What I have been doing

*Log in bank toon*

*check auctions and cackle at the dumb people who buy my overpriced bags*

*Log out and log into Lyssianna*

“Oh look guild donations!”

*process donations on log*

(yes I have a log, it RULES)

*Pick on Sorak*

“Hey Lyss want a heroic?”

“Sure, why not.”

*Run heroic at breakneck speed because Zug, Sorak & Slice are in the group*

*Grumble about all the robots in the guild*

*Log out of Lyssi and log into Tattia*

*Do fishing & cooking daily*

*Look if there are guildies willing to do a regular random*

*Pick on Sorak*

*Run regular random*

*Get pissy because it is Lost City again and I don’t need any gear from there*

*Bitch that Tattia can’t get heroic ready because nothing drops that she needs*

*Log out of Tattia and log into roguelette*

*Stabbity Stab for a little bit*

“Oooooh mining node!”

*Get asked to come do more heroics on Lyssi*

*Log out of roguelette and log into Lyssi*

“Oh look more donations!”

*Run slightly slower heroic with robots*

*Pick on Sorak*

*Log off of Drak and make a random new toon on one of my many alt servers*

*Gleefully level in the starter zones until Slice calls*

*Log out and go to bed*

Rinse and repeat

Unless it is a raid day

Then it is just head banging against the wall.

Except for Baradin Hold, that dude is cake.