Thursday Three Things

Because I felt like copying Del.

And I am lazy.

Thursday Three Things:

1.  I get very competitive when I farm something.  I HAVE to be awesome at it.  I also have to tell EVERYONE about it.

Just so you know, In under 2 hours of herbing Wintergrasp I got 15 frost lotus.  8 of them were from actual frost lotus nodes.


2.  Spreadsheets and budgets make me happy.

You seriously have no idea how happy.

3.  I have to keep my finger nails short.

I have flat somewhat square finger nails and they are rather thin.  They tend to peel and break.  Since they don’t look nice when long it doesn’t really bother me to have to cut them.  The downside is I LIKE having long nails to scratch.

I also REALLY like the sound of nails tapping.

Have I mentioned I am odd yet?

15 frost lotus!!!!!