Screenshot Friday

Oh hell yes bitches!

Blah Thursday

Last night I had a dream where I witnessed a plane crashing into a building (accident, non-terrorist) while I was driving along the freeway next to the building.  I remember being very calm about the whole situation while my passenger was freaking out next to me.  I just calmly drove on like nothing was happening.

When I got home I got on the phone with my mom.  I remember her freaking out and I was answering her only I wasn’t talking.  What I was saying to her was being thought in my head and she heard me even though I wasn’t really talking.

When I woke up this morning I was paranoid that I had called my mom in the middle of the night and just sat there while she freaked out over me calling her and not talking.

I checked my phone log, no calls since I spoke to Slice before going to bed.  So that at least was a relief.

What I found odd was the dream played out like an action movie.  A genre I don’t normally watch.  A genre I haven’t watched in several months.

Just very odd.

Things have been very quiet on the WoW front, which is why I haven’t been blogging.  I just haven’t had anything to blog about.  I log in, do my dailies (I needs the gold!) then log out.  When you aren’t raiding in a raiding guild it is kind of quiet.

I have been logging in later in the evening too.  Last night when I got home I hopped in the bathtub for a while just relaxing and reading.  Then I got on the computer.  It was nice.

I need to log into Millea tonight and accept the invite for the raid on Friday with Slo.  I haven’t had it in me to do much more than I have been.  The project I am working on is going well.  I have a few things I have to just start working on.  Most of it is still in the planning stages in my head.  It is still kind of tough to put my thoughts into words.  Mostly I need to just sit and focus on it.

I guess I should do the three things thing that Del kind of started the other day.

Three things you might not know about me:

1. I am a boy band fan.  This fandom kind of ended with the bands of the 90s (Backstreet Boys, N’Sync) but I still like their music a lot.  In fact I have Millennium in my car and regularly listen to it while singing “I want it that way” at the top of my lungs with the windows rolled down.  I even made Slice do it while he was visiting. 😀

2. I mellow out when I listen to techno music.  There is something about the constant steady beat that just kind of relaxes me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still dance to the music, but it is more of a slow swaying verses a jumping kind of dance.

3.  I love to swim.  LOVE IT!  The problem is I rarely get to do it.  Really sad thing is I live in San Diego.  The beach is right there.  At my old apartment complex I had a pool.  In the summer I would swim in it to stay cooled off because it was so damn hot where I lived.  The next place I live at must have a pool.  Just a special aside, I learned to swim before I learned to walk.

So now you know some things about me that you probably didn’t know. 😀  You can blame Del if you are permanently scarred.

Weekend in review

I had a nice weekend playing.  If you read my comments sections at all (and you really should) you would have seen that I was going to be raiding on Millea with Slopoke’s guild.  To make sure all was good to go (since they start raiding shortly after I get home from work) I logged into Millea on Thursday night.

I facepalmed so bad when I looked at her.

Yes it was that bad.

She hasn’t raided since Ulduar.  The highest gear she has is from the new ICC 5 mans.  She is in 2 piece T8 and 2 piece T9.  Both her trinkets and her off hand are ilvl 200.  Her gems were bad.  In fact, she didn’t even have her meta active.


I wanted to go through and fix all of her gems but then I stopped myself and thought about it for a moment.  She wont be keeping this stuff for very long (assuming she raids with Slo more) and will be upgrading.

Of course this assumes that something other than enhancement shammy gear and plate drops from every fucking boss in ICC. >.>

Slo wasn’t kidding when she said that she makes it drop.  One cloth piece dropped the entire night.  ONE!  Luckily the pug priest we brought in didn’t roll on it.  He was a good pug.  He didn’t try to take off spec while he was healing.

Dooms finally got the staff he wanted.  Apparently it has been a running joke with them that Abracadaver doesn’t exist.  As a result, they run with it reserved for him on the off chance that it will drop.  I told Slo that it would drop because I was there (and thus could use it).  What happened?  It dropped of course. 🙂

So grats again to Dooms! 😀

I got my friendly ring from the Ashen Verdict.  That was a HUGE upgrade from the ring from ToC 5 >.< that I was wearing.  I mean HUGE.  I had the triumph badge ring on my other finger slot so when the ring dropped off BP it wasn’t that huge of an upgrade and I didn’t have a problem letting Dooms have it.

I had a ton of fun with Slo and the gang.  If they will have me back I think I shall be running with them again on Friday.

I really don’t know how much time I will be spending on Bloodhoof, but man oh man I am feeling the loss of the stuff I sent over with Tattia when I transferred her.  I sent her with my stockpile of gems, cloth, honor, flasks, fish, etc.  I still have fail mage over there so I can go farm herbs and make flasks, but it is just going to take a bit to get back up to where I was.  I just need to designate a day where I farm herbs.  Maybe on Tuesday.  Everyone will be raiding so it should be fairly quiet around the nodes.

It was kind of funny when I was trying to buy stuff for Millea’s raiding.  Drak’Tharon is a low pop server and has a weak AH.  Bloodhoof is one of the original servers, has a high pop and the market almost always has what you need, at a fairly cheap price.  Cheap flasks on DT are around the 20g range, usually closer to 25g.  On BH I got my flasks for 16-17g.  My gems were about 50g cheaper on BH too.  Of course we all know that Zug controls the gem markets on DT.

Speaking of Zug.  Last night I was on Lyssi farming in WG when I see him talking to me in gchat.  He started talking about racing in Ulduar.  Said that we needed to race on the racetrack before Mimron.  Dodging the bombs etc.  Said that we should do it as a guild.  He even set up something on the calendar.  I was laughing so hard.  It was so completely random and so totally Zug.  I ❤ you Zug, I really do. 🙂

I had forgotten how much fun it is to go into the “Goddess of Death” mode with Lyssi.  I was running around killing litterally EVERYTHING in my path.  It is a real ego booster let me tell you.  I ran over and decided to do the Ebon Blade dailies to get some cash (since I have been sending so much to alts and not playing my main) and I went onto the Savage Ledge.  Nothing is as much fun as killing all of those Vykrul guys until the entire ledge is empty and I have to run around and loot everything before they re-spawn.


I spent some quality time on Saturday with the roguelette.  She is now 1 1/2 bars away from 37.  I got her engineering up so now she can make the 2 pets.  I made a few of each and tried selling them on the AH.  When I put up one of each, there weren’t any on the AH.  They sold almost immediately.  When I went to put up another set there were like 10 of each up there.  So I held back and will try again either tonight or tomorrow.  Made a nice chunck of change for the roguelette.  She won’t need to come crying to Lyssi and Tattia for gold any time soon.

Slice and I also worked on the caster duo on Sunday.  We got up to 23 I think.  He still isn’t feeling the ranged caster dps, but he sure loves to AoE.  I can’t wait to see his reaction once he gets Seed of Corruption at 70.  Now THAT is fun AoE.

I have another project that I am working on.  It has me all excited again.  Once everything is finalized I will annouce it on the blog.  Until then it will remain a secret project. 😀

No Tel it is not another alt. :-p

I think I might even try to set up a 10 man ICC for some point this week.  See if I can still raid lead.  Any takers? 🙂

Screenshot Friday – Guest posts!

I went to bed last night before I remembered to upload a picture to my email to post today.  So I asked Slice and Del if they had any pictures.  Both of them came through for me, and for you!



This was the submission by Slice.  I had fished up some magic eaters and handed him one.  We both ate and were turned into roaches. *shudder*



When Del sent me this I couldn’t stop laughing.  It never fails, it is ALWAYS a DK.

Anyway, thank you both to Slice & Del for the guest pictures.  Don’t forget to submit your comments on yesterday’s post.

So um, yeah

I haven’t logged in all week except for like an hour on Monday on my rogue.  Thus you have no posts.  Sorry 😦

Why haven’t I been playing?

Well it is a mixture of drama and personal circumstances.

The drama I won’t go into, but basically I am no longer raiding.  So no reason to log into my 80s.

The personal, Slice has been really sick.  He is getting better, but is still quite sick.  Since I am no longer raiding I want to play with him on alts, or just be able to chat with him while I am on my rogue.  With him being sick and not being online, I can’t exactly play with him.  So no alting it up.

I don’t think I am dealing with burn out.  I still very much love playing this game.  That much hasn’t changed.  What makes the game fun for me is the people.  When I cannot play with my friends, then I kind of don’t want to play at all.

When I logged in on Monday the roguelette was at 31 1/2 and all the quests in STV were orange or red.  I wanted to get her to 32 in the hopes that the quests would turn yellow (the ones in Alterac did!).  To prevent myself from grinding away on random mobs I decided to just do the random dungeon until she dinged.  She got SM Graveyard each time.  I did 4 dungeons.  It took 4 dungeons to get a little under half a level. 

It should not take that many runs.

I think I figured out what it is though.

Scarlet Monastery Graveyard is a very short instance.  If you just move through it straight to the 2 bosses you can complete it in around 10 mins assuming you have no AFKs.  The downside is you kill maybe a dozen mobs that are elites.  The clear ghosts in the graveyard aren’t elites.  If you are lucky (and have the 20% xp bonus) you can get 3-5 bars of XP per run.  This means that you end up running SM GY over and over and over and over again.

When I was leveling my priest I think I got GY like 10 times in a row.  I finally said to hell with it and quested for a few levels just so I could get the next level of dungeons.

I know there has to be other dungeons you could get queued up for, but for some reason you are constantly put into GY.  To this day I have never seen the pig dungeons.  My rogue never once got SFK.  I had all the quests for that dungeon too.  Never got it once.  I did get Gnomer once.  That was a pretty awesome run too.  The roguelette is an engineer and both pet patterns dropped.  She will be able to make them once her engineering is high enough.

BTW, what the hell is up with learning new stuff from the engineering trainer and it is yellow?!!?!  Why is this?  Did Blizzard do this on purpose just to fuck with people who want to level this profession?  No wonder people complain about leveling it.  I am having a hell of a time finding the ore I need to level up too.  I can mine iron and gold now and all the stuff that gives me skill ups requires iron components.  I’m not exactly seeing a lot of iron everywhere.  Tons of tin and copper.  Iron, not so much.  Considering you mine copper & tin for so long you would think that the patterns that you can make with those ores would last longer.



I was chatting with Del earlier today (in between putting off work and actually working; OMG so busy *cries*) and I asked him what he wanted to see me write about.  It got me thinking.  What would the people actually reading me like to hear about?

So I am asking you, my few readers (yes I know a few of you have remained!) what would you like me to write about?  Leave me a comment and if I can write about it I will.

If it is pertaining to something I know nothing about, then I will most likely just bullshit my way through it.

Kind of how I do most things in life. ^_^

Also!  If you don’t already, go read Andrew’s blog. He has completed his airship game and it is in the alpha. So if you are interested in playing it go here and sign up.  From everything I have seen and heard about it (and trust me I have been hearing about it for months) it is looking like it will be a ton of fun.  So go head over and check it out.  Make a character and join in on the fun.

^_^ It will make him ever so happy. 😀

What I did

I spent the vast majority of my weekend leveling the roguelette.  I finally broke down on Saturday and got her the heirloom shoulders, chest and the badge weapon.  I didn’t have enough to get her a 2nd one.  I got her some bags too.  It was just getting to be ridiculous trying to fit all my engineering stuff AND mining stuff into the small bags that she had.

So yeah, I couldn’t hack it.  I’ve been spoiled. >.>

I guess it is one thing to do it when you don’t have any other option, it is quite another when the ability is right there.

She made it to 31 1/2 when I logged out last night.  I am currently leveling in STV.  The last character I leveled through there was Millea.

Millea was my first max level character.

So it had been a while.

As I told my guildies last night, I want to see what the horde side quests are like.  So far Lyssi is the only horde toon I have leveled up.  I know that I missed out on a lot of quests with her so I want to see them.  I am going to level in STV with the roguelette then take her to dustwallow to see those quests.

Since I most likely will not be raiding I will have the time to quest it up.  Having double heirlooms makes up for no rested XP.

On Friday I decided I was going to get the damn coins all fished up.  So I sat there for a little over an hour and got this:

Yay for me!

At this point I was 1 gold coin away from the achievement.  I was sticking it out until I got the stupid thing.  All I was missing was the Sylvanas gold coin.

Suddenly  . . .

I can has gold coins!

Earlier that night I was trying to kill time before Slice was ready to go level our casting duo.  Since I found all the books on both my lock and my druid, I really don’t have much I have left to do while being bored in Dalaran.  I decided that I was overdue for getting my Explorer’s tabard for exploring Northrend.  I decided that since it was so far away I would start with Howling Fjord.  Now mind you, I decided this before I even looked at which places I still had left to explore.

I started flying out there and pulled up my achievement pane.  Lo and behold I only had 3 spots left in Howling Fjord and I would have the achievement.


After questioning a few guildies where the damn island I was missing was at I saw this pop up:

Go me!


The tabard looked like it had viper teeth around my character’s breasts, so I put it in the bank and will forget about it.  Eventually I will want to get the world explorer on Lyssi & Tattia, but I am in no real rush.

Maybe one day I will make a to-do list for Cata.  We’ll see 😀

Screenshot Friday

What you looking at?

This is what I did tonight

I am renewed!

Hump day hoo-ah


PB Sammich is win!

I am writing this as I nom on a PB sammich on my delicious gluten free bread.

nom nom nom

I’ve been sitting here all morning trying to think about what I wanted to write about.  Now that it is my lunch break, and I have time to actually sit and write, I am still drawing a blank.

What DO you write about at the end of an expansion where everyone has either gotten burned out, switched to alts, or just stopped playing unless they are raiding?

I don’t know about you but I tend to just ramble about whatever the hell it is I have been doing.

Which, when you think about it, is pretty much what I have always done.

Hell, I can’t go about and suddenly develop content.  That would be totally UNLIKE me.

And really, it would be totally out of place in this blog.

This is where you come to read about my crazy adventures in WoW.  Not to actually LEARN anything.


You have to KNOW what the hell you are talking about to attempt to teach something correctly.

Correctly being the imperative word.


Well moving on then!

Tonight is 25 man ICC.  Lyssi finally has her 4 piece tier 10 (nom nom nom) and has her hit all figured out (at least the 11% hit all figured out >.<).  I still need to figure out when to get the Nevermelting Ice Crystal proc used.  Currently I have it set up with my Shadow bolt so that it goes off every time it is available.  The problem with this is I start off my rotation with a shadow bolt and by the time I get to my corruption/CoA spells, the proc is almost gone.  So I need to figure out exactly when I should pop the trinket in my opening rotation.  I am thinking right after haunt and right before Unstable Affliction.

I am really curious to see how that proc from the 4 piece plays out in my dps.  I haven’t really had a chance to test it because I have only done heroics on Lyssi since she got everything all set up.  Spamming SoC doesn’t exactly bring out the UA usage.  I did try though.  I found myself tabbing to targets and just casting UA to see if the proc would happen.  It was up more often than not.  Which is, of course, awesome.

The Thursday 10 man will be run by Sorak and Slice since the RL & GL will not be available.  So far I think they have almost everything that we need.  There have been rumblings about an “alt” ICC 10 on Wednesday.  I know that Soth was wanting to raid both days.  I don’t know if we will have a full gambit of people for the Wednesday run as of yet, but hey that is why we have a guild alliance & friends.

Last night Slice and I worked on our caster duo.  We got them to 18 and then called it.  He has been sick and hasn’t been playing much.  In fact as I write this he is supposedly napping.  Anyway, he went to bed early and I had the rest of the evening to play ahead of me.  BTW 3 hour time difference sucks big time.

I ended up playing the roguelette some more.  Psynster was correct and the poison quest is in Org.  That is a BITCH to do btw.  Especially if you are a fail rogue like I am.  I couldn’t for the life of me kill the final elite alone.  I got lucky and a level 23 rogue showed up on the same quest (I was level 20) and we partied up to kill him.  I had stealthed past all of the mobs up to the top of the tower, and he had killed them all.  That meant I still had to kill them to complete the quest.  The problem was that the stupid quest bugged out and I got the 7 day poison that prevents you from stealthing. *grrr* Luckily the poison is easily removed.

Onward to finding someone to remove the poison!

I found a super nice druid who was willing to cure my poison.

All the way down in Ratchet.

Did I mention I was in the top of the map near Org?

Yeah >.>

So poison cleansed I flew back up to the top and ran to the tower to attempt to kill the mobs for the quest, now that I could stealth.

Again, I hate how mobs that are much higher than you in level can see through your stealth.  There were level 25 mobs that I had to kill by using Ambush on them.  To use Ambush you have to be stealthed and behind the target.  I couldn’t get behind the target without the stupid mobs seeing me and attacking.  Poor Olivia had to listen to me bitch as I constantly got attacked and had to run for my life.

What was even worse was when I managed to kill the 2nd mob I didn’t get credit for it!  So now I had to do it all over again!

I spent FAR too much time on that quest.

I want to end this by saying that ninja guild inviting is JUST AS RUDE as ninja group inviting.

Just because I am unguilded DOES NOT mean I WANT to join your stupid leveling guild.

The same moron tried to invite me on my mage AND my rogue.


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