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Hey that looks oddly like Nagrand!




Fucking Sorak blocking everyone

Because you all bitched & moaned – Screenshot Friday

I didn’t have a picture for today; however I did get a bunch of people bitching at me that they didn’t have their weekly Nagrand shot.  The problem still was that I didn’t have a picture.

Tel to the rescue!

For your viewing pleasure

I think I shall make a post!

I have settled into an odd mood with WoW.  I am not quite bored of it, nor am I burned out, but I am not exactly feeling the need to log in constantly.

I have my two 85s and now that Tattia is starting on heroics the challenge is back, but in a different way.  I am not saying that heroics are by any means really easy on Lyssi, but I know them (except for ToT, I still haven’t even seen that place) and I don’t really have any “O Shit! What do I do here?!?!” moments on her anymore.  With Tattia there is the challenge of healing.  This has put a whole new shine on everything and I am kind of looking forward to logging in a bit more.

Healing at the end of Wrath sucked.  I was bored to tears of ICC and I never wanted to heal it again.  The new healing style of Cataclysm suits me so much better and I am loving healing again.  Looking back, I pretty much already healed this way.  Until I switched my druid to SR she wasn’t geared to where she could spam heals and never go oom.  I had already been working with a “stand there and don’t heal unless you have to” mentality.  The difference from then and now is that back then I actually was trying to top off everyone and now I don’t even worry about it.

I had been healing regular dungeons here and there on Tattia.  Mostly in PuGs.  Yes I know, I am a sick sick person.  I actually got pretty lucky in my groups.  I only had to drop out of one and that one was destined to fail no matter what I did.  Since I didn’t want to be blamed for the “dps queuing as tank” fail I quickly & quietly left the group.  Most of the time my regular dungeons were specific ones because I was hunting for the gear upgrades that I needed.  It took forever and a day for me to upgrade my green quest reward relic in regulars.  Get this!  In my first heroic dungeon I got a relic upgrade.

Go fucking figure.

The original plan for last night was for Slice to tank some regulars and for me to heal him.  I tried to get Del to log in when he got back from class but he was a no show. :-p  What ended up happening was Slice took a nap (he had been feeling sick) and I got into a heroic with Sorak and Zarm.  We nabbed Dro (one of our new guys) and Sorak told him he was tanking.  Now Dro has never played an MMO except for WoW and he just started playing a few months ago.  He is one of my brother’s friends that came over to play with him.  From what I understand he leveled mostly dps (fury) but tanked here and there.  Since he was so new to the entire everything there is a learning curve, but all things considered he didn’t do too badly.

We first went in as 4 guildies and a PuG dps.  We got a mage and I immediately started squeeing over getting mage food.  The stingy mage made me ONE STACK of mage food and didn’t even offer it to the rest of the group (shaman & druid).  I was kind of sad I didn’t get a table, but I thanked him in chat and then talked crap about him in vent.

It is just how I roll bitches!

We had a bunch of afk time in the beginning of the dungeon then wiped to the first pull (bad positioning and too many kobolds).  The amount of damage was fast and high.  I think I was one shot.  The mage left.  It was rather funny.  We had just been talking about the rightness of booting him and bringing in a guildie.  For once I wasn’t the mean one (I am looking at you Sorak!) and was actually saying it wouldn’t be cool to boot him because he probably waited like 45 mins to get a queue.  When he dropped we grabbed Slice (who had finally woken up) and headed back in.

For some reason Deadmines can either fly by super fast or it can just take you 50 million years to complete.  There is no in-between.  Between Dro’s tanking, and my “just barely heroic ready” healing we ended up with a LONG ASS Deadmines run.  Guess what dropped?  All rogue gear.  There were 2 pieces of non-rogue gear:  the caster staff and the caster relic.  Both of which I snagged.  Yes I know the staff doesn’t have spirit, so it isn’t that great of an upgrade, but damn it!  It was still an upgrade from what I had equipped.  You can always reforge some spirit onto the item!  The relic was the biggest reason for squeeing.  I was already anticipating having to wait forever to get that item upgraded just to have it drop in my first heroic.  Yay for me!

My impression with healing wasn’t too bad actually.  As I mentioned above, I already was kind of healing this way.  While healing regulars I got the “rotation” down.  It is amazing how much healing you can get done with very little mana.  I never went oom in the entire heroic run.  I never used a potion and I rarely used my innervate.  If I got below 40% mana (I usually ended the fight around 50 something %) it was because I had to cleanse a lot of stuff.  I also never use the ToL form, which I know is probably very bad.  The times when I used it during Wrath I went oom so fast my head spun.  I find that in panic situations (where I should probably pop it) I just pop rejuvs and move my lifebloom stacks around.  When it is really bad I hit tranquility.

This is typically how I heal:

3 stacks of lifebloom on the tank.  I pop a rejuv on him when he starts taking damage.  If he gets below 80% I let the lifebloom stacks bloom.  If not, then I refresh them using lifebloom (it is less mana AND faster than nourish).  I pop swiftmend EVERY time it is up to get Efflorescence  down.  I use my Clearcasting procs to pop a regrowth up on either the tank or on a dps that is low.  If I don’t have a Cc proc I don’t usually use regrowth (unless it is an emergency and I need that heal fast) and the dps will get a regrowth and possibly lifebloom stacks if I don’t need to keep them on the tank.  I have been trying to remember to pop Wild Growth each time it is off cooldown (I forget to use it, long cooldown & yes I have a timer on my screen for it) so that probably needs to be used more.  I’ve been typically trying to use Innervate when I hit around 75-80% mana, but even then sometimes I forget until I am around 50-60%.

Yes this run wasn’t exactly proof that I am pure win and healing is easy peasy for me (although it kind of is) but it definitely was a nice intro into heroics.  We didn’t really CC each pull, and the bad dps *cough*Sorak*cough* kept pulling off the newbie tank.  Several times I had healing aggro and Dro wasn’t able/didn’t seem to know and Zarm switched to bear form and saved my furry ass.  Even then I was usually able to recover.  I did die a lot though.  I do mean a lot.  Even with the guild perks we have I had broken gear halfway through.  >.>

I don’t want to take full credit for the lighter load on my healing run.  Slice was on his shadow priest and he can’t resist helping heal.  He has twitchy fingers.  I would constantly see weakened soul up on people (yes babe I see when you are “helping” me heal) and Sorak has his healing rain macro’d to go off when he gets some proc.  So I know I was getting help.  I don’t think I am quite ready to fully PuG a heroic, but I just might be ready to do a run with Zug.  Not necessarily Zug tanking, but a Zug dpsing run.  Maybe.

Yes he will be allowed to die several times.

Both Sorak & Zug know that I will flat out not heal them when they pull aggro & die.  They take it good naturedly and laugh about it.

Once I thought Zug had bitched me out, but he was complaining about the boss.  It was kind of funny actually.

Anyway, it is kind of quiet on this front.  Depending on my work schedule (meaning if my boss shows up or not) I will post when I can and if I have something to say.  I know I missed Friday’s post, but in my defense Slice was visiting and I wasn’t really thinking about my blog if you catch my drift.

You blushing yet sweetie? 😉

Screenshot Friday

I has a CAMEL!

Huntard roll out!

I have often said that I found hunters boring to level.  I have a level 42-43 ish dwarf hunter back on Bloodhoof that I enjoyed leveling until she got to her late 30s then she was just boring.  I literally could not play her anymore.  This was really sad to me because I really liked her as a character.  My first pet with her was a random spider I tamed outside of Stormwind.  I named him Spidey, because “why not!” and I adored him.  I knew next to nothing about hunters at the time.  I had my melee moves on my action bar and everything!  Frankly I am surprised I got her to her 40s.

A little later I rolled a tauren hunter.  She got a pet wolf that I named wulfie, again “why not!”  She only made it to 19 though.  In fact I think she is still sitting at level 19 because I couldn’t be assed to do anything with her once she transferred off Bloodhoof (free server transfer off).  She now sits on a random server with like 5 other alts that I created and never got past level 5.  I also have an alliance toon on that server since I have a few friends who have a guild alliance side.  Again, largely ignored alts.  I really liked my tauren hunter.  It seemed to click with me even more than my dwarf one.  I can’t even bring myself to delete her either.  I have re-used her name though. 😀

When all the new class combos came out I knew that I would eventually make an alt to level through the new starter zones.  I already made a dwarf warlock on Rep’s server.  Instead of picking an empty server, or a server I had like one or two alts on but never played, I rolled my horde alts on the same server.  I made a tauren pally and rocked out the other night leveling her up.  I got her to 9 1/2 in one sitting then had to go to bed.  Instead of picking her back up I rolled an undead hunter.

I have always enjoyed the forsaken.  Yes I know they are creepy and evil, but I still really like them.  I had been wanting to experience the “new and improved” forsaken starting zone and so I figured I would try out the hunter again at the same time.  Now that we have a pet at level 1 and get steady shot at level 3 (instead of like 60 or something) it might be different.

The first night I started playing her I didn’t even make it to level 2 before I was called BACK to Drak to do a regular on Tattia for another guildie.  Yes I am that nice.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I bitched and moaned the ENTIRE time.  My guildies must really love me to put up with me. ^_^

I went back to her last night and started the process again.  The starting area really had me giggling.  Watching how the different npcs you talk to effect the future is pretty cool.  My own personal corpse collector was awesome.  I missed him when he left but I was very proud of his promotion.

Now Del has picked on me over this name, but you know what, I don’t particularly care!  So there Del! :-p

I named my pet Spider Wilber.  Yes I know the pig was named Wilber, but that is what makes it funny to me.

Yes I am easily amused.  Bite me.

So Wilber and June are off on adventures together.

Did they buff hunters or something?  Or is it just the starting zone and I am ridiculously overpowered?  Cause shit is dying like nothing.  Makes me giggle to see stuff die so fast.

I did find out that I am not that OP though.

When you leave the starting zone you stop at a little hub and have to go back to the farm and kill farmers and collect pumpkins (just like you had to before) well now there is this level 10 rare dog (he could have been there before but I’ve never seen him) named Bane and he was just roaming around the edge of the farm.  Here I am at level 5 thinking I am all that and a spider!  So I start attacking him.

My spider dies.

My health starts dropping.

I turn and run like hell.

I die 2 seconds later.

Ok so I am not high enough level to take on this guy.  No biggie, I’ll just go kill some mobs and level up then try him again.  Hopefully no one else will kill him and take his green drop! (who am I kidding, it will most likely be a white).  For some reason it took forever to hit level 6.  Luckily (or not) he was still alive and in the same spot.  Ok take two!

My spider dies.

I turn and run.

Health starts dropping rapidly.

I die 2 seconds later.

So yeah level 6 apparently isn’t high enough either >.>

Now at this point I am having a discussion with Sorak on the night’s raid so I am only like half paying attention to what I am doing so I finished up a few parts of the current quest I was on and headed into Brill.  I picked up some of the quests and then noticed I was like one mob kill away from level 7 so I ran off searching for a mob to kill.  One dead bat later I dinged 7 and logged out for the night.

I want to get her through Hillsbrad at the least.  This means almost to 30.  I hope she stays fun.  The lack of ammo makes her a hell of a lot more awesome already.  I’ll update as I play her.  For now be well assured that I am still a huntard and will be doing all I can to keep the stereotype going strong!

What I have been doing

*Log in bank toon*

*check auctions and cackle at the dumb people who buy my overpriced bags*

*Log out and log into Lyssianna*

“Oh look guild donations!”

*process donations on log*

(yes I have a log, it RULES)

*Pick on Sorak*

“Hey Lyss want a heroic?”

“Sure, why not.”

*Run heroic at breakneck speed because Zug, Sorak & Slice are in the group*

*Grumble about all the robots in the guild*

*Log out of Lyssi and log into Tattia*

*Do fishing & cooking daily*

*Look if there are guildies willing to do a regular random*

*Pick on Sorak*

*Run regular random*

*Get pissy because it is Lost City again and I don’t need any gear from there*

*Bitch that Tattia can’t get heroic ready because nothing drops that she needs*

*Log out of Tattia and log into roguelette*

*Stabbity Stab for a little bit*

“Oooooh mining node!”

*Get asked to come do more heroics on Lyssi*

*Log out of roguelette and log into Lyssi*

“Oh look more donations!”

*Run slightly slower heroic with robots*

*Pick on Sorak*

*Log off of Drak and make a random new toon on one of my many alt servers*

*Gleefully level in the starter zones until Slice calls*

*Log out and go to bed*

Rinse and repeat

Unless it is a raid day

Then it is just head banging against the wall.

Except for Baradin Hold, that dude is cake.