Get that nose to the grindstone!

Leveling is upon us yet again!

So far I am enjoying myself.  I wasn’t at first though.  I’ll tell you why.

Slice and I were going to level together, you know doing the whole cutesy couple thing, etc.  We have two very different styles when it comes to leveling.  I read the quest text, and then usually have to re-read it because I have been distracted by vent or gchat and didn’t comprehend anything I just read.  Slice grabs the quest and runs.  He also HATES questing where I enjoy it.

Now someone please explain why we were going to attempt to level together?

It started out ok.  I had wanted to go to Vashj’ir first but as Slice pointed out Hyjal has the caster head enchant.  So to Hyjal we went!  My brother had been up since midnight and had attempted to level with Zug (who has since been proven to be a robot) but quickly was left in the dust in the wee hours of the morning.  As it was, he was about a level ahead of us having completed Vashj’ir.  Regardless, he wanted to level with us so joined us in Hyjal.  The first few quests went fairly quickly.  We were pretty much on the same page for like the first 20 mins, then somehow I got behind.  When I was just getting to the quest giver they were done with the quest and wanted to know if I had gotten credit.  Um no guys, I don’t even have the fricken quest!


I finally got pissed and just said to hell with it and dropped group.  My brother did part with “Don’t get all butthurt.”  It wasn’t so much that I was butthurt, I just wasn’t having fun.  I enjoy questing.  I like reading the quests, especially new quests that I haven’t done 20 million times.  I am not all about flying through the levels.  Yes we have a time limit on getting to 85 and geared, but frankly I have time.  I don’t do anything else with my time but play WoW.  It isn’t like I have other things I have to do instead.  I have no doubt that I will be 85 by the end of this weekend.  Then I will begin to level up Tattia and gear out Lyssi.  Hopefully Tattia will go a bit faster than Lyssi did (now that I know what to expect) and I will be able to get back to PPP.

Once I left them and got to level on my own terms I started having fun again.  I ended up almost finishing Hyjal before crashing out for the night.  I think I had like 10 quests left.  I find it odd that you get the zone completed with 115 quests and yet you have a bunch more to do afterwards.  Considering everything is linear, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t get all of the quests in the zone.  It isn’t like Nagrand where you have to go to Shat to get a quest that takes you to Shadowmoon Valley that then takes you back to Nagrand in order to get Nagrand Slam.

Yes I am still pissed over that.

On Tuesday I got to 98% to level 82 before I crashed out.  When I logged in yesterday I completed the quests in Hyjal, dinging 82 in the process (all on rested xp too!) then got the quests that took me into Deepholm.  Again I had wanted to go back and do Vashj’ir but apparently the game had different ideas.

Slice made a comment about how Deepholm reminds him of Nagrand.  I didn’t understand it until I saw it.  Personally I think it looks more like Netherstorm.  All the rocks & crystals everywhere.  I particularly like the floating pieces of rock around you.  Little touches. 🙂

Oh!  Has anyone noticed that Thrall’s woman sounds like Sindragosa!?!?  I could just hear her telling me that my pathetic magic had betrayed me.  I am convinced that they are the same voice actor.  Now I am aware that I could be wrong and she could share the voice actor with Lady Deathwhisper, but I am pretty positive that her voice was used in ICC.  When I first heard it I was all “Oh no my pathetic magic HAS betrayed me!”

Or as my brother says “BUBBLES NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Yeah I know, inside joke, but I laughed and that is all that matters!

Now how do I feel about leveling as my lock.?  I posted yesterday on Ful’s post at Killing em Slowly about how my warlocking went.  If you aren’t reading them, you totally should.  I seriously ❤ that blog.

I started out as affliction when I was running around with Slice and my brother.  I had the blueberry out and I didn’t see any major problems with him surviving.  It wasn’t until I went solo that I noticed that he was dying pretty damn fast.  Also when the hell did they nerf health funnel?!!?  It now lasts like 2 seconds and hardly heals the damn minion.  I have to hit it like 5 or 6 times to keep my blueberry alive.  Insane I tell you.  Towards the end of the night I changed over to my demo spec just to see if that would help with minion survivability.  It did to an extent.  I think I know what the problem was though.

When I level as affliction I send the blueberry in, completely dot up the mob (previously I just hit corruption and CoA, can’t do that anymore) then send him off to another mob, rinse and repeat.  What I found myself doing was sending in the blueberry, loading up the mob with everything I had (haunt, UA, Cor, BoA & whichever curse is best) then moving on to the next target.  This usually has the mob come back and hit me when it is around 30-40% health.  Since affliction has so much passive healing, I wasn’t really taking all that much damage.  My poor blueberry was though.  In my hurry to level I completely forgot to adjust my spec from my raiding spec to a leveling spec.  Specifically the 2 points in Fel Synergy.  Last night I made it a point to respec and popped those two points in there.  It made a HUGE difference.  I still can’t quite chain pull like I used to, the mobs just have too much health.  But I can consistently pull 3-4 mobs at a time.

I think I just fail at Demo.  I have too many buttons that I don’t understand and just nowhere to put them.  Yes I am aware that I could get an addon to give me more bars, but frankly I try to avoid getting UI changing addons.  I don’t enjoy having a borked UI when patches hit.  I just need to seriously go through and delete from my bars everything and put them back up one at a time.  The problem is I have played so long as affliction that I don’t know if I could ever get used to Demo.  Even in the short time that I was demo for raiding I still floundered around.  There is a big difference in raiding and leveling.  I have never leveled as demo.  Add into that all the new spells that demo has (and warlocks have in general) and that just dovetails into my bars being full and me being confused.

Yeah I know, QQ moar noob.

Over my leveling I had pretty much picked up an entirely new set of gear.  I decided last night to switch out my purples for the greens and blues I had picked up.  Mostly to make a better decision on upgrades, but also because repairs are cheaper. 😀  I need to clean out my banks to find room for my gear.  I know I should probably shard it, but I am not sure if I should still use some of it.  I changed over without really looking at anything.  Was almost kind of liberating.

BTW I have over 50k health.

Lock tank!