For some reason I have been avoiding news about Cataclysm.  It isn’t that I am trying to remain spoiler free, I think it is just because I don’t really care at this point in time.  Yes I am excited about the new races, the new zones, flying in the old world, etc.   I also know that it is in the future and frankly I am enjoying what I am doing now.

Last night I was just kind of eh so I ended up not making a ToC 10 for Tattia’s weekly.  Instead I decided to just fish.  I had gotten lucky with gold coins and decided that I was going to fish for the duration of my glow worm.  I am now 4 coins away from getting my Titanium Seal of Dalaran.  I need 2 copper coins and 2 gold coins.  I managed to snag 4 of the missing 6 gold coins last night.  Now mind you I am doing this with a +20 fishing pole and a fishing skill of like 360 something.  I have this horrid feeling that I won’t be able to fish up the last 4 coins I need until my skill is higher.  I do want to get max level fishing though.  I have this goal of being able to fish up all the fish needed for fish feasts and making bank.  I needs a way of making money. 😀

I don’t have the intention of getting the fishing achievements, I just want that coin.  I want the worn troll dice too.  I need to figure out where they drop and how I go about getting them.  THEN rope friends into getting them for me :D. 

Tonight is ICC 25.  I am curious to see how Lyssi compares to my guildies who just destroy the meters.  Hopefully she will get enough badges tonight to get another piece of T10.  If I get lucky I can win the token.  Most likely not, considering my PR is crap.  When I last looked at it I was sitting at .99.  Oh well.

One day it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

Moving on!

I am missing one book for the higher learning achievement on Tattia.  I got it on Lyssi the other day.  I need to get it on Tattia so I can stop sitting in Dal all the time when I am bored.  It is kind of funny.  When I needed multiple books I just did laps.  Now that I need one frickin book, I just sit there camping it.  Currently I need the book in the Dalaran Visitor’s Center.  I will get it too.

Stupid achievement.

I’ve been farming leather on Tattia and creating lower level greens to DE.  It has been working out well.  I have almost 12 stacks of dust in my bank and like 4 stacks of essence.  On Bloodhoof I had a ton of essence and hardly any dust.  Now I can’t seem to get essence to save my life.  Very odd.

One of these days I will need to straighten out Tattia’s boomkin gear.  I have so much stuff in my bank that I don’t need to be holding on to.  Spring cleaning of my bank!  Woot!!

I need to make a personal guild too.  I have my bank toon, but I don’t have her in her own guild.  I think I need to get her that.  Having a guild bank makes things so much easier.  I find that when I put my gold in the guild bank I don’t impulse buy.  Hmmmm something to do definitely.

Rambling for rambling’s sake.