Quickie: We love our GM, we really do!

Sent to me from a guildie:

[16:10:56][G] [Sorak]: noticed a couple of times mobs were beating on
ppl but not sure if you noticed
[16:11:04][G] [Sorak]: use tab
[16:11:25][G] [Lorethos][Zarigar]: dont let that filty goblin tell you what to
[16:11:29][G] [Sorak]: ya man, like i said just takes practice
[16:11:37][G] [Sorak]: fu lore!
[16:11:50][G] [Lorethos][Zarigar]: come warstomp me…oh, wait…
[16:11:59][G] [Sorak]: sigh
[16:12:03][G] [Telanarra]: can you speak up those of us taller then 2
feet can’t hear you
[16:12:11][G] [Sorak]: bitches all of youy!
[16:12:15][G] [Sorak]: you too
[16:12:21][G] [Telanarra]: Lor did you hear something
[16:12:32][G] [Lorethos][Zarigar]: some tiny voice in the wind

[16:12:56][G] [Sorak]: ima bite your knees!
[16:13:13][G] [Telanarra]: want a stool so you can reach

We LOVE you Sorak!! 😀

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. repgrind
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 11:15:28

    LMAO. I logged onto Juna this morning and got my Lil Deathy,. A couple people said ‘grats’ including Sorak ..

    my response?

    “Sorak with no warstomp *sigh*”

    then I logged off :p


  2. slice213
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 09:03:52

    lol poor sorak.


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