Thursday Three Things

Since Del is out of town this week I decided to post this in his stead.

No he didn’t ask me to, I just decided I would 😀

1.  My father is a member of MENSA, I however am not.  Although I was put through a ton of “gifted student” testing as a kid.  I think I even took the SATs when I was like 7 or 8.  I don’t remember exactly what it was and I never remember to ask my mom.  I should probably look into joining MENSA though.

2.  I love romance novels that don’t have a lot of sex in them.  I actually enjoy the romantic story more than the descriptions of sex.  However I do enjoy hentai immensely.  So I guess it balances out.

3.  Since I deleted all of my facebook apps I no longer have a reason to log in, yet I compulsively check it every hour.  WTB friends who post more on there.