My weekend in pugging

This weekend saw me pugging raids on Lyssianna.  I don’t normally pug because I raid with my guild.  I have since quit the progression team and am taking a break raiding on Tattia, so I only raided ICC 25 on Tattia.  Lyssi still had both her raid IDs free.

Thursday was Kate’s birthday and her and I had plans to do lunch and get our toes done on Saturday.  Andrew had a raid at 1 pm so we nabbed him and went to lunch a little early.  After we dropped him off Kate and I went off and got pedicures.


Her and I spent most of the day out of the house so when I got home I was just not interested in finding a pug.  So Slice and I quested together in GH.  I want to get the deathchill cloak on Lyssi and I am going to get him his whether he wants it or not. 😀

Sunday rolls around and Slice and I were doing randoms when Tir announces that he had joined an ICC 25 and wanted to know if we wanted to join him.  We said yes and I got to DPS.  We had a shammy in the run who had the Kingslayer title so we were going to do heroic lootship.  It was looking like a ton of fun.

Previously I had Hex have his roommate check out my spec and gear and get me all straightened out.  I was slacking in the dps department.  He helped me with my gear and I went back to my original raiding spec.  I had changed my spec around to get a bigger range and to get curse of exhaustion for the flappity bitches in the LK fight.  Going back and looking at it I had gimped my dps by about 5%.

This was NOT a good thing.

He let me know that the 4 piece tier 10 was super awesome and that I needed to get it ASAP.  I had previously looked at it and kind of written it off as not that great for Affliction; looks like I was wrong.

I am currently dealing with a lack of hit situation so I am stuck with the hit trinket.  Until I can get my last 2 pieces of T10 I cannot switch the quill out for the nevermelting ice crystal.  According to Hex & his friend, I will then be “raping” the dps charts.

Interesting choice of words, but oh well.

So right now Lyssi’s gear is kind of in the awkward in-between phase with only 2 piece T10.  I did get the crafted pants though.  Hex donated 3 saronite for me to make them (I scored 5 on the AH for under 800g each) and Slice donated a saronite for me to buy the pattern.  Hex also farmed up some eternal shadows for me so I could make the ebonweave.  I had the frozen orbs needed, but hey farming was quick.  I think I only ended up using like 12 orbs instead of the original 20 I was going to have to use.  So it wasn’t a total waste of time.

This was how I was set up to go on Sunday’s ICC 25.

I rocked the charts.  Even with target switching and the raid leader not listening about having certain people stay on LDW, I still managed to be on top of the charts.

I don’t know what it was.  I almost felt like I was in a Zen-like state while dpsing.  Things were just flowing.  I wasn’t full of panic, I wasn’t worried about everyone around me.  I was just calmly going through my rotation.

It was amazing.

The pug sadly had several people who did not know how to do lootship.  Even on regular.  It was extremely frustrating and irritating.  They finally ended up doing it with 5 tanks.

Yes, 5 tanks.

On regular.

Even then the fucking tanks couldn’t hold threat.  I died several times because the stupid tanks could not hold threat.  Now I know that seed of corruption is a huge threat whore, but if a lesser geared tank can hold threat when I use it, these guys shouldn’t have an issue.  It was so horrible.  The good news from that run was I won the ring that drops off loot ship.  It wasn’t heroic, but it was still very very nice.

The raid broke up as soon as we completed Saurfang.  I didn’t win the roll on the token. 😦

The shammy who had the kingslayer title said he was going to form a 10 man ICC and asked me if I wanted to go.  Since Lyssi still needed it I said sure.  He cobbled together some people and I grabbed Soth on his pally and we started off.

We decided we were going to give MG a shot on heroic.

Bad Idea

Only two people had seen this fight on heroic.  For those that don’t know (I was in that party until Sunday) he does the bone spikes during the bonestorm.  Everyone, and this includes the tanks, has to dps down the spikes.  Those suckers have a metric crap ton of health.  In order to deal with the spikes during the bonestorm you have to stay bunched up.  Yeah well we didn’t manage this.  We were also 2 healing with a holy pally and disc priest.  The tree went kitty.

After we wiped we switched it back to regular and decided that we would just keep it at regular until we got to loot ship and just do that fight on heroic.

We quickly went back in, buffed up and took down MG and LDW.  I tried to get put only on LDW instead of having to switch to the adds, but the RL (the shammy) wouldn’t hear of it.  The tank whispered me and told me to just stay on her anyway.  I laughed, switched to the adds in the beginning then stayed on the boss.  Towards the end I switched to the adds because there was a fanatic up and the shammy wasn’t killing him.  I killed him and then helped pull her over to the next phase.

I think I was #2 on that fight.  I know I was #2 on MG.  The hunter in the group with us was just amazingly good.  I couldn’t beat him no matter what I did.  The other person I was fighting with for top spot was a DK.  He kept switching between blood and unholy so that was interesting.  He was nice enough to let me know so that I could switch my curse.

We managed to one shot everything up to BQL.  Yes, a pug one shot PP and BP.


My recount showed that I did 8800 dps on Fester.  Soth’s showed that I was over 9k.  This was with getting puked on constantly too.


We wiped on BQL the first time because the DK got the biting messed up.  He was supposed to bite me and instead bit the healer standing to my side.  Then when we had 4 people bitten (including the healer) they all got mind controlled because they didn’t bite anyone.  We actually ended up wiping at 6%.  The 2nd time around I got bitten (and lived! finally!) and was able to unleash hell on the boss.  I ended up doing almost 10k by my recount.  Soth did 12k on his pally.  He still was #2 after the hunter.

The raid was called after that fight because the OT had to go to his guild’s 25 man ICC.  All in all it was a good run.  I got the off hand off MG and Soth got the cape from heroic loot ship, a necklace and a trinket.  He made out like a loot ninja.  The really cool part was the tank who was still rocking the shield from CoS won the heroic shield from loot ship.  A HUGE upgrade for him.

The shammy was without a guild and said he would think about apping with SR.  The priest whispered me and asked about our raid times.  Him and his friend the holy pally said they were putting in apps.  So 3 possible recruits from one raid. 😀

Also!  Angerfork from the caption contest was chatting with me this weekend and decided to apply as well.  😀  He brought over his druid and lots of awesome pets for me!  YAY!!!  So I am looking forward to getting to play with him.

I frankly had a blast with the 10 man ICC.  The shammy said that he will most likely be making a pug group each week so I will see about running with him again.  I have him on my friend’s list.  It looks to be a lot of fun.

There was definitely a confidence booster in running that ICC 10 & 25.  Normally when I run with my guild there are so many people who do just amazing dps that I am the worst dps in 10 mans or like 7-10 in 25 mans.  I am not always doing bad dps myself, but I am way behind them.  For once I was on top and it was exhilarating.  I actually asked Tir if I had just gotten better or if the people we were playing with (on the 25 man run) were that bad.  His reply: I was kicking ass.


This week will most likely be pretty quiet.  I am going to run my own ToC 10 tonight since I still need the weekly on Tattia.  Then I have ICC 25 on Tuesday with Lyssi.  After that I have nothing for the rest of the week.  Funny how your schedule clears up when you don’t raid. ^_^  Slice and I were going to go back to working on NR loremaster.  He is still raiding so it might not be very often.  Who knows, maybe I will get back on Zuleka and get her past her twenties.

We shall see.


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zarigar
    May 17, 2010 @ 15:29:43

    5 tanks on regular lootship?……wait…….what?


  2. Hêx
    May 17, 2010 @ 15:51:28

    Talian gives his congrats on topping the DPS charts.


  3. slice213
    May 18, 2010 @ 07:47:08

    woot Koala!!

    Lootship was interesting. Maybe that is an understatement.


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