I’m not dead yet

I have just been leveling alts and playing Dragon Age.  I warned Slice that if he got me Dragon Age for my birthday that I would be addicted and would only want to play that.

For that very reason I had put off actually installing it on my computer.

Until this last weekend >.>

I had a three day weekend and I knew that Slice would be busy with homework so I knew I would have to entertain myself.  Lo and behold Dragon Age was sitting there waiting for me.

Thus began the weekend where I snapped at anyone and anything that interrupted my play time.

I even changed my gchat status to “Playing Dragon Age.  Interrupt me at your own peril.”

This of course didn’t stop Sorak from pinging me all weekend, or Slice calling me and texting me. /sigh men.

I am not sure if I have fully gotten through the beginnings of my game addiction or what.  I was able to not play it all night yesterday, so maybe the first thrall is done.

The reason I didn’t get to play all night last night was because the world events to take back the Echo Isles started.  After a pretty horrid day at work, I logged in and Slice and I did the event.  It was pretty cool.  Other than the first few quests (which if you are in a party only one person needs to do) you could basically sit back and just follow the giant group of people participating.  It was a nice little thing to help me calm down.

I guess I should back up a bit.

As several of my readers are aware, massive drama erupted in SR.  It resulted in several people leaving, myself included.  Well recently the source of the drama left SR and Sorak was left holding the bag.  Sorak & Zug were the original GMs of Shadow Rising.  The original group of people were good friends who happened to be awesome players.  Sorak decided he wanted to bring that back, but on a smaller scale.  As a result everyone who left because of the drama has since returned.  Well except for Slice’s priest.  He is sticking with his new guild and I think it is great.

The new goal of Shadow Rising is to be a small tight guild.  There are only about 10-15 raiders.  We will only be doing 10 man raids (wont need to worry about 25 mans ever again!).  Right now Sorak wants to work on getting everyone their ICC drakes.  Since this is the group that took down the LK I am fully confident we will be able to do it.  We did it once, we can totally do it again.

As a guild.

As friends.

Because frankly that is ultimately all that is important.

Oh and having Journey music playing, we mustn’t forget that!


Anyway, back to last night.

So Slice and I were online (and back in SR, both of us are officers now) and doing the world event.  Suddenly in O chat Zug starts talking about doing an ICC run since we have 9 people online.  Sorak had to leave in like an hour but Moog was going to be online around that time.  Well what do we do until then?

Let’s go do the weekly guys!

It seriously felt like old times.  We grabbed all of the guildies online (except 1) and snagged a friend and former guildie to fit the 10th spot and we went to Ulduar to take down Razorscale.  We were joking and flailing about.  In fact Zug died in the first 10 seconds of the Razorscale fight.

I was home.

Afterwards we decided to go to ICC and clear trash with 9 people until Moog could come online.  Sorak left it up to Zug and me to lead the raid.  I asked Zug what he wanted to do and he told me to just lead the raid.

Well lookie here, I am raid leading again ^_^

What actually ended up happening was Slice and I led the raid.  I think it went over well with the two of us.  We tend to work well with each other.  LOL I would hope that we would.

I don’t think I really yelled at anyone the entire night.  AND I was healing too!

That has to be some kind of record.

We had a guildie that was a brand new 80 that had never raided.  So we got to take him through and show him ICC.  We only did heroic lootship (we had alts that weren’t as geared and some of us (me!) haven’t done heroics yet so I wasn’t comfortable healing them) but we two healed everything except for the blood wing trash and BP.  We one shot everything up to BQL in about 2 hours I think.  Maybe less.  We had to call it a bit early because we were losing some raiders, but it was a good stopping point.

By the time the night was over I was actually laughing and having fun.  I want to thank my guildies again for cheering me up.  I ❤ you guys and I am glad to be back home.

I totally went and played Dragon Age once the raid was over.  I HAD to get some time in for the day 😉

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. slice213
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 09:58:43

    Important note. Zug was tanking. Zug prot main. Fury OS XD


  2. AngerFork
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 10:14:34

    Sounds awesome…both the SR piece and Dragon Age, which I still have yet to play! 🙂


  3. repgrind
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 19:58:46

    OMG. i just remembered .. my hawt belf DK is still stranded over there on DTK. Hmmmm…….


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