Screenshot Friday – Guest post!

So last night I (again) logged off before I could remember to upload a picture for today.

Luckily I have an awesome friend who swooped in and saved my butt!

Thank you Angerfork! 😀

There are lots of theories that go around about what my warlock is doing in this picture.  Many think it looks like he’s conjuring up something really evil, but I tend to think of it more as a small vacation in Purgatory or the Nether.  And how does one get to this wonderland of glitchy-fun, you may ask?

1. Get disconnected in Orgrimmar
2. Upon reconnection, show up somehow floating over a Textureless version of the Eastern Plaguelands, defying all known laws of physics.
3. Try to release that soul and you’ll be floating somewhere over the Hinterlands. Don’t worry, your friends and your body will think you’ve never left Durotar.


Whatever it is that caused that, It is totally awesome.

Thanks again hun! 😀