Alts and me

Thanks to some horrific drama (I’d post the whole thing but Del would kill me) Slice and I have been playing on another server.  He applied to an Alliance raiding guild, got in and we have been playing alts on his new server.  Del has joined us and we have been having a blast.

We made a leveling trio.  A tank, a dps and a healer.  The goal is for us to level together and to 3 man as many dungeons as we can.  Slice likes to have a challenge when he is leveling and this is what we came up with.

We are also leveling solo alts.  I picked up a pally again.  I have a level 28 pally on Bloodhoof that was my 2nd character ever.  She was originally my bank toon back when pallys were absolutely horrific to level.  When I got heirlooms I brought her out of retirement but I abandoned her when I leveled my DK.  So this new pally is different.

First off I am leveling her without having to go through the very painful period I had with Jacquebear.  Secondly, she doesn’t have an 80 (or rather didn’t) to support her.  I have been using quest rewards and random green drops to deck her out.  She is a miner/JC so she has rings and necklaces aplenty.  In fact I have made all the gold my alts on that server have by selling the low level JC rings.  The economy on this server is fantastic.  Apparently it is an old server (not sure HOW old, but much older than DT) and you can find/sell pretty much everything.  I know Slice has been making bank selling bags.  He puts them up and they get sold.  Quite a nice change from DT.

The downside to the market is everything is a bit more expensive.  When you don’t have a high level character to supply you with gold a 12g glyph is kind of out of your price range.  I was so excited when I was able to save up enough gold to get my minor glyph (blessing of might FTW).  People seem to have caught on though and the lower level ring market has been flooded since I started listing mine.  It is ok, I can wait :D.

I am hoping Slice will get off his duff and make a post about his new raiding situation.  Although I really cannot talk since I have been REALLY slacking in the post department.  Last week with all the drama I just wanted to write about it, but I was dissuaded by Slice and Del.  It would have been nice to get it all out, but I love my friends so I wont.  Since that is what was on my mind, I didn’t want to run the risk of letting it spew out into my blog and thus I didn’t post.

Now that I have the time at work to post (boss is on vacation for a week) I really don’t know what to write.  I haven’t been doing much except play my alts.  I log into Lyssi to do the fishing daily when I remember or if Slice wants to do a random on his pally.

I did get in on a weekly run on Tuesday.  It was Patchwerk so I knew I should be able to just get into a random pug and pull it off.  Slice was playing StarCraft and so I had him log over to heal the pug (I ❤ real ID chat).  I kicked ass on the overall damage and the boss damage.  I was the bottom dps on overall (from the trash) when we started the boss fight and I moved up to #1.  It was awesome.


After talking with Slice I decided to move my mage from bloodhoof to the new server.  Not to raid mind you, she is fail mage for a reason, but so he could have someone to help him with dailies.  He has gone back to disc/holy since his new guild doesn’t have any healy priests.  He was also pretty broke when he left DT.  Most of his gold was spent getting PS for his Pally.  So now he is finding he has to do dailies and farm cloth.  It takes a long time for him to do this on his priest.  I offered to bring fail mage over to help.  She is also a max level herber and alchemist so she can make flasks for him.  Aren’t I a nice girlfriend?

Del and I are also leveling a duo.  We originally made almost identical gnome warlocks (complete with pigtails) but Del decided that if he was going to level a warlock, he was going to level his 44 warlock.  After much deliberation over gchat, it was decided that he would roll a gnome rogue.  Identical to the warlock he deleted.  I logged into my warlock last night to unload my new bags (glee!) I got a really sweet message from Del’s new rogue.  So cute!

Sorak is not happy with our deflection to Alliance.  He keeps frowning at us when we play the gnomes.  It makes me giggle.  He also calls my draenei a space ghost.  /sigh.  No Sorak it is space GOAT.  GOAT.  He tells me that if I wanted hooves I should have just rolled a Tauren.

I think he has an odd fetish with Tauren.

Love ya Sorak 😉

It is kind of odd leveling an Alliance character again after playing Horde for a while.  I think I like the Horde world better overall, but there is definately a comfort playing Alliance again and knowing where to go and what to do.  Leveling my Horde toons has me questioning where I should be at and trying to figure out how to get there.

One thing I will say about the Horde though.  You can get to all 4 capital cities with NO ISSUE.

For example:

Make a Blood Elf.  You take the teleportation orb from Silvermoon to Undercity.  Run outside and hop on the Zep to Org.  Once in Org you hop on the Zep to Thunder Bluff.  The Zeps show up MUCH faster than any of the ships you have to take as Alliance.  You can go from Silvermoon to Thunder Bluff in around 5 mins or less.

Now try this as Alliance:

Make a Draenei.  You have to RUN for a long distance to a far corner of the map to find the boat to Darkshore.  Wait for the boat.

Wait for the boat some more.

Get on the boat to Darkshore.  Once there you have two options.  Take the boat on the left and go to Darnassus.  Take the boat on the right and go to Stormwind.

If you take the boat to Darnassus you can pick up the flight path so you never have to take the boat again.  Then you can fly back to Darkshore to get on the boat to go to Stormwind because there is absolutely nothing in Darnassus.

And I mean nothing.

Get back to Darkshore and hop on the boat to Stormwind.

Once in Stormwind you can run to the Dwarven district and wait for the tram to take you to Ironforge.  Make sure you get the flight paths because it is MUCH faster than the damn tram.

Side note, if you are on a PvP server you can be killed on the tram.

This trip will have taken you anywhere from 20 mins to 30 mins.  Depending on how long you have to wait for the boats.

I hate those boats if you cannot tell.

So yeah, I am missing the easy navigation of the Horde.

Come Cataclysm I will be back on Lyssi though.  Slice and I have already said that we will be leveling Lyssi and Orangeslice to 85 first.  Inbetween leveling sessions we will be leveling Tattia and Liyhe.  Since Liyhe is now with fail mage I should probably level her too.  Then of course there are always the new races to make 😀

So much to do!!! 😀