What I did

I spent the vast majority of my weekend leveling the roguelette.  I finally broke down on Saturday and got her the heirloom shoulders, chest and the badge weapon.  I didn’t have enough to get her a 2nd one.  I got her some bags too.  It was just getting to be ridiculous trying to fit all my engineering stuff AND mining stuff into the small bags that she had.

So yeah, I couldn’t hack it.  I’ve been spoiled. >.>

I guess it is one thing to do it when you don’t have any other option, it is quite another when the ability is right there.

She made it to 31 1/2 when I logged out last night.  I am currently leveling in STV.  The last character I leveled through there was Millea.

Millea was my first max level character.

So it had been a while.

As I told my guildies last night, I want to see what the horde side quests are like.  So far Lyssi is the only horde toon I have leveled up.  I know that I missed out on a lot of quests with her so I want to see them.  I am going to level in STV with the roguelette then take her to dustwallow to see those quests.

Since I most likely will not be raiding I will have the time to quest it up.  Having double heirlooms makes up for no rested XP.

On Friday I decided I was going to get the damn coins all fished up.  So I sat there for a little over an hour and got this:

Yay for me!

At this point I was 1 gold coin away from the achievement.  I was sticking it out until I got the stupid thing.  All I was missing was the Sylvanas gold coin.

Suddenly  . . .

I can has gold coins!

Earlier that night I was trying to kill time before Slice was ready to go level our casting duo.  Since I found all the books on both my lock and my druid, I really don’t have much I have left to do while being bored in Dalaran.  I decided that I was overdue for getting my Explorer’s tabard for exploring Northrend.  I decided that since it was so far away I would start with Howling Fjord.  Now mind you, I decided this before I even looked at which places I still had left to explore.

I started flying out there and pulled up my achievement pane.  Lo and behold I only had 3 spots left in Howling Fjord and I would have the achievement.


After questioning a few guildies where the damn island I was missing was at I saw this pop up:

Go me!


The tabard looked like it had viper teeth around my character’s breasts, so I put it in the bank and will forget about it.  Eventually I will want to get the world explorer on Lyssi & Tattia, but I am in no real rush.

Maybe one day I will make a to-do list for Cata.  We’ll see 😀

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Delerius
    Jun 15, 2010 @ 08:11:58

    Gratz on the coins! Gratz on the exploring! Gratz on level 31.5!

    I have now levelled 2 Horde characters and an alliance character, but I know I still haven’t seen even close to all the quests. I definitely want Loremaster on Horde.. maybe even on alliance.


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