Super Sunday! – The first installment

Sunday ended up being my favorite day in Sac.  This was the day we got to be all touristy and when I would be able to hang out with everyone.

Oh and go on a train ride 😀

Zari was driving down from Chico and was supposed to be at Ari & Zam’s house around 10:30 am.  Soth was going to be meeting us there around that time and Tel was just going to meet us in Old Town Sac.  Zam picked me up and brought me back to the house.  Zari and Soth were both there already.  As Zari already mentioned I popped in, hugged everyone then punched them.  I didn’t punch Soth on Saturday because his daughter was there.  She didn’t need to see someone hitting her daddy. 😀  What I think was funny was I really don’t think they believed that I would punch them.

Well HA!  I told you I would.

By the way, Zari is totally cuddly.  I just wanted to sit and cuddle with him.  I would have if I wouldn’t have thought it would have made him feel uncomfortable.

We sat around waiting for Ari to finish getting ready.  We chit chatted and just got any awkwardness out of the way.  No matter how much you might feel you “know” someone you have met online there is still a bit of awkwardness when you first meet them in person.  Sometimes it ends very quickly and with others it can last the entire time.

Luckily it wasn’t long, if at all.  At least on my side.  I can’t answer for anyone else.  I was instantly at home with everyone.

We ended up having to take two cars so I got to ride with Soth. 😀  It was the first time we actually got a chance to chat alone and we had a very nice discussion.  He also showed off his phone.  It has Chuck Norris facts on it.  I giggled appropriately, as one should when reading Chuck Norris facts.

We got to Old Town Sac and Tel was waiting for us at the parking structure.  I hugged and punched him several times.  As only appropriate for Tel.

We made our way to the stores and just had fun checking out stuff.  I frankly was surprised I didn’t end up buying a bunch of stuff.  I think I was sufficiently distracted by everyone playing with all the toys in the stores we went into.  At one point the boys found light sabers and Soth had to bring out his light saber app on his phone.  So not only were they playing with the toys they were able to have noises too.  ^_^  Good times, good times.

We eventually made it to Evangeline’s and I personally had a blast in there.  We found the three wolf moon shirt and I posed for a picture despite not being cool enough to really wear the shirt.  I am convinced that just by holding it up to my chest that I was even cooler than normal.  It might explain some things that happened over the weekend . . . hmmm.

As with most stores like this, there was an 18+ section that Ari and I found our way to.  Zam soon found us in there as well as Tel.  We had been in there for a bit looking at stuff when Zari found us and exclaimed “I should have known I would find you guys in here.”  Soth never did make an appearance in the special room so I am not sure where he was hiding while the rest of us were in there.  What I found most amusing about that room was all the condoms had expired like 10 years ago.  No I wouldn’t have used them anyway (really, you DO NOT want to use gag condoms EVER) but the fact that they were so old just made me laugh.

I almost bought this:


I wanted to.  I didn’t.  I wanted to though.

I still think I should have. *pouts*

When we finished perusing the store we decided that we were ready for food so we made our way to this bar/pub place there called Fanny Ann’s.  Everyone apparently knew the place and liked it.  I ordered a BBQ chicken sandwich and fries.  When I go to bars I like to chat with the bartender to find out new drinks that I should try.  That day I felt like a beer so I asked the bartender to recommend one for me.  The one he gave me was REALLY good and I cannot remember the damn name.  Sorry! >.>  I know it started with a S, but I cannot remember anything more.

Ari found us seats up on the top floor (3 stories) and we all chilled out talking about the music playing.  Lots of songs that I hadn’t heard since high school.  We all got our food and starting nomming.  I am a really slow eater (I had to train myself to do it and now I am stuck with it) so I think most everyone was done by the time I finished.  While we were sitting and waiting for everyone to finish Ari nabbed a pen from me and wrote on the wall something about Shadow Rising being there and listed our character names.  I’m not exactly sure what she wrote (it was small and I am kind of blind) but we officially marked the place.  There was talk about all of us getting together at a SR get together in TX to meet up with all the people who live there.  I personally think it would be a blast.

After lunch we walked to the leather store so Ari and I could smell the leather.  Sooooo delicious.   Apparently everything in that store was $20 or less.  I should have bought a leather jacket, but oh well.  Mmmm leather.

Oh!  Where was I?


We hit up a few more touristy shops as we made our way over to where the train station was supposed to be.  Tel said that he “thought” that you had to purchase tickets in the museum.  So off we went to the museum.  Turns out Tel was wrong (go figure) and we had to purchase tickets at the ticket booth near the station.  We talked about viewing the museum, but we decided not to.  We hoofed it over to the ticket station just to find it closed.  Imagine my dismay at thinking I wasn’t going to ride a train.  It was not a pretty picture.  Luckily I found someone and asked about the trains.  She told me that the box office was just closed for another 30 mins and the next train would be back in 45.  Yay!  We decided to hit up the shops that were still closed when we arrived then come back and ride the train.

One of the places was a toy shop.  The clerk/owner was very chatty and I talked with her for a bit.  Avatar was playing on the TV in there and we all started discussing which movie it was taken from.  There were several theories, but I don’t think anyone changed their original thought.

I still haven’t seen that movie. >.>

We walked back to the station and the ticket booths were now open.  Tickets purchased, we moved over to the wall and just hung out until it was time to get in line to board.  I think I was hanging off everyone for a while.

I am a very touchy feely person.  I love to hug my friends or touch them.  If someone is obviously very uncomfortable over me touching them, or says something, then I hold off, but I usually will keep on doing it.  Zam was weird about it at first, but by Saturday he was hugging me back. ^_^

The train pulled up and we piled in.  We opted for the non-cattle car and nabbed seats on the side of the train next to the river.  Ari and Zam sat together.  Tel & Zari found their own seats and Soth and I sat together.

The day was just absolutely gorgeous.  There was a really nice breeze flowing through the window.  Soth and I were having really awesome conversation (and bouncing up and down on the seats).  It was just a really nice time.  I really do think it was my favorite part of the entire trip.

I just realized how long this post has gotten so I will end it here and finish up the rest of Sunday in another post.