I typically chat with my GM Sorak throughout the day while I am at work.  Here is an example of one of our conversations:

ME: slacking on those dispells ;-p
           Tattia 123 (resto druid)
           Orangeslice 40 (prot pally)
           Sorak 9 (resto shammy)
           Zerlegen 9 (marks hunter)
           Syldairus 8 (shadow priest)
           Lioncourt 3 (ret pally)

SORAK: dude i got as much as the dps, thats good nuff

ME: the tank beat you

SORAK: course he did….i can’t dispell disease!

ME: fail shammy, fail
im going to use this as a reason why you beat me in heals
i was too busy dispelling to heal anyone
yeah that’s it

SORAK: lol
can you dispell disease btw?

ME: nope

SORAK: i see you at 12 dispells on LK

ME: curse, poison and magic

SORAK: what were you curing?

ME: the magic from the silence

SORAK: ahhh
i’m going to blame my getting silenced for not being able to dispell silence….

well if you wouldnt run in front of the cone . . .

SORAK: can’t help it if i’m large! don’t make fun of fat ppl



He is a Tauren /sigh