Screenshot Friday – ode to the sproutling

Look at him get down!

Best pet EVER!


Aww it is sleeping!


Not so little anymore . . .

Back in the saddle again!

As I mentioned yesterday, last night saw me back at raid leading.  I grabbed several friends (and two pugs) and we went into ICC 10.

This was sort of an “alt” run in that several people brought their under geared alts in the hope of getting them gear.  Zug brought his rogue, Soth brought his pally and Del brought his pally.  I am happy to say that we only had to shard one item.  I think it was spell power leather boots.  I had the ICC crafted ones on my druid and the boomkin we brought in didn’t want them.

The two pugs I brought in were lesser geared as well.  The arcane mage, the boomkin, Zug’s rogue and Del’s pally weren’t really geared at all to be perfectly honest.  They all got upgrades though. ^_^  It made me so happy to see gear going to people who really needed it.  The lower spire showered Zug’s rogue with leather, the upper spire had cloth and plate.  Lootship dropped the caster dps trinket and the mage rolled a 100.  He was so excited about it.  The staff dropped off Saurfang and the boomkin was squeeing.  Ok so maybe he didn’t actually type it or say it over vent, but the dude was squeeing.

Silly males and their fear of openly squeeing.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well we did actually.  We had a rough start with wiping to the trash (bad pulls & extra mobs) a few times before MG, but we one shot everything up to Rotface.  We would have one shot Rotface but the MT DCd along with one of the dps right in the middle of the fight.  I think we were down to like 20 or 30 something percent when it happened too.  I was super happy to say that I didn’t have to tell one person to get out of the raid with their slimes.  I did have to yell at people to move out of slime spray, but that much is about par for the course.  I think Soth was having issues with people finding him to drop off their slimes, but at least they weren’t in the raid!  Am I right? 😀

We regrouped after the wipe and took Rotface and Festergut down without any issues.  We actually had the quest for the double essence from them so that was awesome.  If I am recalling correctly, we didn’t have a single death on those fights.  Zug *might* have died, but I can’t remember.  Zug always dies though.  This really is no surprise. ^_^

We went up to the professor and gave it a couple of tries.  The best we did was 18%.  It was late and we had new people.  Considering that, the fact that we made it that far is just amazing.  We have plans to continue the raid on Saturday evening and I am confident that we will take him down and clear up to Sindy.  I don’t think this particular group has the dps to be able to pull off Sindy, but we shall see.  I am short at least 1 raider so hopefully whomever I can get to come in and help out will be able to bring the pain dps-wise.

Here is something:

Stop and think for a minute and tell me if you have done a raid without a shaman in it.

You haven’t recently have you?

Last night, we didn’t have a shaman.




There was no lust, no totems, nothing.  Strangely enough not one piece of mail dropped either.  Hmmm.

I know several people were feeling the lack of a shammy.  Not having a lust available kind of makes the fights seem like they were taking an extra long time to do.  Which they probably were.

I had a few people comment to me that we were low on the dps.  I looked at it (not too closely, but a glance) and it looked like the dps that I saw people doing when ICC first came out.  Now I am talking about your average player.  I know the numbers were very close to what the raiders in EoF were doing.  I did notice as we went along, how much better everyone was getting.  For example, the mage got the trinket from lootship and his dps jumped big time the moment he equipped it.  It was pretty awesome to see.  I know he was ecstatic over it.

What I wanted to do when I set up the raid was to just have fun.  I didn’t care how geared people were.  The mage asked me what requirements were needed to join the raid and my reply was “being a nice person.”  With his gear and his lack of experience, he would have most likely never gotten into a pug run with anyone.  Not only did he get to learn the fights, but he got a ton of gear upgrades.  The dude was so excited and enjoyed the raid so much he wanted to join my guild.  It was cute.  I think he had to be a kid though.  Just a feeling I got.

So I think I didn’t do too badly raid leading.  I didn’t have to yell overmuch.  I did have to explain every fight so that wasn’t all that different from when I raid lead before.  Explaining the fights kind of helps me in the long run.  If you can explain the fight where everyone understands, then you know your shit.  The fact that we one shot pretty much everything, just made me smile.

There was much joking and teasing from everyone about muting me and scaring the pugs with how mean I was and in the end the pugs loved me.  The boomkin said I was his favorite raid leader.  Aww 😀

My friends and guildies can DIAF though.

I kid!

I love those crazy people. 😀

Thanks again for joining me last night guys.  I appreciate you coming along for the run and I look forward to the continuation on Saturday night :D.

For my readers:  I don’t know how regular my updates will be.  I know I will have a picture for tomorrow’s post but I am not sure about next week.  Slice is in town for a week starting on Saturday (yes we are raiding while he is here, shut up :-p) and so I don’t think I will have much game time.  I do need to get you guys updated on the roguelette and the caster duo.  Maybe even talk about the “secret project” a bit more.  Although I am sure you could figure it out if you tried.  Oh well.



Should be interesting.  I am supposed to lead an ICC 10 run.  Let’s see how this goes. 😀

Wish me luck!!

Screenshot Friday

I kept on telling myself I was going to post all week and never did.  For that I am sorry.  So to repay you all I am posting several pictures.


Umm he got lost . . .

See the boobs! They have female Quillboars! Wait, would that make them QuillSows?

Ahh another lovely day on Drak'Tharon . . .


Gotta put up a landscape picture

Insert pretty picture for Tam

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