Your Mt. Rushmore

There is a radio station that I listen to most mornings here in SD. Every Tuesday they do this bit known as the Mt. Rushmore list. Today they had the list be about movie villains. They each do their own list then they poll callers. The 4 movie villains that made Mt. Rushmore were: Hannibal Lecter, Dark Knight’s Joker, Darth Vader and Freddie Kruger.

I thought I would do this a little different.  I was curious who people would list for their Mt. Rushmore of WoW villains.  Now I am not talking about raid bosses, but the 5 man bosses or just quest mobs.  Post your replies in the comments and put a little blurb as to why.

Here are mine in no particular order:

Prince Valanar in the Last Rites quest in Borean Tundra.

I think this stands out for me because I just re-did this quest on my DK.  This quest shows up as a 3 person quest.  Slice and I couldn’t pull it off 2 manning it.  I remember with all my other toons having to either group up (Millea was in a group of 5) or have a guildie pop over on their 80 and help me kill it.  Hell, I remember having someone’s 80 die as we tried to 2 man it.  Frankly I think Valanar was easier in ICC.

Priestess Delrissa in Heroic Magister’s Terrace

Now I have never done this boss at the appropriate level, but she is a BITCH even at 80.  Slice and I have been farming HMGT for the pet and mount (and rep for him) and at first we went in as a Ret Pally and an Aff Lock.  Wipes are not fun as level 80.  Now that he has gone back to a prot offspec we have an easier time 2 manning this place.  Even then this fight causes problems.  I can only imagine what it was like at 70.

Arazzius the Cruel in the Cruel’s Intentions Quest in Hellfire Peninsula

While this isn’t exactly a really hard quest, it is still a pain in the ass.  This guy hits like a truck and is tough enough to where (unless you are a tank) you will really want to group up to kill him.  On all of my toons I only needed 1 or 2 others to help (depending on their level) in order to get him down.  Still a PITA.

Shade of Arugal in Hour of the Worg quest in Grizzly Hills.

HATE, HATE, HATE this quest.  Even at 80 I have a hard time soloing this on my casters.  Since I have only ever leveled up casters (yes druid was leveled boomkin) I don’t know how cake this fight is as a tank or an armored class.  I just know I had a hell of a time attempting to solo this fight.  Even with the NPC’s help (or lack thereof) I think I wipe at least once or twice each time I try to do this quest.  I was in GH the other day on fail mage and there was a level 80 shadow priest trying to find someone to help her complete that quest.  At least now I know I am not alone in hating that quest.

Honorable mention:  The storm giant quest in ZD.  I only completed that quest once.  I will NEVER do that quest again.

So what are your top 4 WoW villains?

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. repgrind
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:17:42

    Way to confuse me. I see SD and Mt. Rushmore in the same sentence and I immediately want to know how you moved to South Dakota without me knowing about it. lmao


  2. Delerius
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:18:03

    Valanaar was easy. Solo’d him on my pally.
    Arazzius the Cruel is beyond easy. Solo’d on my pally, then I stuck around and helped you with him, then I also did it for another guy in Hellfire. I also solo’d him on my DK a few weeks ago. Twice, because another DK wanted to group for it and he died within 5 seconds somehow.

    One of my most hated villains was the giant rock giant in western Nagrand that I tried to solo way back when I was leveling my druid.. I got crushed. Had to have an 80 help with that one.


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  4. slice213
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 13:13:35


    1.) Loken has always annoyed me. Stereotypical betrayal of evil brother over the good brother.

    2.) I know they are not a villain. But confessor Paletress is annoying. Any boss that has a fear mechanic pisses me off.

    3.) Ick from gun drak….gross just gross!

    4.) I know this is not a 5 man boss etc, but Sindragossa!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Njeri
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 16:42:11

    1) Hogger. The dude is classic. Even as a Hordie I have to give it up for him.

    2) Arugal. In general this guy is a wild card. He freakin released worgen to fight the Scourge *without* the Scythe of Elune.

    3) Putress. Even though he screwed things up for a lot of folks, I have to give him props for giving the Lich King a big kick in the nuts.

    4) Borelgore. Back in the day, this damn thing was a bad day waiting to happen. If you’d ever faced him as an elite while questing in EPL, you know what I mean.


  6. AngerFork
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 16:57:54

    Delrissa was a total pain. I went through several upon several attempts of that fight, usually only winning after about 5-6 wipes. I think I’d definitely add her as one of my four.

    As for the other three:
    Gregory Lescovar – I have yet to have an alliance character (other than my DK) that has not died at least once in the Lescovar fight. He’s not as bad now, but he used to be crazy hard. What’s nice is coming back as an 80 and helping anyone that asks w/ that fight, turning him into my own personal Gamon.

    Grandmaster Vorpil – That fight is such a pain. Between the voidwalkers and the teleports and the explosions…many many many wipes.

    Ragemane – Ah yes, Zul’Drak’s seal of death. Who pretty much makes pin cushions out of any non-pally or DK that dares to face it alone.


  7. Raven
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 08:14:40

    I said I’d reply here and never did. It’s been ages since I’ve been on, but with Cataclysm about to drop I’m starting to think about it. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of trying to write a novel while another novel is forming in my head. Not sure I’ll be able to fit WoW in there any time soon. So, for since of ease I’m going to pull the first four I think of. I guess if I still remember them now then they made quite the impression.

    The final guy in the halls of sethek. Am aware I spelled that wrong and nope, I don’t remember his name. He kicked our asses back when outlands first showed up.

    The dragon in the crusader repeatables. Never could solo that quest.

    Without a doubt that thing that wanders around hellfire peninsula. I still get chills when I hear that sound which sucked when they were using it as a dismount warning. (wow, I can’t remember anything!!)

    Finally, the level 55 elite tyranosaurus looking thing wandering around Unguro crater. I used to go back and kill them just for the hell of it. Still didn’t feel revenged enough.

    Glad to see you are still blogging. Will definitely try to get back around here more often.


    • koalabear21
      Dec 01, 2010 @ 08:40:38

      Yeah still blogging >.> about that . . .


      Yeah those sound about right. The fel reaver sucks still. Although it is much easier now to avoid him if you have flight. My poor priest is so jumpy and it has nothing to do with leveling on a pvp server.

      I need to start writing more but I just haven’t had the time. When I would normally update my blog (mornings at work) are no longer viable times (boss is in early now) so by the time I have a moment to update I am almost done for the day or I just don’t have anything to say.

      I am very excited about your novel though. I’ve been reading your blog and find myself hoping you will let us read your novel. 🙂 BTW if you and your hubby (or even just one of you) ever needs a new home, you have a spot in SR. 🙂


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