Shake Your Money Maker

The new server economy in which I find myself is unlike any other I have seen since I started playing in 2008.  For the first time I think I might actually be able to make a nice little sum of money.  Now I don’t think I will be turning into a goblin any time soon, but I should be able to provide for my pally when she hits Outlands.  Epic flying at 60?  I think I should be able to swing that :D.

What is fascinating to me is the herb market fluctuation.  Let’s take Goldclover for example.  Last week when I transferred my mage over (either Wednesday or Thursday) I put up some Goldclover on the AH.  Sold it at 25g a stack.  I managed to sell all 3 stacks that I put up.  I didn’t get a chance to farm again on her until Friday.  When I went to go put up some more on the AH the price per stack had dropped to 9g a stack and the market was flooded with Goldclover.  I of course held off.  I was not going to sell my herbs at 9g a pop when I knew that I could get better if I just waited a few days.

All weekend long the AH was flooded with herbs.  Every Northrend herb I had in stock was extremely cheap on the AH and just overflowing in quantities.  I looked at the names on the auctions and it was the same 2-3 people.  The funny thing to me was the quantities were just not going down.  Translation = people weren’t buying herbs.

Fast forward to Monday.  I check out the market.  Goldclover was up to 12g a stack.  A few herbs weren’t even in stock.  I jumped in and listed a few stacks.  No sooner did I list the herbs and they were purchased.  Woot!  What I found odd was the herbs I listed don’t usually get farmed and I rarely see them flooding the AH.  I think I might just have a little corner to work on.

I am going to check the AH tonight and see what the prices are doing.  I found that there really aren’t many farmers in WG on this server.  It is a PvE server so that might be the reason.  An observation that I have noticed about PvE servers is that the players don’t usually go near something that will flag them for PvP.  On a PvP server people have a PvE spec and a PvP spec.  Arena teams florish and WG is usually packed.  I have yet to participate in a WG on this server, but Slice has and he said it was a very even fight.  I need to learn to PvP on fail mage before I set foot into WG on her.

I’ve gotten lucky with farming in WG.  I can usually find at least 2 frost lotus nodes at the minimum when I farm in there.  When I farmed WG on Bloodhoof, I found one node, ever.  I can recognize them from the air now.  Kinda is cool when I think about it.

Farming in SB is a bit more crowded.  When I was farming there this weekend there were at least 4 other herbers around.  Vicious too.  Some people will be nice and let you keep the node that you had to kill the mobs to reach, not these guys.  I will at least wait to see if you pick the node after you kill the mobs.  If you leave afterwards then the node is up for grabs.  The downside to SB is the sheer amount of AT you get.  So far that particular herb doesn’t go for very much.  Which, when you think about it, makes sense if the market has so many people farming SB.

I’ve also been thinking about going back and farming copper ore on my pally.  I need to start looking and see if copper is going for much on this server.  Currently she can mine up to gold.  I think I am like 10 points away from mithril.  Her jewel crafting is going well too.  I have managed to keep her on par with my mining.  STV has been good to me for iron.  I’ve even found a gold node and a silver one.  Quite tasty to be perfectly honest.

I’ve been thinking about making flasks and selling those instead of the herbs.  I do know that one flask of the frost wyrm was more expensive than the frost lotus that was listed.  I am an elixir master, even though I rarely get procs.  Drives me nuts too.  Why did I spend all that time doing that horrid quest chain if it never procs?  *sigh*  Once the pally gets her jewel crafting high enough I am going to change over to transmute spec.  The gems will come in handy.  I kind of want to start doing WG daily on fail mage just to get gems with honor.

I don’t want to have to download an auction add on.  I know I probably should if I want to be serious about making money, but for now it is kind of game and I am having fun with it.  I have this feeling that if I download an add on then I will be turning it into a job and I am not quite sure I want to bring that aspect into the game.  I am finally back to having fun again and I don’t really want to do anything to mess it up.

In other news the pally hit 35 last night.

Trio leveling tonight too!