The leveling game

As I have mentioned several times, I am an altoholic.  I have a ton of characters and I enjoy leveling them.  To me, the leveling “grind” isn’t really a grind.  Sure there are ranges of levels that I cannot stand.  Level 50-58 I am looking at you.  Despite all of that I still have a blast leveling.

I get into this “mode.”

I don’t use a leveling guide.  I think a large part of why I don’t use a leveling guide is because it tells me how I need to play.  If I want to go and do these quests over here, and they aren’t in the guide, then forget it I am not allowed to do them lest I mess up the guide.

Yes I know it isn’t quite that cut and dry but I do know of a few people who treat guides that way.

After all, what is the point of a guide if you don’t follow it?


Not my thing.

As I am sure you are all aware, I have a big issue with being told what to do without explanation.  “Because I said so” is not a good enough motive for me.  I have this need to know why.  I am not a very good sheep.

Not at all.

It isn’t so much my need to blaze a trail, because it really isn’t.  I am very comfortable with routine and the known.  Anyone who knows me knows that I eat almost the same thing every day and follow the same pattern.  When I deviate from the norm, I am not really all that comfortable.  Call it CDO (or OCD for those of you not afflicted) or what have you, but I need my patterns.  I need the comfort in the knowledge I have on a particular person/place/thing.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t try something new, because I will, but it takes a hell of a lot more for me to adopt the new method.  Usually people don’t have the patience for me to fully embrace something.

Anyway, enough musing, back to my original purpose of this post!

On top of the trio (now quad) and duo characters that I made to level with Slice and Del, I made a pally to solo level when I couldn’t level with them.  Since the leveling groups can’t seem to get off the ground I have been leveling the pally a lot.

I am leveling her without any heirlooms or help from an 80.  This is kind of how I was planning on leveling my roguelette.  Technically I do have an 80 on the server, but Failmage was cleaned out on badges and honor when I transferred my druid to DT so she really doesn’t have anything left to help the pally out with.  The only thing she has is cash and I am trying to not use that.  I am leveling jewel crafting and mining on my pally and trying to make my money there.  So far the only thing I have used Failmage for is the few bags and JC mats she brought over from Bloodhoof.  My poor JC over there now has no gems or stock of bars.

Oh well.

Thanks to a pretty awesome economy on the new server, I have been able to make decent gold for a leveling toon.  I recently moved her from 90 to 130 on her jewel crafting and I was able to sell 96% of the goods making her almost 50 gold.  This is actually pretty decent when you think about what level all these things were.  There was also a ton of the same things on the market.  I am not sure if people actually purchased the items to use them (either as gear or for enchanting mats) or if I was bought out by someone trying to control the market.  I am leaning towards someone leveling their enchanting.  The money was pretty awesome because I was able to purchase a mining bag.

Just as an aside – WTF is it with this server?!!?  A 20 slot mining bag should not be listed for 150g.  I do want to express my heartfelt joy at finding a bag at 25g though – was totally awesome.  Even on Bloodhoof the mining bags NEVER sold for 150g, even the 32 slotter!  Crazy server economy, seriously.

What is up with copper nodes EVERYWHERE in the first 4 zones?  Copper turns grey pretty damn quick so there really is no justification for it to be so abundant through the level 30 zones.

I was telling Slice yesterday that out of all the professions I think mining is my favorite.  Considering I have never maxed it out, I still really enjoy it.  I have leveled it up with smelting (on my DK, very expensive I don’t recommend it) and I have leveled it up to fel iron on my roguelette.  The biggest problem I have found was moving from tin to iron.  The biggest issue for this?  NO FUCKING TIN ANYWHERE.  There is nothing but copper EVERYWHERE.  Seriously Blizz, I hope this gets fixed in Cataclysm.  No one needs that much copper.

No one.

Anyway.  There is just something about finding a mining node and snagging it.  I get so excited when I find a node that is in my level range.  Currently on the pally I am mining iron.  Whenever I find one I just start giggling and get all giddy.

I can’t explain it.  I just get happy.

Herbing only does that for me when I find a frost lotus node.  Which BTW I keep finding in WG.  Makes me really happy. 😀

I have this habit of talking to the game while I am playing.  I name call, talk smack, etc.  The best part (at least to me) is I hit my PTT button and share my voice with the people in vent with me.

Entertainment people.  It is free entertainment.  My gift to you! 😀

I am so giving 😀

Leveling the pally has been pretty fun.  On Saturday I got a Paladin quest that had me go into SFK, DM and BFD.  I was level 25 when I started it.  I thought to myself, “hey you could totally solo SFK & DM!”  So I ran out to SFK (seriously long run for Alliance, I got spoiled as Horde) and started the dungeon.

I was able to solo it without dying (dinging 26 shortly after starting it) but it took forever.  To make things worse, the vast majority of the mobs were grey.  I did end up with some pretty sweet blue gear and a ton of greens.  What makes me mad was I couldn’t solo the final boss.  He would transform me into a worgen and end up being at full health.  So even if I got him lower than 50% it wouldn’t matter.  Pissed me off.  I worked so hard to get up to him, clearing all the irritating trash just to fail at completing the dungeon fully.

Waste of 2 hours.

Afterwards I ran out to BFD.  I got lucky in that I didn’t have to go into the instance to get the item.  I just had to kill the mobs on the outside.  Once that was done I made my way back to DM and only went as far as the room where the mobs I needed were at.  I got lucky and the item dropped off the first one I killed.  I hearthed out of there.  Everything was grey and not worth my time it took to kill the elites.

I get all the items together for the quest, turn them in, just to find out that the weapon that was crafted for me was more suited to a holy pally.


Oh well, I put the mace in my bank.  It was a cool quest nonetheless.

I kept plugging away for the rest of the weekend and when I logged out last night I had just dinged 33.  I will most likely be playing her again tonight.  I had to resort to leveling in STV again.  All the quests in AH and DWM were orange and red.  I like to quest on yellow quests.  Orange can just take too much time.  When I pick her back up again I will keep questing in STV until the quests in the other areas turn yellow.  Then I will move back over there.  It will break up being in STV for 15 levels.

The trio is supposed to be questing on Tuesday night.  Keep your fingers crossed that it happens.  I want to level my priest damn it!