Huntard roll out!

I have often said that I found hunters boring to level.  I have a level 42-43 ish dwarf hunter back on Bloodhoof that I enjoyed leveling until she got to her late 30s then she was just boring.  I literally could not play her anymore.  This was really sad to me because I really liked her as a character.  My first pet with her was a random spider I tamed outside of Stormwind.  I named him Spidey, because “why not!” and I adored him.  I knew next to nothing about hunters at the time.  I had my melee moves on my action bar and everything!  Frankly I am surprised I got her to her 40s.

A little later I rolled a tauren hunter.  She got a pet wolf that I named wulfie, again “why not!”  She only made it to 19 though.  In fact I think she is still sitting at level 19 because I couldn’t be assed to do anything with her once she transferred off Bloodhoof (free server transfer off).  She now sits on a random server with like 5 other alts that I created and never got past level 5.  I also have an alliance toon on that server since I have a few friends who have a guild alliance side.  Again, largely ignored alts.  I really liked my tauren hunter.  It seemed to click with me even more than my dwarf one.  I can’t even bring myself to delete her either.  I have re-used her name though. 😀

When all the new class combos came out I knew that I would eventually make an alt to level through the new starter zones.  I already made a dwarf warlock on Rep’s server.  Instead of picking an empty server, or a server I had like one or two alts on but never played, I rolled my horde alts on the same server.  I made a tauren pally and rocked out the other night leveling her up.  I got her to 9 1/2 in one sitting then had to go to bed.  Instead of picking her back up I rolled an undead hunter.

I have always enjoyed the forsaken.  Yes I know they are creepy and evil, but I still really like them.  I had been wanting to experience the “new and improved” forsaken starting zone and so I figured I would try out the hunter again at the same time.  Now that we have a pet at level 1 and get steady shot at level 3 (instead of like 60 or something) it might be different.

The first night I started playing her I didn’t even make it to level 2 before I was called BACK to Drak to do a regular on Tattia for another guildie.  Yes I am that nice.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I bitched and moaned the ENTIRE time.  My guildies must really love me to put up with me. ^_^

I went back to her last night and started the process again.  The starting area really had me giggling.  Watching how the different npcs you talk to effect the future is pretty cool.  My own personal corpse collector was awesome.  I missed him when he left but I was very proud of his promotion.

Now Del has picked on me over this name, but you know what, I don’t particularly care!  So there Del! :-p

I named my pet Spider Wilber.  Yes I know the pig was named Wilber, but that is what makes it funny to me.

Yes I am easily amused.  Bite me.

So Wilber and June are off on adventures together.

Did they buff hunters or something?  Or is it just the starting zone and I am ridiculously overpowered?  Cause shit is dying like nothing.  Makes me giggle to see stuff die so fast.

I did find out that I am not that OP though.

When you leave the starting zone you stop at a little hub and have to go back to the farm and kill farmers and collect pumpkins (just like you had to before) well now there is this level 10 rare dog (he could have been there before but I’ve never seen him) named Bane and he was just roaming around the edge of the farm.  Here I am at level 5 thinking I am all that and a spider!  So I start attacking him.

My spider dies.

My health starts dropping.

I turn and run like hell.

I die 2 seconds later.

Ok so I am not high enough level to take on this guy.  No biggie, I’ll just go kill some mobs and level up then try him again.  Hopefully no one else will kill him and take his green drop! (who am I kidding, it will most likely be a white).  For some reason it took forever to hit level 6.  Luckily (or not) he was still alive and in the same spot.  Ok take two!

My spider dies.

I turn and run.

Health starts dropping rapidly.

I die 2 seconds later.

So yeah level 6 apparently isn’t high enough either >.>

Now at this point I am having a discussion with Sorak on the night’s raid so I am only like half paying attention to what I am doing so I finished up a few parts of the current quest I was on and headed into Brill.  I picked up some of the quests and then noticed I was like one mob kill away from level 7 so I ran off searching for a mob to kill.  One dead bat later I dinged 7 and logged out for the night.

I want to get her through Hillsbrad at the least.  This means almost to 30.  I hope she stays fun.  The lack of ammo makes her a hell of a lot more awesome already.  I’ll update as I play her.  For now be well assured that I am still a huntard and will be doing all I can to keep the stereotype going strong!