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Del over at The Den of Delerius had a post the other day about raiders vs raids or alternately titled: “Do you help the raid or does the raid help you? Do you help the guild or does the guild help you?”  Since I was mentioned in this post I felt that I should weigh in on it.

I also was chatting with him on gchat while he was trying to write it, but that is neither here nor there. 😉

My main is a blood elf warlock.  I love playing my warlock.  I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed my initial time with Shadow Rising was I got to just play my warlock.  There was no requirement that I transfer my druid and come heal.  I didn’t have to do anything more than kill shit.

I loved it.

There was nothing more complicated to worry about other than to make sure I was on the correct target and that I was moving out of the bad shit.

It was very refreshing.

On the other hand I have a Resto druid.  I fail at boomkin so she never dpses if I can help it.  This means that I am always healing on her.  Which is fine.  I enjoy tree healing.  The problem comes about when I get stressed over healing.  My guildies usually are pretty good.  It is when we get people who aren’t the most situationally aware in the groups where I flip out.


That is all I ask when I heal.

Oh and stay out of my bubble.

That also applies to when I dps.



Now back to the original question.  Do you help your raid or does your raid help you?

I like to think that I help my raid.

When I am on my dps I do my utmost to be the best raid kitten I can.  I stay out of the bad.  I target switch.  I try not to do anything stupid.  If we wipe I am usually (not always) one of the last people standing.  I pride myself on my ability to not drive my RL crazy because I am not doing what they ask me to.  I just drive him crazy by doing things that piss him off.  😀 Totally different I promise! 😉

I love you Tir 😀

On my tree I just heal.  I am not actively trying to top the healing meters.  Most of the time I end up feeling useless because there usually isn’t much to heal in the 25 man raids (at least for me) and I end up with a metric boatload of overheals.  Despite all that, they love my heals.  I think it is the green stuff getting to their brains or something. 😉

Now given a choice, I will dps.  I have less stress while playing.  I can sit back and just enjoy the fun that is raiding.  Do I feel bad about this choice?  Sometimes.  As Del mentioned, if you have a character that can play a vital role (tank or healer) you should be open to using it.  I almost feel like I am not helping out as much when I dps.  This results in me telling the RL to just tell me what he wants me to bring.  This creates a back and forth with him (as in last night’s ToC 10 alt run) where I finally win and he picks which toon I am playing with. 😀

As I have mentioned before, I have an amazingly awesome guild leader who has told me that as far as she is concerned I don’t ever have to raid on my druid.  My warlock is my main and that is who will be brought on progression runs.  This has made me so happy I cannot even express how much.  This means that Lyssi will get to see everything and not get put on the back burner because she is dps.  This also means that I can push to level her to 85 first.

What will probably end up happening is I will level them simultaneously and just play one until the rested XP is gone then switch to the other.

I don’t feel like me playing my warlock is a detriment to the raid.  Yes I don’t exactly have a ton of buffs I give to the raid, but I do have my uses.

Our 10 man progression team doesn’t have a boomkin or an unholy DK (unless something odd happens and Tir comes in to dps) so I get to provide the 13% from Curse of Elements (which I fricken hate doing BTW) and the 5% buff from my improved shadow bolt.

Just an aside over the Curse of Elements.  When I have to provide it I lose 1k personal DPS.  Yes it is an overall raid increase, but those out there saying that your dps goes up too are full of shit.

Hell, I like to hand out underwater breathing.  Just because 😀

Ultimately I feel that you have to play what you have fun playing.  Even if you have an off spec that can tank or heal, if you don’t enjoy using it, then you shouldn’t have to use it.  It takes away from the fun.  It can also mess up a raid, but that is a story for another time. 🙂


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  1. Delerius
    May 10, 2010 @ 11:14:22

    Very nice 🙂

    Hmm, you had the most heads-up about this post and yet you are the last to respond… 😉

    Now I want to write a new non-meme firestarter!


  2. Telanarra
    May 10, 2010 @ 11:22:27

    I iz in your bubble muahahahahahahahahahha


  3. Tirael
    May 10, 2010 @ 11:32:52

    You..annoy me..push my buttons…NO…NOT YOU …NEVER..YOU WOULD NEVER PUSH MY BUTTONS AT ALL!!!!…..>.<


  4. slice213
    May 11, 2010 @ 10:55:16



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