It was not a fluke!

Yeah we were able to go back in and kill bosses again. Woot! go us!

I had to heal

The caster cloth helm dropped

We had one cloth wearing class in our raid

He already had an epic helm

A 2nd helm dropped off Magmaw

The healer caster helm

Oh look I am on my leather wearing druid


In all honesty I am not really all that upset. It just sounds better for the “dramaz” and entertainment ^_^

In other news, I cannot raid heal anymore. I don’t want to come out and be all “druids suck and we can’t raid heal” because it might just be me and my suckage. Our other druid didn’t seem to be having an issue. But then Zarm is pretty awesome so what do I know. I just know that my druid has no problem tank healing and helping out here and there, but put me on raid heals and people die.

Maybe I just suck.

Who knows.

This week was kind of off. We had two people who couldn’t make both days, we had two more who signed up but then couldn’t make it (or bother telling us they couldn’t make it). Yeah I was grumpy about that. Not that they had to cancel, but that they didn’t tell anyone. Just is very rude.

Sorak is telling me that I am too hard on myself with my healing. That if “Zarm can do it, you can too!” and to ask him what it is that he does, because he never goes oom and his spirit is crap.

So I went and looked up his spec and compared it to what I have. He had taken the talents to reduce the mana cost and I had taken the talents to increase my output. Strangely he didn’t take Nature’s Swiftness. Sorak commented that “maybe he doesn’t like his ‘oh shit!’ heal.” It is a possibility.

What it did point out to me is that I need to fix my spec.

I also need to upgrade my green chest piece >.>

The cool news is I am the only person in the guild to have the boss kills on my main raiding toon AND my alt.

Last night I made a new friend!

I was trying to farm leather in Tol Barad (BTW if you purposely don’t loot the crocs you are an asshole) so that I can get my leatherworking up to 525 (520, so close!). While I am in there I will buff people who are nice and leave the crocs for me to skin. I usually whisper them and thank them for looting too. One such person was a pally who was farming herbs. She started talking to me and we had a great convo. Apparently she had been having issues with killing stuff. It was just taking her too long to do it on either spec (holy/ret) and wanted my help as a BOOMkin. In return she said she would log over to her DK and help me farm crocs.

I of course said yes!

For the next 90 mins we did the dailies and farmed crocs. I ended up with 2 stacks of heavy leather and a handful of volatiles from the stomachs. We had a nice time chatting and even exchanged real ID names.

Who says you can’t still make friends with people in WoW?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. slice213
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 12:56:03

    You did fine 😛 Some people just like to heal a certain way.

    And nice people in WoW???? ZOMG…world is ending


  2. repgrind
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 13:49:52

    You just suck.

    And if you think I’m being serious, then Sorak can still warstomp, too.


  3. rustbeard
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 20:26:28

    Failure is how we learn. But, other points:

    * People who sign up, and don’t show up (without a call, in-game mail, etc) are the 2nd worst folks in the warcraft universe. Just about everyone in our guild has at least a real world e-mail to drop a line to someone else in the guild who can pass on a message. As they say when you’re looking for a job (something I don’t have to do now): “Use your contacts out there!”

    * People who kill things and don’t loot are by far, the worst people in the warcraft universe. Miners and herbalists can gather their stuff without having to slay hideous numbers of beasts (and they often drop multiples as well). Back in the day of hunter ammo, farming leather was a HUGE chore and costly as well. The occasional free skin we get is nothing more than an extra herb. Help us recycle and use ALL of the animal.


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