25 man raid go!

Tonight is our second week with our guild co-op for 25 mans with Taem Dylsexia.  We have paired up with them for 25 mans.  Shadow Rising is about 5-7 people short of a full guild 25 man.  This leads to us having to pug the final people.  Several of us feel that we need to change our guild motto to “We gear PuGs!” because that is what we do.  It is so frustrating, especially when the pugs are so very fail. >.>  We have gotten a few people apply to the guild, but they are always the worst of the worst.  *sigh*

Last week was interesting.  The raid leader from TD is uhh a very aggressive woman.  Now I will be the first to admit I am a perv.  I routinely keep vent and gchat in the gutter.  I am not alone in doing this, but I enjoy keeping it there. ^_^  I have apparently met my match.  Last week the joke was that there were two of me.  During a bit of a lull when Tir was explaining the Festergut fight to the new people the TD raid leader started whispering me.

“Are you the ‘seed’ chick?”


“You are also the ‘towel’ chick right?”

“Yes . . .”

What happened afterwards was some pretty heavy come ons.  Now I am open enough about my sexuality to where I was able to be flattered by this.  I was also quite flustered.

It takes quite a bit to embarrass me.  Especially if it is something sexual.  I am usually the person embarrassing others.  For some reason, she got me all embarrassed.  For most of the rest of the night I was quiet in vent.  All the jokes from earlier just kind of stopped.  I just sat there with a red face.

Later on, once all the raiding was done and all the TD people had left vent, my guildies pounced on me wanting to know what she said and if I had screen shotted it.  Before you guys ask, no I did not screen shot anything.  Even if I had, I would NOT be posting it here where every single one of my guildies would come, look, and pick on me.  Yeah I am not feeding that fodder trough.

So now tonight is the 2nd week running with them and everyone has been teasing me about my “girlfriend.”  Hell my own boyfriend is teasing me about it.  To which I will smack him.  I am pretty convinced he does this stuff to get me to hit him.  The sick fuck. :-p

I was just informed that our weekly is TotC so I wonder how that will play along with the Saturday TotC 25 run.  Well we shall see.  I like DPSing TotC.  I don’t really care for healing it.  It isn’t that it is hard, it is just spikey.  One moment there is hardly anything to heal the next you are spamming heals like there is no tomorrow, then you are back to twiddling your thumbs.  Oh wait, that is tree healing period.

My bad! ^_^

Tir wants me to start bringing my druid on Tuesday’s 25 man ICCs because “You don’t really need anything else on Lyssi from there” etc.  Wahh.  Yeah I am going to whine and cry and pitch a fit.  Don’t get me wrong.  If we are short a healer, I will come heal, but damn it I want to kill shit.  I like killing shit.  I am GOOD at killing shit.

Why can’t I just kill shit?!!?

Because Tir is a meanie that’s why :-p


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. slice213
    May 11, 2010 @ 13:43:01

    “I am pretty convinced he does this stuff to get me to hit him.”

    Shhhhhhh 😛


  2. Tirael
    May 12, 2010 @ 05:21:21

    Asking if you and Arioch will bring in your healers is all part of my dubious plan to have several people with geared alts in order to better facilitate raid compositions.

    *laughs maniacally*
    *drums fingers together mischieviously*


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