Seriously? /sigh

I’ve been working on leveling up my priest.  The goal was to get her to outlands this weekend.

Well that goal failed.

I blame the cooking holiday.  I had too many alts that I needed to get cooking up on.  I got the DK, PPP and Lyssi all up to 350 cooking.  I um also kind of got the achievement that I kinda bitched about last year.

In fact, I got it twice >.>

The first time I was on PPP and I was furious.  Then I got it on Lyssi and at that point I was like “yeah this just happened.”  I actually got around 50-60 turkeys in a row on Lyssi.  Sad thing is they only count up to 40.  Since I want the turkey pet on at least 1 toon I need to do this holiday.  I’m going to try to get it on Lyssi since she is my main.  She only needs 3 more rogues (orc, dwarf & troll).  My favorite was the gnome rogue that was stealthed in Dal.  Not only did I see him as I walked by, but I hit him with the feathers while he was stealthed and he turned into a stealthed turkey.  Seriously made me cackle.

The REAL irritation came from leveling the priest.  AB is my favorite BG so far.  I hate WSG and AV just confuses the hell out of me.  So that leaves me with AB.  Even with the addition of DKs in the 50s bracket, it hasn’t been that bad.  What has driven me nuts is how people are playing.  Instead of staying and defending the 3 flags we have they have to LEAVE the moment we get a flag and go rushing off to the next spot.  I had 2 separate runs where I was left with one other healer. 

Yes you read that right, they left 2 healers to guard the blacksmith.

I kept asking for at least one dps to stay and help us, but nope, the 2 healers were left guarding the blacksmith.

And you know what?  We fucking pulled it off too!


In fact that particular run the blacksmith was the only flag that we still controlled.

*double flex*

Then there was the dungeon runs.  Currently I have Sunken Temple (yay!) & BRD Prison in green, BRD upper city in yellow & Dire Maul East in red.  4 dungeons are available to me on my priest at this time.  You will usually (about 95% of the time) get the dungeons that are in yellow.  This means that I get BRD upper city every time.  This is the worst one.  Normally I like BRD, but this is just soooooooooooooooooo very long.  On top of that most people don’t know the place so they tend to fuck up things.

I was in a group where the tank seemed to know what he was doing.  We got up to the bar and were in the process of fighting the big stone guy when one of the 2 hunters hit multishot.  This of course pulled the bar patrons and we wiped.  Excuse me if I cannot heal through 100 mobs attacking everyone at once.  The tank bitched us out and dropped group.  Eventually I was left alone in the group running back to my corpse.  That was fun >.>  I did a bunch of BGs after that just cause I didn’t want to deal with that place right away again.

Now before anyone says anything, I have been making fantastic use of my ignore button.  Tanks who pull like crazy people, ignore.  Stupid DPS, ignore.  Jerks, ignore.  It is rare when I finish a dungeon and don’t have to put someone on ignore.

This dungeon run takes the cake though.

After a 20 min wait (as heals!) I got into a BRD group.  I zone in and see they are in the bottom room and I asked if it was prison.  The mage said no it was upper city.  I said oh ok I had a key and proceeded to run to the door.  The warlock and ret pally followed me.  The warrior tank and mage were a little bit slower.  At first I didn’t know that the warrior was a warrior, I thought he was a shaman.  Want to know why?  Cause he was wearing a caster leather kilt.

Yes, leather, with int and spirit.  The guy can wear plate, but has on a leather caster piece, “because of the stam.”


His words, not mine.

The dude was decked out in heirlooms, you would THINK he would know better.  But no.  I had already planned to put him on ignore once the run was over.  His tanking just added ooph to that decision.  He was so squishy it felt like I was healing a dps trying to tank.


He only attacked one mob at a time, did absolutely nothing about casters until they were the last mobs left.  Just completely terribad.

He also acted like he had no idea what to do in the dungeon.  He even said at one point that he didn’t know where to go.  In fact everyone acted like they didn’t know what to do or where to go.  So I took over.  I showed everyone where to go, pointed out bosses etc.  We even made it out of the bar without aggroing the patrons.

It was when we left the bar that all hell broke loose.

The patrol that comes in to “investigate the disturbance” spawned the moment we walked out the door.  On top of that the mage’s water elemental pulled the mobs over to the side.  The warlock’s felguard, the water elemental & the ret pally ended up tanking most of the mobs.  It was all I could do to heal everyone.  In fact I was completely oom by the end of it and I had popped my potion, my racial and inner focus.  I was literally tapped out.  On top of that the tank was going on about how “pro” he was.  I chose to not fight with him and point out it was me that saved our asses there.  Not his dipshit self.

After that we did ok.  I explained the dwarf fight.  Even then the tank didn’t grab the guys when they spawned.  He waited until they hit someone else and I had to use pain suppression.  /sigh

The shit hit the fan when we got to the room of spawning death.  I think it is called the Lyceam or something like that.  It is where all the trash re-spawns like crazy.  I explained the room before I opened the door.  We get inside and I start moving towards the platforms and the tank goes off in another direction.  I was all “over here” when I saw that the mage had found a torch bearer and marked him over where the tank was heading.  I thanked the mage and apologized in chat.

That is when the tank exploded.

He started going off on me.  Said “Priest shut the fuck up.  You aren’t the only one who knows what they are doing here.”

Excuse me?

What part of you saying “I don’t know what to do” did I misunderstand?  He then started calling me names.  Made reference to me being a guy, to which I replied “No I’m female.”  The mage then chimed in “No wonder you never shut up.”

Wow, did he seriously just say that?!?!

I whispered sorry to the warlock & the ret pally since they were both nice to me.  Put the tank & mage on ignore and dropped group.  It wasn’t until I looked at recount that I saw those two were from the same realm. /sigh

Why me?  Seriously.

I think I might have to quest for my last 4 levels >.>

Screenshot Friday

Grats again Zug!

Screenshot Friday


Priestly goodness & fail PUGs

This weekend was spent mostly leveling my Pretty Pretty Princess.  I have (as you are aware) decided to level her without heirlooms and primarily through the dungeon finder.  The reason behind this is I enjoy getting a new piece of gear.  It is cool seeing a piece drop and think “Ohhhh that is an upgrade!”  Instead of “Oh is that an upgr. . wait, I have heirlooms, I don’t need that.”

See my point?

First of all I want to find out if anyone knows why ret pallys insist on using a 1 hander and a shield?!?!

No it does not make your dps go up.  It make you look silly when other party members ask you why you are sporting such gear.  Especially when you keep pulling aggro off the tank.

Oh and mister mouthy mage, you just got put on the “doesn’t get heals” for being an ass to me.

I have had so many of these fail ret pallys that I almost wonder if it is an epidemic or something.

Also, shaman, WTF guys.

Every shaman that I get is melee.

The problem is, they aren’t all enhancement.

I had a shaman, who was dual wielding the caster one handed mace meleeing.  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the caster mace is what you really need when you go enhancement.

The thing that really gets me though are the warlocks.

I don’t care how much you think it doesn’t matter, IT DOES.  Using some pet OTHER than the void walker is what you need to be doing.  If you are going to be stubborn and keep the WRONG pet out at least turn the fucking taunt off.


I know it isn’t going to get any better as I progress in level.  In fact in about 10 more levels I will get all the fail DK tanks.

It almost makes me want to cry.

In other news, Disc priesting is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy it isn’t even funny.

The only time I have mana issues is if I need to dispel a ton of stuff.  If I don’t have a lot of dispels, I have no issues.

You wish you were as cute as me.


So far it looks like the priesty will be up on top with my druid and warlock.  Just gotta get her to 80.

I tried my hand at some BGs, well AB (my fav).  We actually won both of them (big surprise).  I snagged a few achievements in the process which was pretty cool.

Cynwise would be proud of us.  In the 2nd AB I was in we actually had some sort of a plan going.  We defended the flags and DIDN’T FIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROADS!  I was at the BS flag with a ret pally and occasionally a mage & warlock.  I was very proud of the fact that I keep everyone alive.  In turn, they protected me.  It was awesome.


Makes me wish I could have those people on my friend’s list and BG with them more often.

I definitely will be queuing up for BGs more often.  It is a whole different game healing in them.  😀

Hell, I might even get one of Cynwise’s mugs. 😀

Screenshot Friday

Sorry this was late!  Forgot to set it up last night!

Underbelly Elixir is win!

RL Screenshots

I just got back from visiting Slice in Ohio.  On my last day there we went walking around this forest by his house.  I took a few pictures and wanted to share them with you all.

Enjoy! Click to enlarge to full size.

This was through a viewing station


More of the lake


This was the path we were walking on


I can’t wait to see this place in winter.  It would be simply gorgeous.