

So as I am sure you are all aware, last night was 25 man ICC.  I had decided to attempt to make my night somewhat smoother, and less rage filled, by relaxing with a nice rum and coke.  This didn’t stop the rage from occurring, just from me spewing it out over vent.  Instead I giggled a lot.  I also raged to Tir, Hex and Ari, but that is about par for the course.  Out of all my guildies, those 3 (other than Andrew & Kate) were the least surprised by my angry healer antics.  They are used to me raging.

It started off badly when I lost the roll on the pants off the Ice boss in Vault.  Yes it was another guildie, but she only ever raids with us on Tuesday, or when they need another body.  The fact that she wins EVERY roll she makes and is in fact not really a raider just drives me nuts.  Yes the pants will drop again, but that doesn’t take away the whole “did that seriously just happen” thing.

Rage bar is now set to 1.

Oh look, Marrowgar is the weekly. /facepalm

Tir gets us our pugs and we start rocking out the lower spire.  Something either was working in my favor or the fact that I didn’t have to switch to bone spikes (thanks so much Ari!) helped to really boost up my damage.  I was #2 on Marrowgar.  The only person beating me was Zug.  I almost couldn’t believe it.  In 25 man runs I am usually anywhere from #7-#10 in damage on boss fights.  We just have too many really good dps players.  I don’t even remember what the actual numbers were, I just remember seeing my name after Zug’s.

Yes I did a little dance in my chair.

Moving on to Lady D.  Again I luck out and Tir keeps me on the boss.  Have I mentioned I love my raid leaders yet?  I get to stand there and just pew pew my little black heart out on her mana shield.  I wound up being #3 in damage on that fight.


When we got to the gunship I was #5 in overall dps for the entire raid.


We get to the upper spire.  Tir wants us to hit up Rotface first and try out a strat he used back when the wing first opened up.  It required a bit more coordination, but overall it would give us a lot more time to dps down the boss.  If this was a full guild run with people who know how to raid (cause we have guildies that don’t know how to raid raiding with us) we could have pulled it off.  Several of the pugs had never even seen Rotface, even on 10 man.  Many of them did not MOVE OUT OF THE FUCKING MIDDLE WHEN THEY HAD A SLIME!

How dense do you have to be?!?!

You get a red flashing light on your screen.  You get a mark over your head.  You even get a fucking special sound.


Yeah the rage bar is now up to 7.

After switching back to the original strat and still failing we went over to Festergut.

I was put in melee! ❤

The spore situation goes right along with the slime situation.  If you have a spore go where you are supposed to go!!!  It is not that fucking difficult to pay attention to your surroundings.  If you see a spore in melee and a spore in ranged then you are the 3rd spore and you need to GTFO!  If you are told to move or not move (as was the case) and you do something else, you make me want to kill kittens.


These guys, them, they are soooooooo going down.


I am happy to say that I did my job.  When I got the spore I made sure that I was where everyone else could get innoculated.  When a spore went on the tank I moved so that I was under him and was one of the few in melee who actually got innoculated.  I pew pewed and was usually one of the last people left standing.

I tend to measure my “GTFO of the fire” reflexes on how long I live in fights.  So even when it is a wipe, if I am the last one standing, or one of the last ones standing, I get happy.  I think to myself “Go you! Raid awareness FTMFW!”

Might as well be my own cheering section right? ^_^b

Tonight is Sindragosa.  We are taking the bitch down.  This raid will have to suffice for me since after tonight I wont be raiding again until Tuesday.

Fail Lock Powers Activate!

BTW I ended the raiding night with a rage bar full at 10, but I actually went to bed with an empty rage bar.

Thanks again you cocky bastard 😉

It is the final countdown!

Now that you all have that song in your head (you’re welcome btw) I shall commence with my usual babble.

Yes, the time is counting down to when I fly out to Sacramento and get to meet Arioch, Soth, Tel, Zam and Zari (hopefully).  I will also get to meet Jen from http://callmekaylex.blogspot.com/.  Excitement I tell you!

A lot of the things that were bothering me last week have been cleared up so I am hoping my performance in the raid tonight and tomorrow will not be lacking.

One thing that is bothering me is my lack of hit.  I took Soth’s advice and changed my gems around back to spell power/haste.  This has me at just over 14% hit with talents.  On Tuesday night runs, I am covered, we have a boomkin and/or shadow priests.  Wednesday night runs, not so much.  On top of being under hit on Wednesday, I am also the sole provider of the 13% debuff on the bosses with Curse of the Elements.  It does make my rotation a bit easier, but I actually see a decrease in my personal dps, which of course makes me sad.  I am already the lowest dps, so making it even lower does not make things look good.  Oh well.  The betterment of the raid and all that jazz.

I might or might not raid on Thursday night with Tattia.  I have to be at the airport around 5 am and with raids tonight and tomorrow night I don’t know when I will be able to get my packing done.  >.>  I am notorious for putting things off to the last minute.  This is why I routinely have to come into work on the weekends.  Yes I fail, bite me.

As such, this post shall be short.  I am ending up with a short lunch.  Depending on if I am kept awake very late again I will try to remember to write tomorrow’s post before I pass out.


Back in the saddle again

I was going to keep mum about this but then someone went and spilled the beans so now I am going to talk about it.

Yes I transferred my druid over to Shadow Rising.  Some level 29 Undead Priest had the name Tatia so I had to make a slight change.  My Night Elf Druid Tatia is now a Tauren Druid Tattia.

Yes I am still crying about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Taurens.  I have a Tauren hunter that I enjoyed immensely (when I played her).  It just doesn’t yet feel right being a cow instead of an elf.  It does help that she is usually in form so I do have a modicum of comfort there.

I had not played my druid in over a month.  In that time I was able to get so much rust on my leaves that I was flailing about for the first couple dungeons.  Luckily my guildies are PRO so there weren’t any issues.

For the longest time, I only wanted to raid on my druid.  Healing was cake and it made it easier for me to raid lead when I wasn’t having to worry about DPSing.  When I got going on Lyssi my attitude changed.  DPSing, while not raid leading, was a blast.  Even if I am the lowest DPS there, I was still having fun.  There wasn’t any “true” stress put on me, other than what I put on myself.  Raiding became much more fun for me.

I didn’t miss healing.

Fast forward a few weeks.

Shadow Rising had one resto druid, Del.  He has since retired from raiding.  This means they didn’t have a resto druid.  Guess who has an ICC geared resto druid? >.>

I don’t think they meant to put pressure on me to transfer my druid.  I think a lot of it was me knowing what was needed in the guild and (me being me) doing what I could to help.  For all intents and purposes, Tatia was just sitting on Bloodhoof molding.  By bringing her over to Drak’Tharon I would actually get to play her and use her for the purpose that I struggled to level her for.

I also missed having only one 80.  I had three 80s on Bloodhoof.  It made it nice to change up what I was doing.  I only have Lyssi on Drak’Tharon.  What is the point of having 4 80s when you can only play 1 right?  I had planned to eventually transfer fail mage over to Drak, but I was going to keep Tatia on Bloodhoof.  I guess the best laid plans and all that.

So Tatia is now Tattia the Cow.

I spent most of the weekend running Soth through dungeons on his baby pally.  Well I don’t think I can really call him a baby pally anymore.  The dude does 5.6k dps >.> so yeah, nerf Soth. ^_^

Sunday evening rolls around and Tir needs another healer for group Peanut Butter’s ICC 10 run.  They were on PP and were just “estatic” to have a druid healer for that fight.  Now remember, I have only healed up to Festergut.  We gave Rotface a few tries, but I have no experience healing beyond Festergut.  Good thing I knew the fights as DPS.

BTW we one shot PP.


I even kept Soth alive as he DCd in the middle of a giant slime puddle.


Did I mention we two healed it?


Then came The Blood Princes.

I HATE this fight as dps.  HATE it.  I think I hate it even more as heals.  I finally found a spot in the room where I could hit everyone (for the most part) and keep the tanks in range.  Guess what happens next?


If I have found a spot where I can be 10 yards away (as I am supposed to be) someone has to come along and get in my bubble.

I swear I am just going to make a macro that yells “GTFO of my bubble” and just spam it until people get the hint.

The funny part is I warned all of my guildies that I am a mean healer.  I warned them over and over again.

They didn’t believe me.

Soth tells me this today: “Gosh you get angry”

Then he tells me: “You are a great healer.  Definitely your best role.  Dps is pretty good too, but wow, awesome druid heals are yummy.”

So yeah, I have this horrible feeling that I will be healing a hell of a lot more than I had planned.  Even with being a very grumpy and angry healer.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though!

Arioch told me this today: “As far as I’m concerned, your lock is your main.  You can heal in the casual group if you want.”

You know what this means?


Happy Koala is happy.

Screenshot Friday

I wonder if I could really reach for the stars

Pity party table of 1

Last night we were supposed to start at Sindragosa.  Unfortunately one of our healers got stuck at work.  Since we would have to pull in another healer and Soth wanted a new weapon off a boss we had already killed, it was decided to just restart the raid.

Things got off to a rocky start.  I am not sure what is wrong with me but I was having the same problems last night that I was having on Tuesday.  I made sure I ate before the run so that wasn’t it.  I am starting to think it is something completely out of the game period.  Zam thought it might be raid jitters or something.  I don’t think it is.  I was making a marked improvement each week without any issue.  I can’t see suddenly acquiring that after not having it since I first started raiding with SR.

It is most likely all the outside stuff that is going on.  I tend to think and then over think stuff.  My brain never stops.  I have a hard time falling asleep at night because I cannot get my mind to turn off.  This ends up with me staying up far too late and getting like 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  Like right now, I just zoned out writing this while my mind went off on other topics.  It isn’t even like I am thinking about just one thing.  I have 5 or 6 different topics floating around in my head.  *sigh*

Re-setting the raid turned out to be for the best really.  Soth got his new weapon so big congrats go out to him! 🙂  I also got a new wand and hit exalted with the Ashen Verdict.  I think I am now at 5792 gs.  As Tir said the other day “pimp my lock” indeed.

I am going to take Soth’s advice and get rid of the hit on the gems.  If I get to soft cap (11% for me) I should be ok.  That means I only need to have 289 hit.  With the gems I am sitting at 332.  When I remove them I will be at 312 which is still higher than the 289 I can drop down to.  When I have hit issues it makes me miss being Alliance and having a Draenei in every fucking group ever.  I think EoF had at least 2 in every raid we were in, usually 3 or 4.  It really was overkill.

I am not raiding again until Sunday.  Hopefully I will be able to work out some of the stuff that is plaguing me, both in my head and in the game.  I can stand at the training dummy and knock off my rotation like no one’s business, but put me in a raid, and it all goes to hell.  Ari is such a nice RL.  She tries to help me with my class failings.  I was told on Marrowgar to not switch to the spikes unless Ari was impaled.  On Lady D I get to stay on the mana shield.  Festergut I get to be the anchor or if we have extra ranged I get to be in the boss crotch.  Even with those lovely concessions made to me, I still fail.  5-6k dps is not good when everyone else is doing 7-10k.  I don’t think I can even go with the whole “you aren’t as geared as they are” thing because I am not really that far behind everyone anymore.  I end up feeling like I am given these buffs and they are being wasted, which means I probably shouldn’t be getting them anymore.

What drives me nuts is when I get told “you did fine” etc.  No, no I didn’t.  Each chain has its weakest link and being that link repeatedly is not something I am enjoying.  Yes I stay out of the bad, yes I follow instructions, but damn it I need to pick up my damage.  Other than cookies and soul stones (and sometimes curse of elements, you know when I FUCKING REMEMBER TO USE IT) I don’t have a lot to bring to the raid except DPS and I am not even bringing that.  On the dummy I can pull 5300 dps.  According to maxdps.com self buffed (which is all I am on the dummy) I should be pulling 5300 dps.  Put me in a raid (fully buffed) and I get 5300 dps.  Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Ok so dps is low, but overall damage is where the importance is placed.  It is one thing when your damage is higher and your dps is a bit low in comparison to everyone else.  Last night, not only was I bad dps, my overall damage was significantly lower than the next person.  They were at 17-18% overall, I was at 13-14%.  1-2% I am ok with. 3-4% not so much.

So how did I end out my craptastic raiding night?  By dying repeatedly in AB.  Normally when I get AB I defend a node.  Lately it has been the farm.  I run up, assault it and guard it.  Usually there are 2-3 other people who stay with me.  I got AB twice last night.  The first time I was going solo.  I was left alone at the farm for almost the whole time.  About halfway through a DK joined me.  As soon as fighting started at the BS he left to fight, leaving me alone at the farm.  The Alliance kept sending 5-6 people to the farm, while I was standing there alone.  My poor VW bubble only absorbs around 10k damage.  Being MC btw, sucks ass.  There was this shadow priest that just had a hard on for me or something.  She made it a point to MC me every time she would attack the farm.  At one point she attacked the farm solo just so she could MC me before the DK killed her.

We of course lost that AB.

Back in Dal I was staring at the last book spawn point I need debating if I was going to crash out (it is 11:30 mind you) or what when someone asked me if I wanted to group up with several guildies and do a BG.  Since I still didn’t have my win I said sure why not.  We get AB again.  I got left alone at the farm, again.  I got gang raped at the farm, again.  Luckily Zug was in vent and in our BG group and came to help me.  Zam was also on his DK and showed up to help.  For a while it was just Zug and I at the farm, dying repeatedly.  I did manage to kill a fucking rogue and a fucking DK.  I fucking hate you guys in PvP btw.  I’m sure I sounded like a pissed off bitch when I was yelling about the fuckers dying over vent.  I don’t care.  They deserved to die for camping me in a BG.  Grrrr.

I probably shouldn’t PvP outside of WG anymore.  It probably isn’t good for my stress levels.

We still didn’t win the BG.

So yeah.  Failing at PvE and PvP in the same night.  If you will excuse me I think my table is ready.

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