Pally Powah!

I have been leveling a Ret pally on the new server.  So far it has been a blast.  From my soloing SFK & DM to dinging 40 last night.

The Art of War is pure win!

I play with Vuhdo up on all of my characters.  This helps to keep my health in mind and if my character has any dispelling abilities I can use them.  For my pally it has been a savior.  I can now survive even more mobs than I normally would be able to.  BTW Gift of the Naruu is the best thing EVAH!  I run into a pack of mobs, pop that on me and just go to town.

I count it a win when I still have cooldowns available and a pile of dead mobs surround me.

I haven’t been doing the random dungeon finder because I don’t really like melee dps.  Also, with the way people pull these dungeons (like they are level 80 decked out in heroic ICC gear) you have to run constantly and have an AoE to be able to do any kind of damage.  The only AoE I have (at this level) is consecrate.  I will run up to the mobs, judge one and check the tank then drop my consecrate, just to have the fricken tank run off and take the mobs with him.


Drives me up the wall.

Because of this, and because I totally FAIL at melee dps in dungeons (on the roguelette too) I haven’t queued up.  This has resulted in me being stuck in the same gear for level after level.  I was actually wearing some green BoEs that were leather because I had been wearing the quest reward green for so long that the leather was an upgrade.  In fact I think she still has a few leather pieces equipped.

I’ve asked Slice to run me through some dungeons to get some better gear (I didn’t get a new weapon until last night, had the same one since 25) and he just hasn’t done it.  I reminded him again this morning.  He said he would run me through when he isn’t raiding so woot!

Yesterday I was in a masochistic mood so I queued up for a random.  I got in a group for SM Armory and we seriously completed that place in about 10 mins.  I shit you not.  Being the only one not in BoAs I had no competition for the mail shoulders that dropped.  Considering I was still wearing the leather ones from SFK I was ecstatic when they dropped.

I then opened my satchel and I had a pair of plate shoulders. >.>  But hey, I was only 38 at the time so it worked out.  I can’t wear plate until 40 anyway.

Since I wanted to see about getting some more gear I decided to queue up again.  I got in a group for SM Cathedral.  I zoned in and the 2 other dps (rogues) were already fighting the mob in the first room.  The warrior tank apparently didn’t like that and left.  I offered to tank until we got a new one.

I was actually kind of surprised at how much fun I had.  I never thought that I would LIKE being a tank.  Now mind you I was still Ret and I didn’t even bother switching out to my one hander and shield that I had.  The healer was awesome and I just rocked it out.  After we finished the run (where I got to tank a bit more a few other times) everyone was so happy with the group that we all queued up together again and got Uldaman.  The group was really awesome and went to all the areas where there were mining nodes for me to pick up the mithril.  Win!

I managed to ding 39 while in there (I swear we cleared out every mob) and left both runs with 2 new pieces of plate.   Since I wanted to hit 40 before I crashed out, I stayed up to ding.  By the time I finished everything I wanted to it was 1 am.  >.>

So yeah Pally Powah!!!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. slice213
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 13:52:23

    Pallys are OP. yup yup.

    How to pally.

    1.) plant face on KB….roll face across said KB. Rince, repeat.


  2. Kaylex
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 09:40:22

    I took my Pally on an alt ICC 25 run last Friday. I’m in T9, with only 2 pieces of 245 (pvp gear), forgot to turn on my “sense undead” and still was 6th in overall dps.

    WHY HAVE I BEEN PLAYING A BOOMKIN ALL THESE MONTHS? Where gear and skill actually matter?

    step 1: mash any button that isnt on cooldown
    step 2: win


  3. Dilynrae
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 22:26:34

    I also remember Ret Pallys being laughable in all but PvP in Burning Crusade, times have a changed.


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