This is what I did tonight

I am renewed!

Hump day hoo-ah


PB Sammich is win!

I am writing this as I nom on a PB sammich on my delicious gluten free bread.

nom nom nom

I’ve been sitting here all morning trying to think about what I wanted to write about.  Now that it is my lunch break, and I have time to actually sit and write, I am still drawing a blank.

What DO you write about at the end of an expansion where everyone has either gotten burned out, switched to alts, or just stopped playing unless they are raiding?

I don’t know about you but I tend to just ramble about whatever the hell it is I have been doing.

Which, when you think about it, is pretty much what I have always done.

Hell, I can’t go about and suddenly develop content.  That would be totally UNLIKE me.

And really, it would be totally out of place in this blog.

This is where you come to read about my crazy adventures in WoW.  Not to actually LEARN anything.


You have to KNOW what the hell you are talking about to attempt to teach something correctly.

Correctly being the imperative word.


Well moving on then!

Tonight is 25 man ICC.  Lyssi finally has her 4 piece tier 10 (nom nom nom) and has her hit all figured out (at least the 11% hit all figured out >.<).  I still need to figure out when to get the Nevermelting Ice Crystal proc used.  Currently I have it set up with my Shadow bolt so that it goes off every time it is available.  The problem with this is I start off my rotation with a shadow bolt and by the time I get to my corruption/CoA spells, the proc is almost gone.  So I need to figure out exactly when I should pop the trinket in my opening rotation.  I am thinking right after haunt and right before Unstable Affliction.

I am really curious to see how that proc from the 4 piece plays out in my dps.  I haven’t really had a chance to test it because I have only done heroics on Lyssi since she got everything all set up.  Spamming SoC doesn’t exactly bring out the UA usage.  I did try though.  I found myself tabbing to targets and just casting UA to see if the proc would happen.  It was up more often than not.  Which is, of course, awesome.

The Thursday 10 man will be run by Sorak and Slice since the RL & GL will not be available.  So far I think they have almost everything that we need.  There have been rumblings about an “alt” ICC 10 on Wednesday.  I know that Soth was wanting to raid both days.  I don’t know if we will have a full gambit of people for the Wednesday run as of yet, but hey that is why we have a guild alliance & friends.

Last night Slice and I worked on our caster duo.  We got them to 18 and then called it.  He has been sick and hasn’t been playing much.  In fact as I write this he is supposedly napping.  Anyway, he went to bed early and I had the rest of the evening to play ahead of me.  BTW 3 hour time difference sucks big time.

I ended up playing the roguelette some more.  Psynster was correct and the poison quest is in Org.  That is a BITCH to do btw.  Especially if you are a fail rogue like I am.  I couldn’t for the life of me kill the final elite alone.  I got lucky and a level 23 rogue showed up on the same quest (I was level 20) and we partied up to kill him.  I had stealthed past all of the mobs up to the top of the tower, and he had killed them all.  That meant I still had to kill them to complete the quest.  The problem was that the stupid quest bugged out and I got the 7 day poison that prevents you from stealthing. *grrr* Luckily the poison is easily removed.

Onward to finding someone to remove the poison!

I found a super nice druid who was willing to cure my poison.

All the way down in Ratchet.

Did I mention I was in the top of the map near Org?

Yeah >.>

So poison cleansed I flew back up to the top and ran to the tower to attempt to kill the mobs for the quest, now that I could stealth.

Again, I hate how mobs that are much higher than you in level can see through your stealth.  There were level 25 mobs that I had to kill by using Ambush on them.  To use Ambush you have to be stealthed and behind the target.  I couldn’t get behind the target without the stupid mobs seeing me and attacking.  Poor Olivia had to listen to me bitch as I constantly got attacked and had to run for my life.

What was even worse was when I managed to kill the 2nd mob I didn’t get credit for it!  So now I had to do it all over again!

I spent FAR too much time on that quest.

I want to end this by saying that ninja guild inviting is JUST AS RUDE as ninja group inviting.

Just because I am unguilded DOES NOT mean I WANT to join your stupid leveling guild.

The same moron tried to invite me on my mage AND my rogue.


I have a SPARKLE PONY and I am NOT afraid to USE it!

That’s right, my roguelette hit 20 this weekend and she started using her sparkle pony.

The title of the post is what she yells each time she mounts up. 😀

When I hit 18 I got ambush.  I fricken LOVE this ability.  The first time I used it I crit for 333.  At level 18 that is nothing to sneeze about!  The downside is I have to have a dagger in my main hand and I was using a sword.  I had a dagger in my off-hand, so I switched them, but the sword has a higher dps.  Oh well.  Ambush is worth it.  I have another dagger in my bank for when I hit like 21 or something so I can change that out at that time.

Now I get to use poisons.  At 20 I only have instant and crippling available.  I was chatting with Soth last night and he said I should use both kinds.  I honestly don’t know what I should do, but hey why not right?  I bought a stack of each one.  Might as well 😀

When I hit 20 on my NE rogue I remember getting a quest that sent me into Westfall.  Of course this was when we had to level up poisons too.  I have a feeling the horde equivalent quest doesn’t exist anymore.  I haven’t checked out Org yet to see if there are any quests, but UC doesn’t have any.  If anyone knows about stuff I should be doing at this level please let me know.

The last time I spoke about my roguelette Pie mentioned in the comments that I should check out the rogue leveling guides from Slice & Dice.  I did and now I am leveling subtlety.  So far I like it.  His guides are pretty damn useful for the talents.  I need to look into them a bit more to see if the glyphs are listed on there or not.  Right now I am kind of flailing about on the glyph front.  I *think* I have a decent glyph on her, but I honestly could not tell you.

I am leveling her as mining/engineering.  I have only ever tried to level engineering on one other toon, my gnome warrior Koalabear.  Since she is only 21 or so, I never really got very far into it.  So far I am really liking it.  The training dummies have saved my life more often than not.  In fact I need more wool so I can make some more :D.  I can understand now why so many people level it.  It is a lot of fun.  The bombs are very useful when I end up pulling more mobs than I can handle.  I made my first pair of goggles last night.  Yes I know they are cloth and have spirit on them, but I didn’t have a helmet!  Plus they have stam on them.  More health is win!

What I think is funny is I refused to spoil this toon.  She was going to make it on her own.  Using only the seed money and bags I sent her.  This hasn’t stopped Slice from sending her greens he gets.  To be fair, I am having my mage, who is leveling alchemy, send her potions and stuff, but still.  She gets no help from my mains.  I am so used to seeing a bunch of self buffs up on the screen so it is odd when I am on her and there is nothing.  I finally got some sharpening stones to use on the weapons.  So those and the potions have been filling the void.  Now the poisons will take the place of the sharpening stones.  Woot!!

I have been trying to be smart on the stuff I can sell on the AH.  I know that certain engineering items are needed for quests so I have been putting those up when they are needed.  I don’t know if lower level ammo is worth it to make and attempt to sell.  Hopefully someone in the comments section will be able to tell me.

I have been thinking of selling the greens I come across, but I haven’t yet.  Drak has such an odd market because the server is so low pop.  I have just been sending everything to Lyssi to DE.  I think I will send the mats back to the roguelette to sell.  After all, she is finding the stuff, she should profit.

I am hoping I can get her some rested XP.  Slice has been sick so we haven’t played the caster duo lately.  Currently they are sitting at 16.  We keep getting distracted by the shinies.  I might end up playing the roguelette again tonight though.  I kind of want to see how the dual poisons work.

Screenshot Friday

Wait a minute. Where did all these souls come from?

Target switching and you

Some classes have great burst output. They have little to no ramp up time and just have this huge up front dps. It makes me sad in the pants when I see the opening numbers during boss fights.

Other classes have long ramp up times. They require some time to really get going for their damage output to shine. Heavy movement fights or fights with a lot of target switching is not good for their damage.

Keep this in mind as I babble here.

I have been very (and I do mean VERY) fortunate that I have a GL & RL who understand the concept of dps ramp up time. They have spoiled me and let me have the sweet spot dps places. For example: I don’t have to switch to bone spikes on Marrowgar, I get to stay on Lady D and dps down her shield, I get to stand in with the melee on Festergut etc.

Despite this, I will STILL switch targets when I am told I have to.

Bone spikes? Seed of Corruption.

Deformed Fanatics? Shadow Bolt

One thing I never complain about dpsing down are the Blood Beasts on the Saurfang fight.

It is the ranged dps’ JOB to kill those fuckers. You do not want them to hit you. Certain classes are pure win when it comes to killing these guys *cough*mages & hunters*cough*

Take a look at this list: 05/25 25 man blood beasts.  Make sure you are looking at “Damage by Actor.”

  1. Moogik the awesome boomkin
  2. a shadow priest
  3. an ENHANCEMENT shammy (I have no clue why an enh shammy was that high up there)
  4. a hunter
  5. ME
  6. another hunter
  7. a demo lock
  8. another shadow priest
  10. another shadow priest
  12. another boomkin
  13. THE MAGE

and then you have Shirl before the rest of the melee shows up.

The healers are even up there.  We had a full 25 man raid, but only 23 people show up on there.  I don’t remember off the top of my head (and I am too lazy to go look it up) if the missing 2 people were healers or dps.

Now go look at this 05/25 25 man Saurfang.  Do you see that the same mage that was #13 on damage done to blood beasts is #2 on the overall damage?  The #1 damage dealer to blood beasts (Moogik) was #4 on overall damage.  Moogik switched targets, did a crap ton of damage to them, AND STILL managed to be #4 in overall damage on a fight that is very melee favorable.

Next up is last night’s 25 man run. 06/01 25 man blood beasts.  Again, look at “Damage by Actor.”

  1. Moogik again
  2. same shadow priest
  3. ME
  4. another shadow priest (higher this week than he was last week)
  5. another shadow priest
  6. hunter
  7. ENHANCEMENT shammy
  9. an elemental shammy
  10. a boomkin
  11. melee
  12. melee
  13. melee
  14. one of two mages
  15. then we have some pets (PETS!)
  16. two more melee
  17. (and the rest of the pets)

Notice the 2nd mage never showed up (no it isn’t the same guy as last week).  We had 10 ranged dpsers last night. Here is the total damage for the fight: 06/01 25 man Saurfang.

Not as obvious as last week, but still not that great.

Now go back to my original statement regarding burst dps.  Some classes have it in spades.  Others, not so much.  Notice which classes topped the damage on the beasts.  Notice how some of them are NOT known for their burst damage.

Hell just look at my numbers.  I have NO burst damage.  I still managed to be #5 and #3 on the damage on the beasts.

This should NOT be the case.

So as I am still frothing in rage over this (yes, seriously) I am going to leave you with this:



Where did the weekend go?

Slice was in town this weekend so I was not playing. He left this morning so I am super tired. I had to get him to the airport by 5 am. I am sure you all can figure out how that worked out >.>

We did log into the game once. I got online on Monday to show him how I warlock. He has offered to play my toon for the guild when I cannot make raids. I, of course, laughed and told him that playing an affliction warlock takes some practice. I left him alone with my character and went off to do some other stuff. I asked him to get my daily out of the way with some guildies that were online.

I come back later and find him in a pug with 4 random people (he said that he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of guildies) and generally just flailing about.

My key bindings apparently only make sense to me. I have come to accept this. There is a logic to them though.

W = whisper
R = reply to whisper
S = sit
A = special action (trinket on my druid, blink on my mage, dash on my rogue, etc)

I don’t remember what I have “D” doing. I also don’t strafe (yeah, yeah, yeah) so I have the strafe buttons used for something else.

Why did I mention those keys? Well Slice is used to using the WASD keys for movement. So as he was trying to move, he kept sitting down or trying to make a soul stone (A key for my lock). I thought it was hilarious. I move with my mouse and have never used the WASD keys to move.

Remember, it has already been well documented that I am a very strange person. We all know this already. What I can’t understand is why people either keep forgetting or thinking things will be different at some point in time.

Silly humans.

So anyway, I come back to the computer to find him in heroic Violet Hold. He seemed a tad bit confused as to what he needed to do. I explained that on trash mobs he just needed to life tap and spam seed of corruption.

A few moments later I hear “Isn’t seed supposed to do more damage?”

I replied “Yes. You have to let it explode before you re-apply it though.”



I showed him which buttons to push and in which order. It was apparently too complicated because when I asked him if he wanted me to take over he jumped up and gave me back reins to the computer.

Considering he had the rotation completely bassakwards, he didn’t do half bad.

It probably helped that the group wasn’t that great and things were living a lot longer than they normally do.

I was kind of curious if the people noticed that the warlock played differently the 2nd half of the instance.

He did try to “fool” the few guildies online. He made a mistake in his greeting though. He used his normal greeting and gave himself away.

I think he was a blonde in a previous life. ^_^

Next up I got on my druid and healed a random. I showed him VuhDo and how to use it. He currently uses grid and mouseover macros. There were some mutterings about getting VuhDo and checking it out. 😀 I think I might have another convert 😀

Tonight is our 25s. I should be able to come on Lyssi. She didn’t get her 10 man ICC done last week or her weekly so I still need like 40 badges for her to get her final piece of T10. After I get that I can focus on getting my hit problem taken care of. Hopefully the belt I want will drop off Marrowgar tonight so that I don’t have to buy a new one from the badge vendor. I also want the wand from Blood Princes 10 man. This means I need to do 10 man ICC on Lyssi.

I have been putting Tentative on the raiding calendar because I just don’t know if I want to raid 5 days a week again. As it is right now, Tuesday is 25s. Wednesday is 10 man ICC with one toon, Thursday is ICC 10 with the other toon, Friday is the follow up for Wednesday’s run and Sunday is the follow up to Thursday’s run. We have gotten to where we clear 10/12 in one night. The amount of attempts on Sindragosa is dependent on the amount of breaks taken. This means that the follow up raiding night is all Sindragosa attempts.

I HATE the Sindragosa fight.

It is a little bit easier on my druid, but not by much.

So 2 of the 5 raiding days will be spent doing a fight that I dislike. This does not make me want to sign up. I guess I could theoretically only raid on Lyssi, but then I wouldn’t get to raid with everyone.


I need to just figure out what will work best. I might just end up alternating who I raid with week by week. Once I get Lyssi’s 4 piece Tier 10, I really won’t need to keep grinding the emblems for anything other than PS (I need like 5 more for her boots). This will free up playing on Tattia. I do want to play on her, just not ALL the time. She is an alt, there for fun and a change of pace. It is no longer a change of pace when she is played constantly.

I am also on an alt streak. I have my little rogue project (Slice got her to 13 yesterday. He died twice because he is a cocky brat) on top of the mage/warlock Slice and I are leveling together. I don’t know if we are going to get to play much outside of the weekends because he is typically raiding every raid too.

I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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