Screenshot Friday – Guest edition

Since I am visiting Slice I decided to use a picture emailed to me by Tel.  It made him laugh, and it made me laugh.


BlinkFloyd will now take the stage

Screenshot Friday

Happy Halloween everyone 😀

I <3 my guildies

I have been threatening people with posting some screenshots I took.  It is about time I carried through with it.

*evil grin*

Del and his big "sword"


The naked was scaring Njeri so much that Slice died


A momentous occasion


I just wanted to point out Lion's outfit


Oh hai thar


Sorak has a thing for Real Talk with R Kelly


I wouldn't play it for him

He is actually pretty cheap when you get down to what he does


Not guildies, but funny nonetheless


Boys and their love of moobs


See! It isn't always me!


I have warned them that I will be screenshotting moments in chat so eventually I will post more. 😀


I typically chat with my GM Sorak throughout the day while I am at work.  Here is an example of one of our conversations:

ME: slacking on those dispells ;-p
           Tattia 123 (resto druid)
           Orangeslice 40 (prot pally)
           Sorak 9 (resto shammy)
           Zerlegen 9 (marks hunter)
           Syldairus 8 (shadow priest)
           Lioncourt 3 (ret pally)

SORAK: dude i got as much as the dps, thats good nuff

ME: the tank beat you

SORAK: course he did….i can’t dispell disease!

ME: fail shammy, fail
im going to use this as a reason why you beat me in heals
i was too busy dispelling to heal anyone
yeah that’s it

SORAK: lol
can you dispell disease btw?

ME: nope

SORAK: i see you at 12 dispells on LK

ME: curse, poison and magic

SORAK: what were you curing?

ME: the magic from the silence

SORAK: ahhh
i’m going to blame my getting silenced for not being able to dispell silence….

well if you wouldnt run in front of the cone . . .

SORAK: can’t help it if i’m large! don’t make fun of fat ppl



He is a Tauren /sigh

Leveling and LFD after 4.01

As you all know I love me some leveling.  I have so many alts I have had worries that I might have to delete some because I might be getting close to the 50 character cap.

Yeah I am pretty bad.

As some of you know I have been trying my damnedest to level a priest almost since I started playing WoW.  Once I get into the swing of it, something happens that stops me from continuing.  My first priest was made when Andrew got me Burning Crusade for my birthday in 2008.  Lyssiana (I happen to REALLY like the name) was a pretty little draenei priest.  At this point in time I still didn’t know much about the game.  I figured that since most my spells were holy based, I would level her holy and just smite and holy fire my way to 70.  I had every intention of making her my first healer.

Around the same time I was starting the make the push to get Millea leveled.  I was distracted with Lyssiana long enough to get her to 24 then I had to stop playing her and focus on Millea again.  She just kind of sat there and gathered dust.

Fast forward to Wrath and the LFD.  I now had 3 80s, Millea, Tatia and Fail Mage.  I had decided that I was going to level my priest.  I got her decked out in heirlooms.  I even did MC on Millea so that I could get the +30 spellpower enchant to put on the mace.  I scoured the AH and found her all manner of yummy blues and greens.  She is a JC so I made sure her rings and neck piece were the best I could make for her.

I fixed her spec and started queuing up for random dungeons as a healer.  She was going to be a holy priest.  In between dungeons (yeah she sometimes had to wait, even as a healer) she was running around hitting things with holy fire and lolsmiting.  I also was wanding a whole lot.  When I didn’t wand I had to drink.  A LOT.

That part wasn’t fun.

The dungeons weren’t all that much better.  I ran the same SM instances so many times I even got the same players.  I actually had to make a macro to stop people from being dicks.  It really didn’t work, just made a few people laugh.

One day I decided I wanted to level my horde warlock Lyssianna, the one that is now my main.  My little priest just kind of got abandoned.

Fast forward to when I server transferred Tatia.  I stripped Lyssiana of all her heirlooms and shipped them off to DT.  To this day she is still sitting in less than full gear.  Poor priesty.

When Slice transferred his priest to Alliance we decided we were going to roll lowbie Alliance toons and level as a group with our friends.  I spoke of this group in past posts.  I rolled a priest and named her Lyssianna (I told you I like this name).  Our group got to 20 (well Zari got to 22 because only leveling together is a foreign concept to him :-p) and then fell apart.  Mostly because Del has stopped playing, but also because we just never got around to finding a time that worked for everyone.  This is kind of a bummer because the group leveling was a blast.

So yet again I have another priest that got abandoned.  I now had a level 34 priest and a level 20 priest sitting gathering dust.

Shortly before 4.01 launched I decided I was going to make yet another priest.  This time I would make her on Drak.  I wasn’t going to level her with heirlooms but I WAS going to level her mostly through dungeons and PvP.  She would be a disc priest because I heard a rumor that they would get penance at level 10.  I didn’t want to level with heirlooms because I wanted to experience the excitement of getting new gear in dungeons.  When you have heirlooms, you really don’t get new gear all that often.  I decided I wasn’t going to twink her out with enchants or even make gear for her with Lyssi.  I was just going to take what I could get while I went through.

I leveled her to 10 and then waited for the patch to drop.  I think I waited like 2 days, not too long.  It took me longer to decide what her professions were going to be than it did to get to level 10.

When the patch hit I of course took care of Lyssi, Tattia, Fail Mage & the DK first.  I even took care of the baby pally.  After they were taken care of I high tailed it back to my new priest.  I have decided that she is a pretty pretty princess.  I personally think she is even prettier than Lyssi.  As a result, she will have a purple hawkstrider, a pink epic hawkstrider and only fly on her sparkle pony.  As soon as I can, I am making her a complete princess outfit.

Yes I am serious.

I had previously decided that she would be leveling as Disc.  I figured that I could pew pew things with Penance and probably do quite well.  I killed a level 21 elite as level 17, solo I might add. 😀  Bubbles are OP, just sayin’.

At level 10 I queued up for a BG.  It was like the day of the patch or the day after, I can’t remember.  It was insane.  There was this level 19 frost mage, twinked out to the teeth (why he was in regular BGs instead of with twinks is beyond me; I am convinced he was just an asshole) 1 and 2 shotting everyone on the field.  You seriously couldn’t do a damn thing against him.  At one point everyone rushed him, and he killed us all.  It was pretty fucked up.  Being level 10 in the 19 bracket, I expected to die a lot, which I did.  At one point I found my way to the bushes in the middle and hid in them healing people.  The stupid water elemental from the frost mage found me and killed me though.  Fucker.

I queued up again afterwards, in the hope that it wouldn’t be THAT bad again.

It was.

I kind of gave up for the night after that.  I worked on some quests on PPP and got her into the Ghostlands.

One of the things I noticed after the patch hit was I was leveling like crazy.  I don’t know if it was just the extra XP I got from picking flowers (awesome addition btw) or if they just seriously reduced the amount of XP needed to level.  I have a feeling it is a bit of both.  I can’t imagine how quickly the leveling would go if I had heirlooms.  Hell everything would be grey before I would have a chance to even pick it up.  As it was, most quests went green pretty quickly.  Since I wanted the rep for Tranquillin I wanted to make sure I did all the quests.  I made it a habit to go do all the green quests first.  Usually by the time I finished the first batch of green quests, the yellow ones had turned green.

When I hit 15 I started queuing up for dungeons.  BTW neat thing!  You CANNOT queue for WC until you discover it.  Guess which instance I will NEVER go discover?  That’s right bitches. 😀

In the beginning you (of course) get RFC over and over again.  The first group I had was a pretty decent one.  The tank had no problem holding aggro and the dps weren’t jerks.  It was a good start.  I won the bracers from the boss and got a nifty cloak from my bag.  A very good start!

I dropped group and did a couple quests.  I have noticed that I typically have anywhere from a 10 min to 20 min wait for a dungeon, as a healer.  The only thing I can think of is the lack of tanks.  I think more people will level healers vs actually leveling a tank.  It makes sense when you think about it.

The second group I got was not so great.  First of all the tank had the lowest health out of everyone, including me.  I had recently hit 17.  The tank was 15, everyone else was 16-17.  The tank chimes up with “Oh goody my first dungeon as a pally tank.”  The person with the most health was an aff lock.  This guy was an asshole.  It took me a min to realize that the warlock was in fact tanking and the pally tank was running somewhere behind me.  The warlock started picking on the pally tank and at that point I just stopped healing him.

Eventually he died and I left him there.  He said “I think the healer was afk.”  I replied “Nope I just didn’t heal you.”  At that point he said “Ok looks like I am running back.”  There was a shaman and a pally in the group, both could have rezzed him, the fact that no one did didn’t seem to phase him.  Even had I wanted to rez him I couldn’t have because they stayed in combat.  The pally tank was horrible.  Apparently they don’t get righteous fury until 16 so the dude couldn’t hold threat, even off me.  On top of that he was auto attacking one mob at a time.  It was a horrible run.  The warlock finally made it back to the group just as the tank engaged the boss, completely ignoring the fact that the other warlock (there were 2 in the group) and the shaman were still fighting adds.  The cuffs dropped again, I passed and dropped group.  I wasn’t staying with those guys any longer.

In an attempt to not get RFC again I queued up for WSG.  Guess who was in that with me? >.>  Yep Mr. Warlock himself.


He either didn’t recognize me or chose to ignore me.  Hell he could have put me on ignore for all I know.  It was funny to say the least.  This time I didn’t bother moving away from our base.  I stayed near the graveyard and rebuffed the newly rezzed people and attacked the alliance toons that were running out of our base.  There was an actual plan in this run and we managed to pull it off.  I was “guarding” the bear that had the flag along with a shaman.  It was actually a pretty fun time.  We kept joking in chat.  There were two Sub rogues in the group and they kept competing with each other.  At first they were fighting, but by the end they were buddies and joking about how OP ambush is.

We ended up winning that BG.  It was a refreshing change after how the last couple I was in.

I queued up for another one and did the same thing as the previous one, kind of.  I did go on the offensive a bit more on this one.  I killed around 4-5 people.  I managed to get the killing blow on 2 of them.  Penance as a dps spell is just pure win.  I ended up guarding the flag room with a kitty and we were able to defend against the alliance that kept trying to take our flag.  They all died. 😀

I went back to questing for a bit.  I capped out the evening by hitting 20 and getting my mount.  I am very unhappy to say that the only thing you get at 20 is riding.  No talent point, no new spell.  Simply riding.

Slice pointed out that riding is kind of a big deal, but yeah, I was hoping for a new spell 😦

Sunday I went back and queued up for dungeons.  I got Deadmines for a dungeon that was already in progress.  Apparently they had wiped on the boss right before VC and the healer left.  I zoned in to find a mage next to me and the tank and 2 other dps corpse running.  They asked if I could rez them, I said sure but couldn’t find their bodies.  The mage apparently wasn’t going to wait for the tank to come back and started pulling mobs one at a time.  One of the other dps dropped group instead of running back.  Eventually they all got back.  The mage conveniently D/Cd so I conveniently voted to kick him.  For the first time I was given the pop up window where I was able to put in a reason.  We ended up getting a kitty druid who was a really nice and helpful guy.  In fact the whole group was pretty awesome.  I managed to win the staff and the chest piece that VC drops.  Mix that in with some boots I got and PPP looked like a pirate wench.  Was rather funny.

Ahem "Argg" and somesuch

I queued up again and got a SFK run.  I had been in the middle of questing so my mana was almost out.  I tried to drink after buffing everyone but the tank was already off and running.  Each time I tried to sit and drink the tank would be off pulling another group of mobs.  I finally said “I need to get mana” and the kitty druid told the tank to keep pulling he would heal him.  The tank was horrible to start with.  I had so many mobs hitting me from putting one bubble on him.  I got pissed and said “Well looks like you don’t need me” and dropped group.  Fuck that noise.

I quested some more while waiting out my debuff then queued up again.  I got a fresh Deadmines run.  Other than people congratulating each other on level dinging, it was silent.  The shaman & the warrior seemed to be vying for who was tanking.  Once the druid hit 20 he switched from caster form to bear form.  He then started tanking as well.  The warlock (demo) had her felguard (how weird is it to see a felguard in the low level dungeons?) and he was tanking as well.  She was occasionally putting up a BoA or a corruption.  Then she would melee if a mob would get too close.  I was VERY disappointed in this warlock.

Everyone leveled at least once.  The druid leveled twice.  I snagged the gloves and the wand.  Getting gear is fun!

I did some more quests, then queued up hoping I would get SFK (I wanted the robes) and got BFD.  As soon as I zoned in I knew it was going to be one of those groups.  The warrior tank was off and running as soon as he zoned in.  There was another priest (dpsing as Disc too) a kitty druid and an arcane mage.  The mage was having issues zoning in.  The druid (her and the mage were married) let the party know, but the tank wasn’t listening.  He seriously just kept running until he had a half dozen mobs on him then would dps them down and run off to grab more mobs.  I felt like I was in an 80 heroic with an ICC heroic geared tank.  While jumping in the beginning of the dungeon I fell in the water (I fail at jumping btw) so I was a bit behind everyone else.  That is when I realized that the dpsing Disc priest was healing.  I thanked him for healing and asked him why he was dpsing as disc.  He said he forgot to switch back to his shadow spec.  I said, well you can do it now.  Did he?  Nope.

I will tell you why.

The asshole tank and the disc dpsing priest were from the same server, my server in fact.  They never stopped being in combat.  If the tank was dead (I stopped healing him at this point) the priest would stay in combat.  As you know, you cannot kick someone if you are in combat or recently leave combat.  At one point it was down until 30 seconds before I could kick him and they went back into combat.  I was pissed.  The kitty went bear at one point because the warrior really wasn’t tanking anything.  The three of us kind of stuck together.  The bear tanking, me healing and the mage dpsing while the other two were off doing whatever they were doing.  I was whispering with the bear and mage and we decided to stay in group once we were done (since there wasn’t going to be a way to kick the warrior) and just queue up together.  When the boss was killed cloth pants dropped.  The warrior needed on them in an attempt to ninja them from us.  Luckily the mage won them.  In fact the mage won every drop (it was all cloth/caster gear), it was kind of funny.

The three of us queued up again and got stockades.  The bear had never been there.  Funny considering they both had been playing for 5 years.  We got a nice hunter and shaman.  The five of us just kicked ass in the dungeon.  When the tank accidentally overpulled I kept everyone alive.  I got lots of complements on my healing.  Everyone was chatting and just having fun talking.  It was groups like these that make me wish I had a cross server friend’s list so I could queue up with them.

I managed to finish up the weekend at level 24.  I know you get your first glyphs at 25 so I was a bit bummed that I didn’t make it there.  I was so tired that I just couldn’t stay up long enough to make the push.

All in all it was a very productive weekend.  I think that the dungeons are going to be packed a bit more with the jerks than before.  So many people are taking advantage of the new spells and talents you have at lower levels and are flooding the dungeons.  While I saw more jerks than nice people, it wasn’t bad enough to fully drive me away.  I intend to take full advantage of the dungeon finder with the PPP.  I just hope the jerks will be less as I get higher up in the levels.

So far I am pretty happy with the new leveling experience.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store 😀

Screenshot Friday – Guest post!

So last night I (again) logged off before I could remember to upload a picture for today.

Luckily I have an awesome friend who swooped in and saved my butt!

Thank you Angerfork! 😀

There are lots of theories that go around about what my warlock is doing in this picture.  Many think it looks like he’s conjuring up something really evil, but I tend to think of it more as a small vacation in Purgatory or the Nether.  And how does one get to this wonderland of glitchy-fun, you may ask?

1. Get disconnected in Orgrimmar
2. Upon reconnection, show up somehow floating over a Textureless version of the Eastern Plaguelands, defying all known laws of physics.
3. Try to release that soul and you’ll be floating somewhere over the Hinterlands. Don’t worry, your friends and your body will think you’ve never left Durotar.


Whatever it is that caused that, It is totally awesome.

Thanks again hun! 😀

Your Mt. Rushmore

There is a radio station that I listen to most mornings here in SD. Every Tuesday they do this bit known as the Mt. Rushmore list. Today they had the list be about movie villains. They each do their own list then they poll callers. The 4 movie villains that made Mt. Rushmore were: Hannibal Lecter, Dark Knight’s Joker, Darth Vader and Freddie Kruger.

I thought I would do this a little different.  I was curious who people would list for their Mt. Rushmore of WoW villains.  Now I am not talking about raid bosses, but the 5 man bosses or just quest mobs.  Post your replies in the comments and put a little blurb as to why.

Here are mine in no particular order:

Prince Valanar in the Last Rites quest in Borean Tundra.

I think this stands out for me because I just re-did this quest on my DK.  This quest shows up as a 3 person quest.  Slice and I couldn’t pull it off 2 manning it.  I remember with all my other toons having to either group up (Millea was in a group of 5) or have a guildie pop over on their 80 and help me kill it.  Hell, I remember having someone’s 80 die as we tried to 2 man it.  Frankly I think Valanar was easier in ICC.

Priestess Delrissa in Heroic Magister’s Terrace

Now I have never done this boss at the appropriate level, but she is a BITCH even at 80.  Slice and I have been farming HMGT for the pet and mount (and rep for him) and at first we went in as a Ret Pally and an Aff Lock.  Wipes are not fun as level 80.  Now that he has gone back to a prot offspec we have an easier time 2 manning this place.  Even then this fight causes problems.  I can only imagine what it was like at 70.

Arazzius the Cruel in the Cruel’s Intentions Quest in Hellfire Peninsula

While this isn’t exactly a really hard quest, it is still a pain in the ass.  This guy hits like a truck and is tough enough to where (unless you are a tank) you will really want to group up to kill him.  On all of my toons I only needed 1 or 2 others to help (depending on their level) in order to get him down.  Still a PITA.

Shade of Arugal in Hour of the Worg quest in Grizzly Hills.

HATE, HATE, HATE this quest.  Even at 80 I have a hard time soloing this on my casters.  Since I have only ever leveled up casters (yes druid was leveled boomkin) I don’t know how cake this fight is as a tank or an armored class.  I just know I had a hell of a time attempting to solo this fight.  Even with the NPC’s help (or lack thereof) I think I wipe at least once or twice each time I try to do this quest.  I was in GH the other day on fail mage and there was a level 80 shadow priest trying to find someone to help her complete that quest.  At least now I know I am not alone in hating that quest.

Honorable mention:  The storm giant quest in ZD.  I only completed that quest once.  I will NEVER do that quest again.

So what are your top 4 WoW villains?

Screenshot Friday

Fail mage gets a cool ride

LK down again bitches!!

LK kill #2 for SR 😀


On our last attempt for the night we pulled off a perfect attempt.  No deaths.

Congratulations again guys!  Your hard work paid off.  I am so proud of you all!

PS – My tree now has Kingslayer 😀

A tale of a fail mage

Now I have mentioned in the past that I have a level 80 mage.  She is known as fail mage.  Now I don’t say this as part of a self depreciation type thing.  That is what fail lock is for.  This toon really is fail.

It isn’t just that I don’t really know how to mage, because maging is quite simple, it is much more than that.

First of all it is her spec.  She is in a bastardized frostfire spec.  You know, the spec that was big with Naxx.  Yeah so that is the first thing wrong.  The next is her spell power.  She is barely over 2k.  This is with self buffs AND a flask of the north on.

She does awesome pyroblast crits of 7k!!

I know!  Please take your seats again.  Yes I know that was exciting, but really I must insist that you sit back down and calm down.

You would think having a 32% crit (without buffs) would garner more, but alas it does not.

Anyway on with the story!

So last week (Tuesday I think) I queued up fail mage for Direbrew (the pocketwatch is an upgrade & I wanted it.  Shut up) and got a group.  I could tell something was off right away.  First of all the tank (a pally) started the event but then just stood there.  Knowing how I am a mage and I will pull aggro like nothing I waited to cast until the tank had started attacking.  When she did I popped off a living bomb and started up a scorch.  With the first tick of LB I had aggro.  I immediately STOPPED dpsing and ran towards the tank (yes I always forget to pop my cooldowns, bite me) who BTW didn’t even bother to taunt the boss off me.  To make matters worse I wasn’t getting a single heal.

Eventually my aggro was surpassed by someone else and I managed to stand in the back at like 25% health.  I popped a health potion and my herbalism heal.   Still not getting any heals btw.  Checking to make sure the tank has aggro I pop off another living bomb to GET AGGRO AGAIN!  This time I was too low health and I died.  The item drops (it is the pocketwatch) and I pass on it not thinking.  Before I can even type out a request to get a rez the healer and the other 2 dps drop group.  The pally tank is still in the group and I whisper her asking for a rez.  She zones out, but doesn’t drop group.  The moment I release, she drops group.

This death run is the biggest pain in the ass.  Not only did I die for no good reason, but my group members were complete assholes about it.  Now mind you this is all in the little time I have before our raid time in SR.  Fail mage is on another server (and faction) so it isn’t like someone could queue up with me and save me this.  Luckily (or not, depends on how you look at it) I was in vent and bitching up a storm.  They were, of course, laughing at me.


I decided to make the most of the death run and get the quest to pick up the key quest for BRD.  I make my way to the guy, pick up the quest (not read it mind you, just grab it) and while I am running off wonder why the quest guy has a blue question mark (repeatable quest) over his head.


He doesn’t.

Unfortunately I was completely oblivious to this as I made my way back into BRD and then teleported to Dalaran.  Still not looking at my quest log or really *thinking* about what I had just done I logged out and popped onto Tattia for the raid.

The rest of the evening goes on as per normal with my guild and I go to bed still oblivious to what is going on.

Wednesday rolls around.  I log into fail mage to again queue her up for Direbrew.  I get in a group (pocketwatch does NOT drop.  I was seriously kicking myself for passing on it before) and things progress as normal.  Good news!  The tank actually tanked and the healer actually healed!  I did not become a pile of fail mage on the ground.  I was planning on going from the bar to the rest of the instance to get the hammer so I could get the key.

That is when I just so happened to look at my quest log.


So now I needed to kill myself, RUN BACK, and complete the quest so that I could do what I had originally set out to do.


No biggie, I can just jump into the lava.  Then I can take some pretty pictures.

I start making my way out of the bar and the first mobs that I can’t just walk past are those fire elementals.  Now I was pretty sure that they were immune to fire, but just to be positive I popped a living bomb on them.  Ok cool immune.  Good thing I had my frost bolt and frostfire bolt on my task bar.  I hit frost bolt, 2k.


On a level 51 elite mob that should by all accounts be weak to frost only took 2k damage from my frost nuke?!!?!


I think I had to spam frost bolt like 6 or 7 times before the fucker died.  At this point the one next to it pulled and I had him chewing on me.  For the record Cone of Cold SUCKS.  At least with the second mob I used frostfire bolt (only partially immune!) and hit the dude for, wait for it . . .



Now before you all jump on me and ask me if it is down ranked, the answer is NO it isn’t.  These are the max level spells.

I finished killing the fire guys on the bridge and then jumped off.  I hit slow fall and just started snapping pictures.  Then I had to wait for the lava to kill me.

BTW swimming in lava is quite fun.

So now that I am making my 2nd death run in as many days I am trying to figure out how is it that fail mage is seriously this fail.  She is in 4 piece tier 9.  She really shouldn’t be THIS bad.

I get back in and complete the quest, and accept the CORRECT part of the quest (I still can’t believe I did that) and make my way back inside.

Luckily Blizzard kept the mole machine teleporters in the front of the instance so I was able to easily get to the bar.  Now I just had to figure out how in the hell to get to where I needed to go.

As I was making my way through I had to kill the mobs.  Not because I wanted to but because they aggroed from a mile away.

Let me reiterate this:

Level 51-53 elites aggro my level 80 mage.

Yeah I wasn’t happy either.

I popped living bomb on each mob (except for those hateful fire elementals) and the mobs weren’t dying.


Max rank of the spell, not doing enough damage to kill a level 51-53 elite.

I had to blast wave and THEN the resulting free flamestrike killed them.

It was very painful making my way to where I had to go.

I am happy to report that I did in fact get the quest completed.  Someone must have felt sorry for me because the quest mob had patted right to the entrance so I didn’t have to kill all the golems in the room to get to him.  Who knows how long I would have been in there had that been the case.

So now fail mage has the Shadowforge key.

I am NEVER getting rid of that fucking key.

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