To write or to babble, that is the question

We all know that I am known for just babbling on and on

and on.

This isn’t anything new.

So sit back and enjoy some more babbling! 😀

As you might have noticed, we finally (seriously, FINALLY) took down some bosses.  While yes we have been technically raiding since December, we have really only put in like 6 raid nights and a few of those weren’t even full nights.  On top of that we kind of had a rotating roster.  We had people in one night that weren’t in on a different night or people were playing roles they weren’t comfortable in.  We even had people in on under geared alts (me!).  It just led to a new learning curve every night.

Frustrations were high and so were tempers.  It did not make for fun raid nights.

I don’t think it was the repeated wiping, because we were still joking and having fun.  I think it was the lack of visual progression.  We would get Magmaw down to like 36% then our next best attempt for the night would be like 60% and then not even close to that.  When we switched to focusing on Omnotron we actually started making a marked progress.  The best attempt on the first night was 76%, on the second night it was just under 40%, the third night it was 21% and then on the fourth night we 2 shot them.  Again all 4 of those nights had different rosters and different players in different roles.  The night we actually killed something we had people in the roles that were their main specs.

That meant Zug got to dps, Sorak healed and I got to dps instead of Zug tanking, Sorak on interrupt duty and me healing.

Being able to play the role that you are the most comfortable in helps tremendously.

Another issue we have been dealing with is sticking with specific raid days.  Originally we were hoping to have 2 raid IDs.  A Tuesday/Thursday raid group and a Monday/Wednesday raid group.  When we couldn’t even field a full raid team for ANY two nights a week we kind of gave up on the multiple raid IDs.  We then attempted to switch to a MWF schedule.  That lasted less than a whole week.  Then last week we finally said that we were doing Tues/Wed with a possible follow up on Friday night.  We verified with our raiders & officers (7-8 of the raiders in a given raid are officers) that they would be able to make at least Tues/Wed and they all said yes. 

Now all that remains is for people to, you know, actually sign up.

I think this week we have like 7 sign ups and 2 tentatives. /sigh

And the guys wonder why we aren’t more progressed.

The only positive thing is that is 4 more sign ups than we got when we were making people use the guild site.

You know, the site we have that no one but me & Tel ever log into. >.<

In response to this utter lack of motivation of our guildies to raid I have decided to level alts.  The grind required to have the absolutely “best” of everything just makes playing feel like a job.  We are not a hardcore guild pushing progression.  I shouldn’t have to feel like I have to min/max everything.  It is NOT required by my current playstyle.  I hold my own in raids.  I do my best to stay out of the bad and to pew pew my little heart out.  I am by no means the weakest link in the chain.  So I should be allowed to continue on my merry way without any comments from the peanut gallery that plays differently.

I’ve gotten the roguelette to 71 from 63.  She is currently stabbity stabbing her way through the mobs in Howling Fjord.  One of my guildies (Dozzer) whispered me and asked me if I was bored out of my skull leveling through the same place all over again.  On one hand it is the same quests, but on the other it is slightly different.  I have only leveled through Northrend as Horde once.  So while some of the quests are the same, it still has a slightly different flavor.  This is my 5th time through Northrend, 3 times as Alliance (one where she has loremaster) and once as Horde.  It is just questing to me.

I will admit there are some zones/quests that I can do without.  TF in Outland is one such zone.  Stupidly enough I did it on the roguelette because I had never done it as Horde.  Yeah it still sucks ass.  There also doesn’t seem to be as many quests as there were for Alliance.  The moment I hit 67 I was out of there and on my way to Shadowmoon Valley.  Yes I could have gone to Nagrand, but frankly I am tired of Nagrand.

Yes shocking considering how many Nagrand photos are on my blog, but there you have it.

Kill 30 of this beast is just a long slow pain in the ass.  I probably should go back and do those quests though.  The roguelette leveled in STV and did the quests there for Hemet Jr and will most likely do the ones in SB.  Damn it >.<

In other news I picked up PPP again and have run a few dungeons here and there with her.  Finally got the Nexus once.  Was a nice change from UK constantly.  Every dungeon since that Nexus run has been UK though. /sigh.


Almost forgot!!!

Last night I was in a UK run (of course) and there was a pally in the group with us as dps.  Now when you see a dps pally you expect said person to be in Ret spec (although when I was still in the Outlands dungeons most “dps” pallys were actually prot) and you know, dpsing with a 2 handed weapon.

Not this pally!

This pally was a dpsing HOLY pally.  At level 71 was pulling a whopping 500 dps.  I pull more than that when I dps as Disc!

The only reason I even noticed was because the tank stopped and was waiting on the pally to get mana.  I said in chat, “He is ret, they don’t need to worry about drinking.”  To which the pally replied “No, I’m holy.”


I was good, I didn’t completely call the dipshit a fucking retard or anything like that, even though I totally wanted to.  It would be one thing if he was making it work, but he wasn’t.  His top spell was Exorcism.  He had a sword (cause I guess pallys can’t use daggers) and an off hand stick thingy.  He wasn’t even using Holy Shock all that often.  On top of that he kept asking what kind of gear a holy pally should be looking for (cause you know there are SOOOOOOOOOO many choices, “let’s see, spell power plate OR spell power plate”) and which class was the best pvp class at 85.

I wanted to kick them so bad but I just knew it wouldn’t get passed.  So I put the moron on ignore and stopped healing him.  I just, yeah I have no words for it.

Now look, if you want to go off and play a dps holy pally, go for it.  But stick with the solo play ok?  When you join a group you need to at least show SOME sort of indication that you know which side is the pointy end.  Those crazy specs that you think make you a special snowflake just don’t cut it.

Yeah I know you are thinking “It is just a stupid Wrath dungeon” and you would be right.  But think about this:  This moron will continue on in his WoW gaming life thinking that playing a dps holy pally is perfectly fine because everyone else will just laugh then continue to carry him.  Soon he will hit max level and want to do heroics.  Do you want this dps holy pally in your Heroic Grim Batol run?

Yeah I didn’t think so.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zarigar
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 13:20:58

    lol they nerfed the hell out of those Nesingwary quests in Nagrand. I think you only have to kill 10 of each kind now.


  2. repgrind
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 13:23:14

    Wait, is your stabbity stabby an undead chick? That would be so cool.

    Shockadin is theoretically viable now at least for questing and regular dungeons. There are talents in the tree to get you hit capped and everything. Your little buddy there sounds like he would fail no matter what spec he tried to play, though. I bet his next toon is a DK in spellpower gear.


  3. Delerius
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 15:59:24

    Ouch, I was beaten to both things I was going to say. You only have to kill 12 things for each quest in Nagrand, and Shockadin is somewhat viable.

    Don’t you remember I was going to do ranged dps holy pally? And you were melee hunter or something..


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