Fail DKs roll out!

Slice and I made DKs a little bit ago.  This weekend we leveled them.

And leveled them.

And leveled them some more.

In fact we leveled them from just starting in Zangermarsh (freshly dinged level 62) all the way through to Northrend and halfway to 69.

That is all we did this past weekend.

So tired of the DKs >.>

The positive note in all of this is I have my inscription up to Northrend stuff.  She is also up to Northrend herbs.  Since Failmage is also on this server I *really* don’t need her as a max level herber, but I do plan to separate the two eventually so she kind of needs to get her skill up.  The ultimate goal is to bring the new pally & the DK to DT when I go back there for Cataclysm.  This will give me a max level scribe/herber and a max level jewelcrafter/miner.  I already have a tailor/enchanter and skinner/leatherworker in Lyssi and Tattia so it will be nice to have the other stuff available.

It isn’t so much that I actively dislike playing the DKs, I just am not really feeling them.  Considering the last few alts I have been actively leveling are all melee, I don’t think it is that.  My aff lock has a more complicated rotation so it isn’t that either.  I really don’t know why I am not a big fan of DKs.

Don’t get me wrong, leveling with Slice is fun, until he completes 3 other quests that I had no clue he was working on and then has to stand around waiting for me to finish them.  >.<

Being super OP is also fun.

Until I die from overpulling.

Slice asked me once “Are you using all of your cooldowns?”

My reply – “I mash buttons to play a DK, what do you think?”

Seriously, that is what I do.  I know what rotation I am supposed to do, and I do make sure the diseases are on the mobs I am attacking, but beyond that I mash buttons.

I suppose I could start banging my head on the keyboard.

I don’t think the results would be all that different to be honest.

Screenshot Friday

Onward til sunset!

An update of sorts

Yes I still live.  I just haven’t really had a whole lot of stuff to write about, thus the lack of blog posts.  I have mostly been leveling alts or professions.  I recently “powerleveled” herbing on the DK and then attempted to powerlevel inscription.  It wasn’t exactly full on powerleveling, but I sure as heck wasn’t going back to leveling her and not being Outlands ready.  I think I actually over prepared her.

Oh well, I am really not complaining 😀

Now that the money sink with the leveling is gone I can focus her earnings towards my money total.  So far I am just under halfway to my goal.  If I look at the full on goal that I will actually have to do, then I am only 1/4 of the way there.  The immediate goal though, that is just under halfway.  If the glyph market wasn’t so cut throat I might actually make more and thus speed up my completion to the 2nd half of what I want to save up for.

Speaking of the glyph market on this server.  Holy hell are they confused here.  Glyphs that are “required” for certain specs are listed for a couple silver and glyphs that are “worthless” are listed for several gold and rarely sell.


There are a few that get listed for decent amounts (thank you for small favors!) and I have been able to make some money selling those.  I haven’t started with the making of specific glyphs yet.  I am still trying to sell the glyphs I made while leveling.  Now I didn’t make just any old glyph, I made ones that looked like they would be worth something.  Considering I have made several hundred gold from the sales of these glyphs, I would like to think I guessed correctly.  The problems I have now mostly revolve around actually selling what I have left.

The weekends tend to sell more glyphs.  When you think about it, it does make sense.  People are leveling and working on alts on the weekend.  They are more likely to purchase glyphs then.  Raiders don’t usually buy glyphs right before a raid.  It happens, but not enough to rely on to make money.

I am still not quite sure how serious I want to get about this.  Yeah it is kind of fun playing the AH, but ultimately I don’t have the focus or the time to spend so much effort on this.  I still haven’t downloaded auctioneer yet.  I just don’t care THAT much, you know?

Oh well, I have plenty of time to get to my goal.  So I am not quite stressing yet. 😀

As for the alts, well the baby pally dinged 43 last night.  I popped her in the random dungeon in the hopes of getting her a new cloak (she still has the one from SFK) and I ended up with the same blue shoulders I had equipped.  What did happen was she topped the overall damage AND dps for the group (and we had a mage too!).  This was on top of cleansing the crap out of everything that popped up.  We had a priest healing and she obviously couldn’t do a damn thing about the poison, and the bear tank sure as hell wasn’t doing a damn thing about it.  That left me.  Most of the time I got the cleanse off before the priest did.  That made me feel smart and special.  😀  The tank and healer were guildies and were pretty good.  I do know that the tank had no problems holding and keeping threat.  It was refreshing.

I am at that stage with her where I don’t know where to quest.  I actually went to Tanaris and did the quests that I could there, but I ran out.  I have one red quest there.  I know I could go back to STV, but frankly I am kind of tired of the place.  I was just there on the roguelette and I did a bunch of quests there already.  Right now I flew over to Feralas and picked up the one quest there.  Have I mentioned how much this area sucks for Alliance?  Worst boat ever.  I guess I could head over to the Hinterlands and pick up the one or two quests there.  I can’t remember what level I need to be for Searing Gorge, I think high 40s.  I’ll have to go look it up.  I might just keep queuing up since melee dps as a pally isn’t as bad as it is with my rogue.

Slice and I leveled the DKs for a bit on Sunday and last night.  They both dinged 63 and are currently in Zangermarsh.  I enjoy Zangermarsh for some reason.  I know I will take the roguelette through there because I want to check it out as Horde.  I am not sure why I skipped it over on Lyssi when she was leveling.  I think I just went almost straight to Nagrand on her from HP.  I honestly cannot remember where she leveled.  I’ll have to go back and check that out too.  I just know she was like 64 when she finished HP vs the DKs which were 61.

I am having a bit more fun this time around with the DK.  When I leveled my DK on Bloodhoof I didn’t have this much fun outside of HP.  When I think about it, at that time Unholy was the bastard red-headed step-child of the dps choices.  Everyone was dpsing as Blood and laughed at me for playing Unholy.  I picked it because you got a pet.  It is that simple.  I didn’t really figure out what I was supposed to do until I was almost in Northrend and at that point I was bored with it.  This time around I kind of have a better idea of what I am supposed to do.  I still need to set up NTK with the diseases and such, but at the moment I am not really all that worried.  Stuff dies too quickly.

Like last night:  Killed Boglash.  Level 63 elite.  Almost soloed it.  Slice came in when the mob was at about 40% health.  I still had my potion and lifebloom available.  I was rocking it.  I think I did over 600 dps on it.  I was level 62. 😀

My method to DK dpsing is to count the debuff buttons under the mob’s frame.  If there are less than 5 then I am missing something.  Then I spam some more buttons and go from there.

Hey it works!

Slice is still trying to find a spec that works for him.  He doesn’t like Unholy because having a pet class isn’t his thing.  Too many buttons to push for him.  He liked blood, but that dps style is going the way of the dodo so he didn’t want to get hooked on it.  Last night he respecced to Frost and seems to enjoy that.  He has been having fun with leveling them (I think the biggest draw is they are in Outland) and wants to level them more.  It works for me.

The leveling group is going.  As Del mentioned on Monday, we got to level 20 this weekend.  Some of us *cough*Zari*cough* continued leveling and now the rest of us need to catch up.  Kate said she would help me with the leveling so that I didn’t have to run around yelling “LOLSMITE!” over and over again.  I will most likely take her up on that offer this weekend.  I have a feeling we will not be leveling the group until maybe next week.

Now others have said “why don’t you just have everyone level to a certain level and then make it to where you guys all are a certain level by a specific date” or something along those lines.  That would work if we were leveling these toons to have another 80.  That isn’t the goal for these guys.  The original plan was to make leveling a challenge.  We were going to 3 man dungeons.  Then it got upped to 4 manning dungeons.  Now it is a full group of 5 and we are leveling through the LFD tool.  The goal is still just leveling as a group.  There isn’t a set “OMG we need to level NAO!” mentality.  This is why I made a solo leveling toon.  It is also why that said solo leveling toon is now 43 and my priest is barely 20.

Oh well, it will eventually sort itself out.

I still haven’t installed Dragon Age, much to Slice’s disappointment.  It isn’t that I don’t want to play, I just haven’t been in the mood for it.  I am either playing WoW or Plants vs Zombies.  I also bought myself Spore as my birthday present to myself.  So far I like it, but I am not quite sure if it will ever suck me in completely.  I heard so much about the character creation and yet it has some serious things that are lacking.  I particularly dislike how I can’t increase the size of certain areas of the creature’s body.  Like the head.  I was able to do it ONCE and ever since then I haven’t been able to do it again.  Kind of pisses me off.  I don’t like having the type of head on my creature that I keep getting stuck with.  Oh well.

PvZ is going well.  I beat the adventure game.  I have also completed all the puzzle games.  Right now I am working on the mini-games.  Once I get those beat I will start working on the survival modes.  I have already beat day and night for the front yard.  I am trying to get more money from the mini-games and my zen garden to buy up all the special plants from Crazy Dave.  So far I think this is my favorite birthday present.  Thanks again sweetie!

Just as an aside, glyph is a PITA word to type out.  I keep wanting to type gphly, or ghylp or gylph.  *sigh*

Screenshot Friday

Elwynn Forest is quite pretty

Screenshot dump

I was chatting with Del yesterday about some pictures I had taken and I realized I hadn’t done a picture dump in a while.  So here you go!

Ummm I don't think my sparkle pony would taste good


Cutest things evah!


Del's original choice for the leveling trio


My baby pally kind of looks pissed


Lyssi on her creepy sparkle pony


Look the spammers love us!

Oooooh look there’s a yellow dot!

Slice and I made matching DKs on Sunday.  Originally I was going to level her with mining/blacksmithing, but Slice thought the same thing. This meant that we would be competing for the same nodes.  Yeah that wont go over well.  I had already designated my new warlock as the scribe, but Del hasn’t said when he wants to play the two of them together so she is kind of just sitting there doing nothing.

Welcome my new scribe!

Last night I started her herb leveling.  Yes I do have a max level herber in my mage on the server, but if I was going to go around and pick all the herbs needed to level inscription I might as well get the gathering skill up too.  It wont hurt to have two herbers.

It also means I will be able to sell the lovely Outland herbs that no one is farming.


While running around Elwyn Forest picking every yellow dot I could find I see a random DK yelling in general chat “ZOMG IS THERE ANYONE LEVEL 60-65 HERE!?!?”  Some random lowbie leveling says politely back “use /who.”  This means that I will be shown up *sigh*.  The next thing I know I am getting a whisper from this random deathtard “dul meh!”

Oh look! Welcome to my ignore list.


Can’t an undead Night Elf just pick some flowers in peace?


I found out today what my wonderful boyfriend got me for my birthday!

All I can say is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and he is the bestest boyfriend ever!

Pally Powah!

I have been leveling a Ret pally on the new server.  So far it has been a blast.  From my soloing SFK & DM to dinging 40 last night.

The Art of War is pure win!

I play with Vuhdo up on all of my characters.  This helps to keep my health in mind and if my character has any dispelling abilities I can use them.  For my pally it has been a savior.  I can now survive even more mobs than I normally would be able to.  BTW Gift of the Naruu is the best thing EVAH!  I run into a pack of mobs, pop that on me and just go to town.

I count it a win when I still have cooldowns available and a pile of dead mobs surround me.

I haven’t been doing the random dungeon finder because I don’t really like melee dps.  Also, with the way people pull these dungeons (like they are level 80 decked out in heroic ICC gear) you have to run constantly and have an AoE to be able to do any kind of damage.  The only AoE I have (at this level) is consecrate.  I will run up to the mobs, judge one and check the tank then drop my consecrate, just to have the fricken tank run off and take the mobs with him.


Drives me up the wall.

Because of this, and because I totally FAIL at melee dps in dungeons (on the roguelette too) I haven’t queued up.  This has resulted in me being stuck in the same gear for level after level.  I was actually wearing some green BoEs that were leather because I had been wearing the quest reward green for so long that the leather was an upgrade.  In fact I think she still has a few leather pieces equipped.

I’ve asked Slice to run me through some dungeons to get some better gear (I didn’t get a new weapon until last night, had the same one since 25) and he just hasn’t done it.  I reminded him again this morning.  He said he would run me through when he isn’t raiding so woot!

Yesterday I was in a masochistic mood so I queued up for a random.  I got in a group for SM Armory and we seriously completed that place in about 10 mins.  I shit you not.  Being the only one not in BoAs I had no competition for the mail shoulders that dropped.  Considering I was still wearing the leather ones from SFK I was ecstatic when they dropped.

I then opened my satchel and I had a pair of plate shoulders. >.>  But hey, I was only 38 at the time so it worked out.  I can’t wear plate until 40 anyway.

Since I wanted to see about getting some more gear I decided to queue up again.  I got in a group for SM Cathedral.  I zoned in and the 2 other dps (rogues) were already fighting the mob in the first room.  The warrior tank apparently didn’t like that and left.  I offered to tank until we got a new one.

I was actually kind of surprised at how much fun I had.  I never thought that I would LIKE being a tank.  Now mind you I was still Ret and I didn’t even bother switching out to my one hander and shield that I had.  The healer was awesome and I just rocked it out.  After we finished the run (where I got to tank a bit more a few other times) everyone was so happy with the group that we all queued up together again and got Uldaman.  The group was really awesome and went to all the areas where there were mining nodes for me to pick up the mithril.  Win!

I managed to ding 39 while in there (I swear we cleared out every mob) and left both runs with 2 new pieces of plate.   Since I wanted to hit 40 before I crashed out, I stayed up to ding.  By the time I finished everything I wanted to it was 1 am.  >.>

So yeah Pally Powah!!!

Screenshot Friday

Anyone else feeling kind of warm?

Thursday Three Things

Because I felt like copying Del.

And I am lazy.

Thursday Three Things:

1.  I get very competitive when I farm something.  I HAVE to be awesome at it.  I also have to tell EVERYONE about it.

Just so you know, In under 2 hours of herbing Wintergrasp I got 15 frost lotus.  8 of them were from actual frost lotus nodes.


2.  Spreadsheets and budgets make me happy.

You seriously have no idea how happy.

3.  I have to keep my finger nails short.

I have flat somewhat square finger nails and they are rather thin.  They tend to peel and break.  Since they don’t look nice when long it doesn’t really bother me to have to cut them.  The downside is I LIKE having long nails to scratch.

I also REALLY like the sound of nails tapping.

Have I mentioned I am odd yet?

15 frost lotus!!!!!


Shake Your Money Maker

The new server economy in which I find myself is unlike any other I have seen since I started playing in 2008.  For the first time I think I might actually be able to make a nice little sum of money.  Now I don’t think I will be turning into a goblin any time soon, but I should be able to provide for my pally when she hits Outlands.  Epic flying at 60?  I think I should be able to swing that :D.

What is fascinating to me is the herb market fluctuation.  Let’s take Goldclover for example.  Last week when I transferred my mage over (either Wednesday or Thursday) I put up some Goldclover on the AH.  Sold it at 25g a stack.  I managed to sell all 3 stacks that I put up.  I didn’t get a chance to farm again on her until Friday.  When I went to go put up some more on the AH the price per stack had dropped to 9g a stack and the market was flooded with Goldclover.  I of course held off.  I was not going to sell my herbs at 9g a pop when I knew that I could get better if I just waited a few days.

All weekend long the AH was flooded with herbs.  Every Northrend herb I had in stock was extremely cheap on the AH and just overflowing in quantities.  I looked at the names on the auctions and it was the same 2-3 people.  The funny thing to me was the quantities were just not going down.  Translation = people weren’t buying herbs.

Fast forward to Monday.  I check out the market.  Goldclover was up to 12g a stack.  A few herbs weren’t even in stock.  I jumped in and listed a few stacks.  No sooner did I list the herbs and they were purchased.  Woot!  What I found odd was the herbs I listed don’t usually get farmed and I rarely see them flooding the AH.  I think I might just have a little corner to work on.

I am going to check the AH tonight and see what the prices are doing.  I found that there really aren’t many farmers in WG on this server.  It is a PvE server so that might be the reason.  An observation that I have noticed about PvE servers is that the players don’t usually go near something that will flag them for PvP.  On a PvP server people have a PvE spec and a PvP spec.  Arena teams florish and WG is usually packed.  I have yet to participate in a WG on this server, but Slice has and he said it was a very even fight.  I need to learn to PvP on fail mage before I set foot into WG on her.

I’ve gotten lucky with farming in WG.  I can usually find at least 2 frost lotus nodes at the minimum when I farm in there.  When I farmed WG on Bloodhoof, I found one node, ever.  I can recognize them from the air now.  Kinda is cool when I think about it.

Farming in SB is a bit more crowded.  When I was farming there this weekend there were at least 4 other herbers around.  Vicious too.  Some people will be nice and let you keep the node that you had to kill the mobs to reach, not these guys.  I will at least wait to see if you pick the node after you kill the mobs.  If you leave afterwards then the node is up for grabs.  The downside to SB is the sheer amount of AT you get.  So far that particular herb doesn’t go for very much.  Which, when you think about it, makes sense if the market has so many people farming SB.

I’ve also been thinking about going back and farming copper ore on my pally.  I need to start looking and see if copper is going for much on this server.  Currently she can mine up to gold.  I think I am like 10 points away from mithril.  Her jewel crafting is going well too.  I have managed to keep her on par with my mining.  STV has been good to me for iron.  I’ve even found a gold node and a silver one.  Quite tasty to be perfectly honest.

I’ve been thinking about making flasks and selling those instead of the herbs.  I do know that one flask of the frost wyrm was more expensive than the frost lotus that was listed.  I am an elixir master, even though I rarely get procs.  Drives me nuts too.  Why did I spend all that time doing that horrid quest chain if it never procs?  *sigh*  Once the pally gets her jewel crafting high enough I am going to change over to transmute spec.  The gems will come in handy.  I kind of want to start doing WG daily on fail mage just to get gems with honor.

I don’t want to have to download an auction add on.  I know I probably should if I want to be serious about making money, but for now it is kind of game and I am having fun with it.  I have this feeling that if I download an add on then I will be turning it into a job and I am not quite sure I want to bring that aspect into the game.  I am finally back to having fun again and I don’t really want to do anything to mess it up.

In other news the pally hit 35 last night.

Trio leveling tonight too!

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