My adventures in the world of stabby stab

I recently made an alt.

I made an alt in a class I absolutely despise.

I made a rogue!

Ok now I just feel dirty. >.>

In an effort to kind of get back at all the rogues who have made my life hell in PvP on all of my characters, I am taking it out on my toon.

She was only given 4 12 slot bags and 50g.  If she wants anything else, she will have to earn it.

Yeah I foresee a long time until max level with this toon.

I did manage to pull this off with Lyssi btw.  She leveled to 44 (before she server transferred) with just 12 slot bags and about 40G.

No heirlooms either.

I went with a Forsaken rogue.

I was thinking of a blood elf at first, but then I decided I wanted to be able to eat my enemies.  So I had to be undead.

She is rather cute ^_^

I have been keeping her hidden at this time.  Just to have a toon to escape to.  I have told a few people her name and I fully expect others to figure it out.  So while she is “hidden” she isn’t like other alts I have that I want no one to find.  (You know, like the male gnome warlock I have on an RPPvP server that cackles evilly every time he kills something or someone dies)

Slice has decided that I will never be able to level this character.  As Kate said, “That sounds like a challenge.”

Oh yeah baby.

I started her on Saturday night.  I dinged 11 on her Monday night before I went to bed.  I am hoping by keeping tabs on her through here I will actively level her.  Even if it just one night a week.

I am so used to playing a caster class that I haven’t quite mastered the ability to deal with groups of mobs on a melee class.

For example:

I was questing in the Mills in the Undead starting area.  You have to kill several named mobs and bring back their remains to a former employee back at the inn.  One of the people you have to kill is inside the first house you come up to.  In front of the house were 3 mobs AND the named mob I had to kill (she pats).  Two of the three mobs were casters and won’t move if I pull them with my thrown daggers.  If I get too close I just end up pulling all four mobs.  I didn’t die, but it was a damn near close thing.  Those suckers chase you for a long time.  If I was a caster, I would just burn down the caster from range and pick off the other guys.  I cannot do that as a level 9 rogue.

Suddenly I remembered:  I CAN FUCKING STEALTH!


I went into stealth and waited for the named mob to pat away.  Then I walked right past the three mobs at the door and pulled her over to where I could kill her without pulling other mobs.

TLDR: I have to change my mindset while playing.

The only other melee character that I have leveled for any period of time (my warrior, pally & other rogue don’t count cause I hardly played them) was my DK and all I did was smash the keyboard.  She actually stopped being fun once I figured out a rotation.  Funny how that works.

I have been talking to Andrew about what spec I should level as (he says combat, but then he is a combat rogue) and has been helping me with generally attempting to figure out how to fricken play.  Right now I pull with my thrown dagger, then spam sinister strike until I have like 2-3 combo points, then hit gouge, then stand there and stare at the mob until I have enough energy to hit eviscerate.  Whereupon the mob either dies or I get to spam sinister strike again.

So yeah I am most likely “doing it wrong” but I am having fun.

My favorite thing to do is to yell “STABBITY STAB” right before I kill shit.

I think I must turn this into a macro!


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Telanarra
    May 26, 2010 @ 09:47:35

    ” I fully expect others to figure it out.”

    I haz a new challenge 🙂


  2. gravedust13
    May 26, 2010 @ 10:15:45

    Myeahh.. Sadly it’s been so long since I’ve had a low-level rogue that when asked for leveling advice my response is more or less to just throw up my hands and make a raspberry noise.

    I did level combat and it did do me fine all the way. In the way of general advice I would say keep you gear as nice as you can afford, it’ll help reduce your downtime. Later on in life when you have the tools for a decent stunlock you can end a fight without an enemy ever getting more than 1 or 2 attacks off. Till then you just have to take things in the face and choose your fights carefully. I would suggest making friends with a blacksmith who can make you weapons if you need them. There were some long and painful stretches in my career L30-60 where there weren’t any upgrades on the AH anywhere. I found myself scouting up to 10 levels ahead for weapon I’d be able to use since I couldn’t count on them being there later.

    Other than that just make a strategy based on what works best for the weapons and skills you have. Your basic strategy will change a lot over time. At level 80 in ICC gear you can just walk up to a mob and tear it’s face off, but before that you have to be careful and know what you’re doing.

    The one great thing about Rogue is you usually don’t have to fight if you don’t want to. If the odds are bad, Vanish, Sprint, Blind, etc and get the hell out of dodge. Then come back and make sure the fight goes your way next time.

    Bad Rogue’s Corner:
    (It’s easy compared to most CC, but some people still have trouble. L2 avoid True Sight. -_-)


  3. slice213
    May 26, 2010 @ 10:54:32

    “Slice has decided that I will never be able to level this character”

    -yup she wont last.

    “As Kate said, “That sounds like a challenge.”

    -she has the right idea.

    In the slim chance you make tit to 80….we may see you changing your fav…stabbity stab biatchs!!!!


  4. Lisa
    May 26, 2010 @ 13:52:05

    I was running around saying “smite! smite! smite!” when I started my new priesty! And made everyone nearby giggle.


  5. mageic
    May 26, 2010 @ 14:20:23

    I’m also just starting leveling a rogue, I’m going subtlety currently, enjoying it so far. Sneak up behind the enemy and them pickpocket/backstab.
    Although I just hit 14 so I can now change that to pickpocket/garrote


  6. forthepie
    May 26, 2010 @ 15:17:10


    That is all.

    Seriously, it’s the defining tree for the rogue.

    You’ll want to go here:

    Click on the various leveling guides on the right hand side.

    You won’t level faster doing subtlety, but you will have a blast, especially in the bgs.


  7. Gwenyth Love
    May 27, 2010 @ 13:19:19

    I recently rolled a new rogue also…it is quite fun.

    Of course I also recently rolled an undead mage and a dwarf holy pally…

    Yeah…I have a problem…

    Great blog, I’ll be keeping my eye on it.


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