Super Sunday – The Seconded!

I got flack for not talking more about the train ride in my last post.  So let me fill you in a bit more.

As we first pulled away from the station Soth decided he was going to be weird and started waving frantically at the people we were passing.  This was done with a complete idiotic grin on his face too.  The best part was the fact that people smiled and waved back.

While cruising down the track he started talking smack about the people on bikes riding next to the train.  It was hilarious and I joined in with him.  We also waved at the bikers.

When we first got on the train we were facing towards the door that we entered on.  This put our backs to everyone else.  Soth gets motion sickness if he is facing backwards.  We ended up having to change chairs because the train was going in the opposite direction than what we were faced in.  Thus began the game of musical chairs.  Each time we had to change seats we bounced on the seats.  I did tell you that they were bouncy.  For some reason Ari found our bouncing hilarious and kept giggling.

When we switched seats the first time I couldn’t get the window to go down.  Soth tried but couldn’t get it to move either.  It wasn’t until the return trip that he was able to get it to move down.  I think he almost took it as an affront to his manliness that he couldn’t open the window.  Silly males.

After the train ride we went back to the cars to make our way back to Ari & Zam’s house.  Tel joined Soth and I in his car.  I have found over the past months that Soth and I like a lot of the same music.  So while him and I were singing along to the radio Tel was just in the back trying to figure out what song was playing on the radio.  At one point we were sitting at a left arrow and I had my window down.  I was singing along to a Linkin Park song and some dude pulls up next to us.  He is all gangstered out and is just looking at me like I’m insane.  I of course smiled and said hi to him.  The dude busted out laughing and our light turned green.  We laughed in the car as well.

When everyone was back at the house we decided to start playing some games.  We started out with Apples to Apples.  This is a game where you really find out what your friends think you like.  We discovered that Ari thinks babies are chewy and Zari thinks boy scouts are spunky.  I personally like to pick cards that make me laugh the most.  They don’t always have to be exactly what the green card calls for, but it is my choice so :-p.

I ended up winning that game 😀

After Apples to Apples we played a drinking game called “What the F*ck” only we weren’t drinking.  We found out that Ari requires more than $500 to get naked in a pig pen and that even for $1 million I will not cut off my toe and eat it.  I wonder what that game would be like had we been drinking.  Some of those questions were 3 drink ones.

Oh and before I forget.  Tel is who you need to see if you need to hide and/or dispose of a body.

Just saying.

After What the F*ck we played this card game called Wizard.  It took a bit to figure out but it was a lot of fun.  Zari ended up winning it.  The funny thing was Soth was so competitive about it.  Zam sat back quietly calculating his wins, Tel sat there with a grin on his face, Ari was half there and I was just quiet.  Soth though, was pissy.  I teased him about it then, I teased him in the car and I am teasing him now. 😀  Makes me want to beat him at cards.

That night was Soth’s birthday dinner.  Because I was feeling grimy I wanted to shower before dinner.  Soth was volunteered to take me to my hotel so I could shower and change then we would meet everyone else at Outback for dinner.  We get to my hotel room and the fucking key doesn’t work again.  I tried it several times, Soth tried it, it wouldn’t budge.  So I left him with all my crap at the door and went down to the lobby to get a new key.  The dude was helping to check in another person so I waited.  Then as the dude left he started to help me.  The phone rings, he STOPS helping me and starts talking on the phone.  Now it is one thing if it was an important call, but the people on the phone wanted to know how to order pizza.  When you have a customer in front of you and the phone rings you politely ask them to hold, finish up with the person you were helping THAT IS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU then go back to your phone call.  Grrrr

He re-keyed the same damn card and I made my way back up to my room.  Did I mention I was on the top floor?  Yeah >.>  I get there and the key doesn’t work.  Soth tried it again.  Still no go.  This time I made Soth come with me.  The clerk ended up closing down the office to come open up my room.  He gets up there and the first time he tries the key the fucking door opens. FML seriously.

At this point we are now 15 mins behind so I am in panic mode to shower and get ready.  Soth plops on the bed and starts watching TV and I quickly showered.  I grabbed his presents and with still dripping hair we left.  We had another really fantastic conversation on our way to the restaurant.  Soth is a really great guy and I am very happy I got to spend so much time with him. 🙂

It was decided that dinner was going to be at Outback so that Ari could have steak.  Even though Soth and I were running late, we showed up the same time as everyone else.  We walked in and everyone started teasing Soth about having wet hair (which he didn’t) and thoroughly making him blush.  Was totally cute.

We got our table and had Soth open his presents.  Now my original plan was to get him a blue sequined thong.  I couldn’t find one for the life of me.  I finally settled on a blue leopard print one.  What was supposed to happen was he was supposed to pull it out and have his gift card fall out of it so that everyone would see it.  At that time a picture was supposed to be taken.  It was kind of dark in the restaurant so I am not sure how well the picture picked up his blush, but it was there.  It was more of a “Why do they do this to me” with a mental facepalm happening verses an embarrased one.

Good times : )

Towards the end of the night we all got together for a group picture.  Zari was standing behind me with his hands on my shoulders.  I grabbed them and put his hands on my breasts.  He yelped.  It was hilarious.  I was vastly amused.

After dinner we all said our goodbyes.  I was dropped off at my hotel (where it took me 5 tries before the damn key worked) and my day ended.

I will try to get Monday’s events done and posted soon. 🙂